Monday, February 28, 2011

Three types of lingerie.

The way I figure it, there are three types of lingerie.

1. Your everyday bras and panties. The ones you wear to work or under your casual clothes. I don't have "period panties" per se, I simply wear my everyday panties, so I guess those would fit into this category.

2. Special underwear. The type you'd wear under an outfit when you are going on a date. Or under something sexy. These usually are matching bra & panty sets. This also includes the little outfits you'd wear to bed when you are feeling feminine.

3. "Two Minute" pieces. These are the ultra sexy little numbers you put on for your partner. You wear these when you 'want some' and it would be a rarity if you didn't get it. These are named so because when you out them on and you reveal yourself in it, you only wear it for another two minutes, at the most, before it's torn off your body.

I just changed into one of my two minute pieces and walked out into the living room, where my hubby was sitting on the couch watching Top Gear on TV. As I was picking up the pieces off the floor awhile later, I realized I had never had that particular outfit dry cleaned in the many years I have owned it.

Do you think it's necessary to clean underwear you have worn for no longer than two minutes? Also, did I miss any lingerie categories?
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jenn said...

Hilarious- I actually have never bought much of anything needing dry cleaning- much less lingerie! I don't even know if I have 2 minute pieces... it's all pretty basic around here these days. :(
But yes- I throw everything in the wash, even if it's been on a fraction of a day.

Sarah R said...

LOL, this post is so true!

Don't forget the "unsexy nursing bra" category! LOL. Although I did recently find some super cute nursing bras that could pass as regular ones!

If it was on 2 minutes and that's it, I probably wouldn't wash it, assuming no "fluids" got on it! ;)

Kelly said...

I wouldn't have even thought to dry clean lingerie. But agree with Sarah, just make sure there's not fluids on it.

Mareike said...

Now I'm curious. Do most folks wear clothing to bed? I never did when I was married and I don't as a single person (I will if I'm sharing a hotel room with a friend or something but it's not comfortable.)
No need to clean "2 minute lingerie"