Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I really don't have anything to talk about regarding boobies, but I couldn't think of good title. ~wink~

(psst ... there is a video of karl's first steps over at my other blog!)

I'm still in the first steps of figuring out my insurance options. I've sent a letter requesting the specific reason for being denied. After that, I have to get my psychiatrist involved in writing a letter that I am "stable" and for how long. That should help.

I asked about the suicide rider, and my representative said that would be impossible due to under federal law, after 12 months, it's a covered condition. He went into a lot of explanation works and it makes sense, but it's just too much to go over now. It's all due to people covering their asses in all ways - it's lame. It'd be so much easier if we could just do a rider.

I got my very first week of unemployment. Yippee! We really needed this money. My stress levels have decreased so very much. ~whew~. We'll still be on a tight budget, but we have a little over $400 a week to breathe now. Woohoo for unemployment benefits!

Speaking of unemployment, I'm really starting to think nursing school ~will~ be my new option. I'm going to go through the steps to get accepted for Fall semester now. I'm pretty excited about my future.

Speaking of future (how do you like my way of jumping into new subjects?), I wanted to say a big bloggy congratulations to a friend (who hasn't updated her blog yet, so I can't give it away!) for her BFP! Yay!


areyoukiddingme said...

Boobies always brings 'em in the door!

Glad your unemployment came through. I hope the insurance quickly follows

Julie said...

Yay for unemployment pay!

Good luck on nursing school. How many classes do you need to take before you can finish your degree. I know you've said before that you've already taken a lot of the classes for a nursing degree. Are you going to have to take a bunch over since it has been a while?

I hope the insurance comes through.

Sarah R said...

I think nursing school is a great option. Had I done things over, that's what I would have gone for.

Yay for unemployment benefits!

Now I'm dying to know if the blogger who got the BFP is someone I know. I really want to know! Update us when she updates her blog. :)

Lisa said...

I think nursing school is a great idea for you. Glad to hear you are truly considering it and will be applying. The world needs more caring and good nurses.

Kristin said...

Yay for unemployment!
Yay for future plans!
Yay for your friend!

Geochick said...

Awesome that you have a plan and money coming! I nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. :)