Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ride along with the police (updated!)

Whoops, I didn't realize the last one even published. I typed the title and had to run out, and I must've hit publish instead of save.

So. I went on a ride along with the police. I have a really good friend who is a cop, so I get to ride along whenever I want. It's so much fun. When we go on calls, I get to go up into whatever situation arises, except if it's something obviously dangerous. It's cool to not have to wait in the car and get to go along with him inside people's houses.

We had quite a few calls - I'll tell you about most of them ...

~ First call was an elderly welfare check. An older gentleman (86y) with dementia is being taken care of from his grandson. An anonymous caller wanted him checked on because they believed the grandson was taking advantage of him and not taking care of him. We went in his house and did an initial investigation. There were cockroaches ~everywhere~ and the fridge was full of rotten food. The grandpa was sitting in the living room with the grandson and seemed to be doing okay. He was extremely skinny though, which worried us about not eating. When asked about dinner that night, he said he had a big drink with whipped cream and we saw he had a starbucks frappachino in the trashcan. I certainly hope he ate more than that for dinner.

After taking pictures of his kitchen and the contents of the refrigerator and an interview with the grandson, we left with the information we'd be calling APS (adult protection services) the next day. The grandson was visibly upset, saying someone is out to get him by calling the police, but from what I saw, it was substantiated. I hope everything goes okay.

~ We then toured the city, checking his regular "route" to make sure nothing suspicious was going on. So we parked in a parking lot to check on speeders. He let me use the radar gun to find someone to pull over. I hate getting tickets (don't we all!) so I felt a little lame helping someone get one, but I'll admit, it was fun. The car itself has a built in radar detector, so I wasn't the sole operator in picking up someone's speed, but still, I was having fun doing it. We pulled a few people over and out of 5 people, we gave only 2 tickets, the remainder getting warnings. One girl we pulled over (15+ mph over) freaked out and was crying and carrying on. I almost felt bad, but the reaction was just so over the top. She said she was a hoarder, which didn't make much sense as an excuse for speeding.

~ Then we got my favorite call of the night. A kid (22y) called 911 to say he thinks he was overdosing from smoking too much marijuana. I begged we take the call and we did. When we got to the house, the firetruck and ambulance was waiting down the block for us to clear the scene. There was the kid, sitting on the front stoop, very stoned. I stayed outside with him while they checked the situation inside and the paramedics were called in. I swear, I had to hide my laughter because it was freaking hysterical! Overdosing from marijuana? lol. Impossible!

The paramedics tried their best to have the kid decline going to the hospital, telling him they couldn't do anything for him. The only thing he needed was time. But he insisted on going, saying he was afraid he was going to pass away. The weed ended up being his cousin's, which he had a medicinal license for, so that was fine and dandy with the police and it wasn't confiscated. But the kid got possession and to add insult to injury, upon searching his room, he had a butterfly knife, so got another charge of possession of an illegal weapon. What. A. Dumbass. The cops were making fun of the kid on the radio and my favorite line was "maybe we should do some community outreach and bring him a bag of cheetos".

~ Next was a DUI pulled over by the k9 unit. We had to come on scene to transport the guy because k9 doesn't have room due to the dog. This guy was not drunk, but was on some drugs of some sort. He couldn't do any of the roadside tests and was immediately arrested. We took him down to the hospital for blood work to figure out what he was on.

Side note -- The nurse who came in to take his blood told me he recognized me from the pin incident. lol! I can't believe he remembered me!

Anywho, the best part was seeing the way this guy was dressed. Parachute pants, silk shirt, a red embroidered cell phone case on his belt, 2-3 bracelets, a pink scarf, 2 ~big~ necklaces and almost more rings than fingers. He was the epitome of style I tell you! I'm almost forgetting the mullet and the huge mustache. Hot hot hot!

~ The next call was from a woman saying her ex husband was over banging on her door screaming about a cell phone and she had a restraining order against him. He had since left, so we went looking for him. We got to his apartment (which I stayed in the car for this one) and they went in and arrested him. We took him down to the station and did the paperwork for bringing him to jail. I sat at the table and bullshitted with the guy while my friend was typing up the paperwork and I was given the job to fill out some paperwork regarding what the guy was wearing and had on him to turn in at the jail. After this, we went down and took him to the main jail in town.

When at the jail, we were waiting outside to have them buzz us in and they wouldn't buzz the door because they said "the prisoner needs to be restrained". The guy was in handcuffs and my friend held up the guys hands to show them. But they persisted, until we realized they thought ~I~ was a prisoner too! Heh.

~ While we were in the jail, a call for a house fire came in. We raced to the scene to find an abandoned house engulfed in flames. The fire department was already there and they were trying their best to put it out. So I sat in the car (it was 20 degrees outside!) and watched the house burn down. They got it out before it fell into itself, but it was pretty damn cool to watch.

By now, it was 3am and I headed home. It took awhile to wind down after getting home, I mean, who could come home from all that excitement and just go to sleep? Definitely not me! Maybe the police were used to it, but I certainly wasn't.

And that was that. All in all, it was a really fun night.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

If you could only pick two

bands to listen to for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Mine? Sublime and Nirvana.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do you have a favorite word? A word you hate?

I hate the word "moist".

I love the word "milk".


Monday, January 18, 2010

And ~this~ is why I watch the ends of movies.

I just watched the end of "The Mist". OMG. Worst ending ever. Worse than The Departed. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Not that the movie looked like a really good movie, but it would have pissed me off if I watched the whole thing. Hell, it pissed me off I watched 10 minutes of it!

Anywho - the last post made me laugh so hard. I loved all the answers!!!

