Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is that all you have to talk about? The weather?

Nah. But it has been interesting. Like the fact it is going to be 82 degrees ~warmer~ here tomorrow than it was three days prior.

Okay, that's a little bit of a lie. I'm using the windchill temps instead of the real temp. It only got down to -17 degrees, not the -36 degree windchill. But I looked up what the windchill really means so I'm understanding it more. I guess 53 degrees is more accurate. Whatever temp you use is still a big jump though.

Right before Xmas, I injured by shoulder incredibly bad. Sparing you all the details, I was bedridden for four days. I was going to go to the hospital when on the 4th day of the worst of it, I was suddenly relieved of what we think was a severely pinched nerve. It took my pain level of a 9+ down to a 7. It was still horrible, but I could manage a 7 after that such a pain level. Over five or six weeks, it is finally getting better. Whoa. That was hardcore. It was the worst pain I have ever dealt with, only second to a natural childbirth. But with childbirth, there was an ending to it sooner or later. Damn. It almost got the better of me.

Anywho, I think everything is finally better and I end up with a toothache. I went to the dentist today only to find out I need a complete root canal. Awesome, huh? Would you expect any less from me?

So, I think I am going to have to declare reader bankruptcy and start trying to get caught up with the blogs that I read. Until I can get that done, can you give me a little update if you got one? I hate to think that I really missed out on some important news out there.

I have missed you!!!
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Brandi said...

I have missed you too ;)

My update: I got a BFP two weeks ago and do far, so good. Ultrasound tomorrow

edenland said...

Hey spunky lady. I think of you a lot ... and have hoped you are ok. How's that bubba doing?


The Clam said...

We've missed you too Nancy :) No more going MIA mkay?

What have you missed on my side of the world? Hmmmm. I did a secret IVF/ICSI, got a BFP (finally #6 was the trick!), had lots of bleeding during the first trimester, am now 20 weeks with a little boy :)

Me thinks we need a photo update on your Mamma's blog too...



jenn said...

I'm really glad the shoulder's getting better! I think you are up to date on me...not like I post that much these days anyway! I go for my first follow-up 'check the kidneys' ultrasound tuesday & I am nervous as hell that something is wrong!

Good luck with the tooth- and can you please stop with the medical shit?! ;0

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Shoulder injuries really suck because they seem to linger and get aggravated easily. Hopefully that won't be the case for you, though.

In my little world all is well. I am currently pregnant with baby boy #3! I am almost 22 weeks and due in June. The boys are growing like weeds and will be turning 3 in a few short months...

I agree that a picture update on your other blog would be great!

Shannon said...

Ouch! Take care of your shoulder. You don't realize how much you need a particular body part until it doesn't work.

Nothing going on here in MN. Still cold and snowy! I hope all your kiddos are doing well.

Sarah R said...

Ouch! It's always something with you! I hope 2011 is better for you.

An update: I am 10w4d today with #3! This will be our last baby for sure. I'm due 8/29/11 -- Andrew will be 4 and Elise will be 18 months. I am waiting until V-Day to announce it because I want to make sure we hear a HB.

Elana said...

I've missed you!

As for me, my little girl was born at the end of December and is doing really well. She's a champion nurser (most of the time), loves her swing and bouncy seat, and REALLY loves to be held. :-)

Calliope said...


& fuck yes I missed you