Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do you have a favorite word? A word you hate?

I hate the word "moist".

I love the word "milk".



Christina said...

My new favorite word is "seriously?" I use it way too often.

My least favorite, "tits". Don't know why but I hate it.

Anonymous said...

I hate the word "moist" too Nancy! it drives me nuts! I also hate "drip" and "panties."

Hmm, can't think of a favorite word really. I love "sparkle" though. not sure why.


Kaci said...

I hate the word "fart". I especially hate to hear someone say it.

Ella said...

Oh, I'm totally with you on the word 'moist'. Gag.

I also hate the word 'slather'.

Love the word 'tickle'!

Kristin said...

I love a version of a word that Gabe came up with...ridiclious (pronounced ridic leee ous).

Sarah R said...

I hate the word "greasy". It just makes me feel gross when I hear that word. I also hate the smell of greasy food--it makes me feel disgusting!

nancy said...

Christina - lol. tits. I don't like that word either!

Kristin - ooooo... I LOVE the word "panties"! lol. At least we're on the same page as hating the word "moist".

Kaci - Do you watch mythbusters? They did an entire episode about farting and made a point to NEVER use the word "fart". Instead, they used the actual word for it - "flatus". lol.

Ella - Wow, we really have a run on people hating "moist". BTW, I love when you comment because I love your name so much. Whenever I see it, it makes me smile!

Kristin - "ridiclious"? heh, I like it too!

Sarah - Do you like eating greasy food?

Photogrl said...

Hate moist! Eeewwww!

I don't really have a favorite word, but my favorite phrase is "not so much".

Mollie said...

HATE panties. crevice.
LOVE boner. it's just funny!

GeekByMarriage said...

Love- Fuck and any adaptation of it.
Hate- PEE-can it's pronounced puhcaun!
Makes me cringe when they say PEE-can

Sarah R said...

I don't eat a lot of greasy food, but if there's bacon around, I will eat it. :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite words are cattywampus, reconcilication and gubernatorial. I hate the words bogie and booger. The word moist makes me think of cake.

areyoukiddingme said...

Hate "panties!" Also not fond of "tits."

I love most words, though.

Mollie said...

Thought of a few more I hate - pussy. Ugh. and retard/retarded. I HATE HATE HATE when people use the R word. HATE IT.

another love - sniglet. does anyone else remember sniglets?

Nic said...

I hate the word 'discharge'

mommybird said...

I'm in agreement on the "moist" and "tits" one, definitely hate the "R" word as well. I can't really explain it but I hate the word "shine".

My favorite word at the moment is "bleauty" it's not a real word but it's how my 4 1/2 year old says "beauty". Sleeping Bleauty, Bleauty and the Beast, etc.

Jendeis said...

I completely agree with you on "moist". Yuck.

Since I'm listening to Learn German in Your Car, I'm loving the word "mochte," pronounced in my East German accent as muhshtah. It's German for "like," as in I'd like a ticket = Ich mochte eine fahrekarte.

No one needed to know all that but I'm proud I learned something. Yay me!

Mareike said...

I hate the word "mucous."
I don't think I have a favorite word but I do love the word "fuck" for it's versatility. The first word that came to mind when I read this was "silly" I'm not sure why.

Did you watch the short-lived series "Dead Like Me?" The mother of the main character hated the word "moist" I think of that every time I hear the word. said...

hate: hump
love: awkward

Jen said...

Ha! This is funny...

I hate hate hate the words...moist and cacka ( I don't even know how to spell it.) but I would rather have my kid say shit than cacka!

A word I love is....awkward. Don't know why, i think I just like how it sounds.

Jennie said...

I have always hated the words WOMAN, PREGNANT, and MOIST. And it's triple bad if you put the three together. Now, I do admit. I am a female pushing thirty who did have three children. But, there is just something about the words woman and pregnant that just make me so uncomfortable in conversations.

I feel like a little kid talking about private parts when I say the word woman.

Using the word pregnant is the same as know, when they did IT.

And moist is just gross for the obvious reasons. I also can NOT stand the sound of saliva. It makes me instantly violent and naseous. I start hulkin' out.

As for words I like...I'm not sure. I love the letter L. Does that count?

Jennie said...

Oh yeah....I also forgot....thrust. There really isn't a reason to ever use the word unless talking about some hip action.

But, I use the word fart all the time. It's too damn funny of a thing to not talk about.

edenland said...

Why is the word "abbreviation" so long?

I love the word "whimsical."

Anonymous said...

Pecan(p-kän, -kn, pkn)it actually is PE-can and there is the american english version and the english version.

for myself I can not think of words I cringe at.
Working with kids I have become fond of snuggy-snugger and wowzers

Jenera said...

moist is such an obscene word to me. Just like nipple. Very rarely can I say it without cringing.

Sarah R said...

Mommybird: my 4-year old niece says, "Sweeping Booty!" LOL, my brother thought that was funny so when he set up my mom's wireless router, he named it just that. :)

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dianam17 said...

hate: pus
love: fuck

seussgirl said...

I love the french word for box "boite."
I hate the word "panties."

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zach05kate95 said...

Love : Really

Hate: aren't

zach05kate95 said...

OK, whats with the word moist? Not meaning to send cringes across the internet, just wondering

zach05kate95 said...


I say PEECAN,everyone looks at me like I have a third eye when I do. I live in GA after all.

zach05kate95 said...

wait, I don't like pussy, the word hate, and retarded, and I dislike the word stupid when you are referring to a person.

Mai said...

Hate: Moist, Horny
Love: Fuck, Sugar (pronounced, Shu-gah)

Nonnie said...

Hate: comfy (had a friend who overused it like crazy when I was younger...EVERYTHING was so freaking "comfy"!), cunt, pussy, retarded (used as a slang term), prego and/or preggers, gay (used as a slang term)

Love: I don't really use these words, but I do kind of like the words honest and cumbersome. I also kind of like the word "douchebag" for describing...douchebags!

Liz said...

Find this episode of How I Met Your Mother:

I hate the word "huh." I love the word "school." I can see my mother's mouth forming the word every time I hear it.

B said...

Hate: Supper

Love: Reciprocity