I've been in a rut. I need to get out of it before the knitting needles come back out and I start stabbing my eyeballs out. or in. I guess if I stab my eyeballs, they'd be going in, not out. Unless they got stuck on the needle and pulled out.

I got my house refinanced. I dropped an entire percentage point - down to 5%, so that's good.

I'm so bored staying home. I swear, this rut has got a hold on me.

Speaking of staying at home, I got all the steps I have to do to get into nursing school this fall. The job search will be a deciding factor, but I'm getting all set to start school just in case. Yay!

Okay, gotta check on my unemployment status. I'm officially eligible now. I have to make sure it's still active.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Questioning some long standing mysteries.

1. ~ What is the proper way to put your top (flat) sheet on your bed? "Design" side up or down?

2. ~ When changing the roll of toilet paper, which way does the flap lie? Over or under?

3. ~ What are the basic steps to making scrambled eggs? Specifically, what do you scramble the eggs with, if anything, and what do you "do" to the pan before pouring in the eggs to cook?

4. ~ Is it okay to put leftovers in ziploc baggies?

5. ~ Blowing your nose in the shower - normal or not?

6. ~ Another shower question. When cleaning your vag, how do you clean - soap or no soap? just outside or do you do a little inside?

7. ~ Hepatitis can be transmitted through fecal matter. Is "splashback" from a public toilet dangerous?

8. ~ What is more annoying in regards to reading things online - ALL CAPS? Too many exclamation points?!!!! or teenage shortcut typing, ie you = U, are = are.

9. ~ Is clipping fingernails in public considered acceptable?

10. ~ What is more annoying in regards to dressing - VPL (visible panty lines)? Pantyhose with open toed shoes? or (for white girls) wearing a white bra under a white shirt?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How often do you change your sheets?

And be honest!

We change our sheets every 2~ish weeks. Of course there are variables in there which may make them get washed in a shorter time, but 2 weeks is our average. We occasionally accidentally skip a washing and the sheets stay on for a month, even more at times! (gross, eh?) But my sheets just aren't on the top of my list in cleaning items. They should be though - the thought of sleeping in tons of dead skin cells grosses me out.

I just washed my bedspread and when I went to put it on my bed, I changed the sheets, thinking it's been 2 days short of 2 weeks. I come out in the living room and my husband asks me "did you just change the sheets?" After I told him I did, he informed me he just changed all the sheets on all the beds last night. And I didn't even notice! (you know why? I passed the hell out on the couch last night and SOMEONE didn't tell me to get off the couch and go to my bed. Yeah, just let the girl sleep on the couch and not in her own bed. ~grumble~)

I don't know what I'm thinking about more - I'm bummed that I "wasted" new sheets on only 1 day old sheets ~or~ he changed the sheets on my bed in the first place!

So -

question #1 - how often do you change your sheets?
question #2 - does your husband/partner change the sheets or is it your job?
question #3 - how do you know what sheets to put on the next time? Do you rotate them out? Do you use a method to rotate all of them? Do you just use your favorites? Or are you a clean em and throw them right back on the bed type of person?

My answer --- I use a method to rotate all of my sheets so they all get used the same amount. I put the just cleaned ones at the bottom of the sheets stack and I use the one on top for the next sheeting, so I'm always going through them all, one by one. Seems normal that that's what most people would do, but now I'm thinking, maybe it's not!

(baby thing mentioned.... )

Karl's been a poopin' machine in the last few days where I am changing sheets and mattress pads 1 to 2 times each day. And today, he had such a morning blowout that as I was taking off his footed jammies, he had poop all down his leg and into in between his toes! I wiped off all I could (basically, all the chunks) with wipes and then off into the bath he went. Actually, he got a quick shower first because I didn't want to make him sit in shitty (literally) water. Gotta love those baby baths at 6:45am!

(end baby thing)

Back to the sheets - don't forget the questions!

question #1 - how often do you change your sheets?
question #2 - does your husband/partner change the sheets or is it your job?
question #3 - how do you know what sheets to put on the next time? Do you rotate them out? Do you use a method to rotate all of them? Do you just use your favorites? Or are you a clean em and throw them right back on the bed type of person?

A favor to all you private blog bloggers ...

I use google reader for all public blogs, but for the private blogs, I had a folder in my favorites list. When I lost my operating system, I obviously lost all my bookmarks too.

Can anyone who has a private blog that I was invited to, can you PLEASE email me the URL? Pretty please? With sugar on top? And a cherry?

(nleisher AT yahoo DOT com)

My newest tattoo is freaking out.

I got a tattoo of the redsox "socks". Right on my hip. The first tattoo of something rather than just pretty pictures.

Anywho, healing is taking a beating because it's on my hip and everything rubs it. It's been 1 1/2 weeks and it's just now scabbing up. (gross). My tattoo healing is always pretty good - some scab up, some don't. But usually they are always healed up within a week or two. This one is tough on me. It actually looks like the my body is simply rejecting the red ink. Has anyone had trouble like this with their ink?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm back!!!

I had to reinstall my freaking operating system, in turn, losing EVERYTHING. I'm lucky I just backed up our videos and pictures right before the meltdown.

I'm done reinstalling and figuring out drivers. I needed a freaking NIC driver to get the internet to work and I swear, I was about to just take the computer to best buy and pay for them to do it. And I just figured it out in a flash of genius (for me, yes, it's genius).

Things are good here. I'll update with all the updates I need to get in soon, but for now, a quick HELLO!!! (and tomorrow is mister karl's birthday!)

whew. I'm an unemployed computer genius.

p.s. - I declared reader bankruptcy again. No way could i catch up 675 posts I had to read. Ack.

Friday, January 1, 2010

my computer crashed

I need to reinstall my O/S, so waiting for recovery discs. So if anyone wonders where I am, that's it. Lame.