Monday, January 31, 2011

It's getting hot in here ...

Over the weekend, we were in the 60's here in colorado. What temps for January! But tomorrow? The ~high~ will be -3 with an expected windchill of -17. I know many parts of the nation knows this kind of cold, but not me! Apparently not the schools either. I spoke to the principal today and he is expecting to close the school tomorrow.

Where is my hot chocolate?

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The job search dull drums.


Can I say that again? Dude.

Looking for a job right now sucks the big one. I went to a job fair for IBM last week and thousands of people showed up. I got there around 1:30 for the open house running from 10a - 4p. There were about 150 people ahead of me in line, and that was just to get into the event. Once inside, there were hundreds more packed into a banquet room, waiting for a chance at a five minute interview.

But I never even made it inside. When I made it to the front of the line, my resume was looked over and they found I had no public sector experience, only private. So I was sent packing.

I went to another job fair this week for multiple companies, the main one being Lockheed Martin. Again, once at the front of the line, 1 1/2 hours later, I was told they are only hiring people with secret clearances. Awesome. Thanks for advertising that.

I can't just go and get any job either. After school care for the girls will cost $250 each month. Full time daycare for Karl will cost about $1,200 per month. Plus, to cover bills, I will need to be making about $600 every two weeks on top of that. So unless I make at least $1450 every two weeks. And that's take home. Ugh.

Universe? I need some help here. Please?
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A favor I humbly ask of you.

I'm going to "sticky" this note here for a little while, hoping to get more comments over a bit of time ...

(If you don't want to read me explain ad nauseam about the whys of my favor, just skip to the bottom.)

Here it goes. After many empty declarations on my part to start reading blogs again, I have failed to do it. WHY? It's because of the one thing that would seem like THE most helpful aspect of picking up where I left off ... My Reader.

My reader has, let's see, 325 blogs waiting for me. Everytime I try, I not only get overwhelmed, but I don't feel "at home" with the blogs. It takes forever minutes of back reading to determine what the blogger is blogging about. And that's if I even remember the blogger. I was adding so many blogs at the end, I just don't recollect who everyone even is anymore.

And that sucks.

I ~loved~ when I was able to share in the joys and be there for the not-so-joys. And I want to do that again. The best place I can see to start is deleting ~all~ of the blogs within my reader. Start reading blogs based upon your input, and THEN start adding new blogs as I can.

What I obviously need YOU to do is if you would allow ME to read YOUR blog, I would love if you would comment. If your profile (from comments) lists your blog (a single one), you don't need anything to do besides just leaving a comment about anything at all. Tell me your favorite flavor of soup or something. But please, comment. If you have a profile that lists multiple blogs OR it's not available in your profile, list it for me in the comments section? (If you want your comment deleted after I get the blog url, just let me know).

I really want to start reading the blogs of those who I am lucky enough to have swing by my blog to start with. Then, I'll get more blogs like I used to - just by reading reading comments on my friend's blogs and liking their word style. This is so I can add a title comment in my reader as to who I "met" this person from.

if you skipped this post because you didn't want to read my ramblings, start reading again! ~wink~

PLEASE! Leave me a comment with your blog URL so I can add you to my reader!
Thank you.