Friday, June 4, 2010

Summertime and the livin's easy

It seems to have gone from winter to summer these days in Colorado. Definitely unseasonably warm. But I like it. I love the heat.

A few shoutout...

Good luck today for laurel's growth scan. She has been on hospital bedrest for four weeks now. Today is a big day because if the baby has grown in leaps and bounds, she will be sent home for bedrest there. Its hard to be in the hospital for that long. I'm bringing her lunch today and hope to share good news with her.

And a big congrats to Elana who got a surprise BFP! Her twins get a little sister or brother. Yay for her!

Me? The weight loss is going well. I think I'm a pound or two lost for the week. I'm eating good meals and snacking smart. I wish weight was easy to lose.

I saw my back doctor yesterday and I got a referral to the surgeon. I asked if my back will ever get better and was told my condition is degenerative. So I'm getting an opinion as to when back surgery may be an issue for me. I may not be a surgical candidate yet, but I'm excited to find out where I sit. I want to be fixed so badly. I can't imagine what it would be like to be pain free. What a wonderful concept!

I hope everyone's Friday is simply wonderful and your weekend rocks!

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Wordgirl said...

Aw Nancy,

back trouble just sucks.

Really though if you have any questions about surgeries/options etc. I can always ask G -- he runs across a lot of back injuries in the course of his job and so has lots of experience with the different surgical options.

Thinking of you!



Kristin said...

Congrats on dropping a little weight and good luck with the doctor consultation.

Congrats to Elana and good luck to Laurel.

Lisa said...

I hope your back issue gets resolved quickly. It can't be easy dealing with that kind of pain all the time.

Bay said...

Thanks babe! Loved the Changs today and really appreciate you giving me a break on the hospital food.

I'm a lucky girl!

Hollie said...

Sorry about the back pain. Good news for the weight.

mommybird said...

We've skipped spring here too. It has been unbelievably hot the last few days, but I love it too.