Monday, December 26, 2011

Worst snowboarding collision I have ever sustained.

I took the girls skiing and after some runs with them, left them w/ grandpa and dad to go run some on my own. Balls out on double black diamonds. I rocked it. Switched with the boys and took the girls while they ran some run. We all reunite and take a few more runs down on the easiest of greens. I'm circling allie as she makes it down and I'm a little ...ahead of her when a little kid, out of nowhere, turns right in front of me and ~sits down~ maybe 2 feet ahead. There was NO avoiding him. I just had my board freshly edged and didn't want to decapitate the poor kid nor hit him at all with my board, so in the half a second I had before we hit, I jumped and turned a 180 and flung myself upwards, in a quasi backflip. I almost miss the kid completely, my back skidding across his shoulders and head, as I land full force on my head, my board still flying across, landing me back up in a sitting position. My first reaction was to yell "Watch where the fu@k you're going!" until I see he is a paniced little kid, all of maybe nine. I change my tune, asking him if he's okay and he says yes and starts to apologize. He's fine. I get up and take off to survey my own injuries. I got rocked and over the next 12 hours I figure I got a slight concussion and my neck is showing signs of a bit of whiplash. 21 years of snowboarding and I'm taken out on a run called "snowflake". Awesome

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Glennformer said...

Wow, how bad a collision can you have is a whole new context for the saying "it's not where you are but who you're with that matters". Wishing you a speedy recovery from your latest calamity.