Monday, May 31, 2010

The morning weight

Was 147. I'm taking it as a lb lost just to have something positive right away.

I was doing well friday and saturday but today blowed. We went to a town fair and I ate buttered corn, a snocone, an Hawaiian ice and some cotton candy. Then 2 breadsticks and 3 pieces of pizza. Two more slices around 1am too. So obviously this was my cheat day.

How I lost tons of weight easily is that I just stopped eating. That made it easy. But then my body goes into starvation mode and any calorie I eat stores on me. Which is why I gain the weight right back.

This time I'm going to lose weight by eating. Watching what a eat and the most important thing- portion control. Feeding three wee ones makes nutritious kind of hard, so there are things like pasta and pizza and chicken nuggets. Its a pain in the ass to cook two meals so if I eat what they eat, it'll work. Plus I'm starting to exercise again which is just as necessary as eating right.

I ~can~ do this.

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Robin said...

I also lost weight using what I call the starvation plan. I used a website to track my calories for me- It really helped me. I got down to 136 and now am slowly creeping back up so I go back on the starvation plan during the week and cheat on the weekend.

Anyhow, I think you probably still look amazing but I thought I would share!

jenn said...

I still have to buckle down- this weekend was awful for me! too many coronas- my cheat of choice lately is alcohol & it's not good!
Food wise I haven't been awful-but saturday did see 3 slices of pizza- second time in a week!
I signed up for that website too (thanks Robin!) and I think having to keep track of everything I eat & drink will help.

Searching said...

Good for you! You CAN do it!!!

Heather said...

ok, so health and nutrition is my passion right now so sorry if I overload you with info that you don't want. Diet is 80% of any weight loss plan, yes it really is that important. Working out is very important also, but without proper diet won't get you to your goal! First off, make sure you are drinking 3 liters of water, and eating breakfast every single day. From there, make sure you are eating "clean". When you shop at the grocery store, shop the outside perimeter of the grocery store for the most part. You want the fresh fruits and veggies and lean proteins and whole grains. There are a few things that I fill in with inbetween like tuna and quinoa. I could go on and on here but you would probably get bored. Like I said in your other post I have supplements that can help aid with the weight loss. Just let me know if you have any questions, there is so much more to it than I can type here. Oh and I suggest if you want to eat clean you get Tosca Renos book, "The Eat Clean Diet" and a website that has really awesome weight loss info is

~*JaYmE*~ said...

You CAN do it! Good luck!