Monday, February 28, 2011

Three types of lingerie.

The way I figure it, there are three types of lingerie.

1. Your everyday bras and panties. The ones you wear to work or under your casual clothes. I don't have "period panties" per se, I simply wear my everyday panties, so I guess those would fit into this category.

2. Special underwear. The type you'd wear under an outfit when you are going on a date. Or under something sexy. These usually are matching bra & panty sets. This also includes the little outfits you'd wear to bed when you are feeling feminine.

3. "Two Minute" pieces. These are the ultra sexy little numbers you put on for your partner. You wear these when you 'want some' and it would be a rarity if you didn't get it. These are named so because when you out them on and you reveal yourself in it, you only wear it for another two minutes, at the most, before it's torn off your body.

I just changed into one of my two minute pieces and walked out into the living room, where my hubby was sitting on the couch watching Top Gear on TV. As I was picking up the pieces off the floor awhile later, I realized I had never had that particular outfit dry cleaned in the many years I have owned it.

Do you think it's necessary to clean underwear you have worn for no longer than two minutes? Also, did I miss any lingerie categories?
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Twenty three inches

The mountain got 23" in the last 24 hours. I'm heading up to the mountain now. Yahoo!

I ~love~ snowboarding!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My life.

Jeez Loise. My life has been hectic.

I still have three packages sitting here of clothes I need to send out. I still have four boxes of shirts I have to go through for a 4th person who wants clothes sent out to them. I still have a package of two cans of similac sitting here to send out. (I still have 1 can of enfamil unclaimed. If you want it, let me know!)

All I have done is take care of little sickos (read my other blog for those details), which is a job in itself. I disinfected my entire house, using an entire large can of lysol, spraying every surface imaginable that the kids have and would touch. I did seven loads of laundry, washing every bit of clothing, every bed sheet, every comforter, every stuffed animal they may have touched. I cleaned all the toothbrushes in boiling water, with a replacement purchased, waiting the 36-48 hours after starting antibiotics. I washed every single toy in a bleach bath, then thoroughly rinsed everything to make sure there isn't any bleach residue. As for me? I haven't even showered since Sunday.

A little good news... I was contacted today via cell phone (couldn't answer because I was with the pediatrician) and then via email from a job recruiter who had seen my resume. A job not only I can do, but a job I am great at. She wanted to interview me, so I replied back I am available all day tomorrow for said interview. I am crossing my fingers in that she calls tomorrow ~and~ that she likes me enough to get a second interview with the employers themselves.

Things ~may~ be looking up!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Formula giveaway.

I posted about a few cans of formula I have to give away on my other blog (listed in my profile) and no one has responded. If you are interested, take a look.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it too much to ask?

Is it too much to ask clothes companies to come up with a standard of sizing? I just went through my 50+ pairs of jeans, cords, chinos and dress pants. I'm a solid size 6 and you'd think it would be as easy as sorting out the sizes. But noooo. Some size 6's were falling off me and some were so tight it gave me a muffin top.

So now my closet has a few size 2's (ok, that number just makes me giddy so I don't mind those!), a bunch of size 4's and 6's, and a couple size 8's. Really? Please explain how I can be a size 2 and a size 8 at the same time. It's not the fit either, because I like and wear the basic same fit/style with all my pants.

I just packed away two boxes. A very small box labeled "too small" and a huge box labeled "too big". The big box has lots of pants I needed during my transition phases before and after maternity, so I doubt I will have to delve into those again. If any of you would like to get some new pants, sizes 10-14, let me know and I will ship them out to you free of charge. They are all in great condition. I have mostly jeans and different colored chinos, gap, old navy and jcrew. If you are interested, leave a comment here or drop me an email, my addy is in my profile.

Oh, I also have a ton of "work" tops - buttoned down 3/4 sleeved. All sizes. I can't use them anymore due to me being full sleeved now. So they all are now up for grab.

It is so nice being all organized. I have all my summer things stored away in my wardrobe hanger in my garage, all put away nicely in plastic. My closet now consists of only my winter wardrobe and the best thing? Everything FITS. No more sifting through tons of clothes that don't fit right or I simply didn't wear. My god. I bought a lot of clothes when I used to have the money. Funny how things change when you lose a well paying job. Oh the money I wasted! That's over now. I only buy things I ~need~ AND things I not only like, but things I know I will actually get some use out of.

Did you know jcrew is not made for women with breasts? I'm only a 32/34 C and lots of shirts that fit great everywhere else, the buttons are strained to fit over my chest. That's ridiculous. I feel for you ladies out there who are larger than a C cup. The problems you must go through to find proper fitting shirts.

Remember, drop me a line of you are interested in any of my clothes. Tell me what size you are looking for and I will get back to you with exactly what I have available. I would much rather give them away to a good home in our IF community than send them off to goodwill or sell them for a few bucks at my upcoming Spring garage sale.

Speaking of garage sales ... Have you ever given away something to someone, only to find out they sold it in their own garage sale or on eBay? I have had that happen to me before and it is irritating as all hell. Look, if what I gave you didn't work out, give it back so I can recoup some of my money. It's simple éttiquate. I think some people are born without that gene. That or they are just assholes. ~wink~

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is that all you have to talk about? The weather?

Nah. But it has been interesting. Like the fact it is going to be 82 degrees ~warmer~ here tomorrow than it was three days prior.

Okay, that's a little bit of a lie. I'm using the windchill temps instead of the real temp. It only got down to -17 degrees, not the -36 degree windchill. But I looked up what the windchill really means so I'm understanding it more. I guess 53 degrees is more accurate. Whatever temp you use is still a big jump though.

Right before Xmas, I injured by shoulder incredibly bad. Sparing you all the details, I was bedridden for four days. I was going to go to the hospital when on the 4th day of the worst of it, I was suddenly relieved of what we think was a severely pinched nerve. It took my pain level of a 9+ down to a 7. It was still horrible, but I could manage a 7 after that such a pain level. Over five or six weeks, it is finally getting better. Whoa. That was hardcore. It was the worst pain I have ever dealt with, only second to a natural childbirth. But with childbirth, there was an ending to it sooner or later. Damn. It almost got the better of me.

Anywho, I think everything is finally better and I end up with a toothache. I went to the dentist today only to find out I need a complete root canal. Awesome, huh? Would you expect any less from me?

So, I think I am going to have to declare reader bankruptcy and start trying to get caught up with the blogs that I read. Until I can get that done, can you give me a little update if you got one? I hate to think that I really missed out on some important news out there.

I have missed you!!!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holy moly.

I just went to get gas. I knew it was cold, but the sky was clear and it was nice and sunny, so it didn't look that bad.

I wore cords, shirt, sweater, winter coat, gloves, hat and a scarf. I let my car run for 20 minutes before I left to get it warmed up. But when we got in the car, it was still cold. By the time it took me to run my bard through the pump, select grade, get the pump into my car, to start it running on automatic and then to hustle back into my car until the tank was full, my pants had frozen and my fingers were numb through my gloves.

I brought up on my phone and the temp was -12 with the windchill sitting at -36.


Dude. I have never dealt with this type of cold. Holy shit.

As I was driving back home after a quick errand, the car's temp needle finally rose a fraction of an inch above cold to start running the heat a tad bit. The time it took my car to warm up with constant running? 39 minutes. That's insane.

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