Thursday, June 9, 2011


Let me preface this that I'm not a howard hughes type of non functioning germ aphobics. But I do have my fair share of things that flip me out.

In no particular order...

1. using a public telephone. Who knows what kind of spittle came out on the receiver?

2. Elevator buttons. I mean, how often to you see someone clean them? And the tens of thoughsands of people who touch them each day.

3. Using smoeone elses head set to talk on the phone. How much wax do you think is saturated in the earpiece?

4. A keyboard on computer in a public place. This goes with and other office suplies you may be forced to use.

5. sink handles. I wash my hands with soap and water, but I dodn't want tp touch the faceut handle. I mean, hell - the reason people turn these on is because their hands are dirty after going to the bathroom.

6. Speaking of, watching someone walk out of the backroom without washing. I tend to say "missing something" as they walk out. That person will for always gross me out.

7. How could I forget?? The worst one for me is using the pen (or stylus) at the counter of the pharmacy. This people are actually sick and then we use the exact same pen they use in to pickup their perscriptions.

8. Toilet splashing. You are going #2 in a puclic place and whatever you drop out, makes a splash. NOW all of the toilet water sprays onto your butt. This may be one of the worst.

9. Don't touch ~my~ bathtowel. Please.

10. Nope, in my head, this triumphs over #7. Using earphones after anybody else. It's obviously worse if you didn't know this person, but uuuhhhgggg. It makes me shudder. Ear Wax is nasty.


Kristin said...

Yeah, those are all pretty nasty things.

Logical Mommy said...

I had to be really germophobic when my son was on cancer treatment. While we have relaxed back into just basic good hygiene for the whole family rather than obsessive scrubbing and avoiding everything and everyone all the time, I am still really scared of McDonald's playplaces and Chuck E Cheese. For some reason those places give me the heebie jeebies.

Heather said...

I forgot my ear buds at the gym and when I asked if they had them at the front desk they didn't. Which means someone took them. So gross, I would never take some elses ear buds. Ear phones are one thing, but the buds go INTO the ear. So gross!

Morgan Owens said...

I am the same way about a majority of the things you listed..
People who walk out without washing get the eye from me too..I mean seriously do they realize how sick public restroom are?! I hate touching sink handles and toilet flushers on top of that..and the toilet splashing thing you put cracked me up! LOL

Searching said...

I can help solve one issue! The "proper" way to wash your hands is to first pull down your paper towels. If there are others in the bathroom I just stuff them under my arm while I wash. Then wash your hands. DO NOT turn off the water, let it run while you dry your hands. Then use the paper towel to shut the water off. You can either use another paper towel to open the bathroom door or keep that same one (they toss farther when wet anyway). I hate when there are air dryers. You can either use a tissue from your purse, TP (bleh, shreds of TP are terrible), an elbow, or your pinky, then sanitize w/alcohol hand sanitizer when you exit the bathroom. I'm a nurse so I carry some in my pocket of my scrubs 100% when I wear them, & have sanitizer in every purse/backpack. I get sick ALOT & thinking about all the places I pick up germs skeeves me out. That keeps me saner.

We do need germs & I don't use antibacterial products much at home, but for the public places you mentioned, yes, I firmly believe it is better to avoid or wipe up those areas!

Searching said...

Oh, & I totally hear you on the toilet splashing!! It makes me want to cry & then bleach my butt.