Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Depot and other fun things.

Eden, Home Depot is a home improvement store here and in canada. Not sure where else it is, apparently you don't have one of this brand name.

I don't know what it is about home depot I love so much. I just walk in there for a specific item and through wandering the rows and rows of 20ft industrial sized shelves in this warehouse, I just feel so inspired to DO something with my house. Of course, I'm too busy to attempt a home improvement project ("painting the shed" has been on my list with ~each~ of my leaves, still in todo form), yet that store gets me.

And obviously, it gets to chicklet too, as we have a very long running joke about home depot. I don't even know how it started, but it's mentioned in at least 50% of our comments to one another, usually in very inappropriate situations. "Oh, you got a BFN? Maybe you can go to home depot and buy the parts to build a baby". See what I mean? Inappropriate with a capital 'I'. But chicklet gets it so that's all that matters.


It's been a week since I blogged. Nothing really has been going on, I've just not been inspired to say anything. I'm slowly trying to get through my blog list, trying to comment where I need to leave some comments. (and what's with my favorite bloggers typing HUGE fucking blog posts while I'm slacking? HUGE in themselves and/or HUGE in the number of posts themselves. I can't keep up. I'm unworthy.)


Mareike? Where the fuck are you? (like i'm the one to talk, right?)


Hrm. I'm getting really excited for the Mile High Music Fest. Check out the lineup. The Black Keys! Tool! Incubus! Ben Harper!


I'm also not sure what to do. I was going to vans warped tour, but kings of leon are playing same night at red rocks. I don't know what to do. Ugh.


Oh, and DCFC is playing again at red rocks. And I'm rocking the guest list. Yay.


My derby wife just called me "snarky" tonight, without knowing I use the word "schnarky". See why she's my wifey?


No word on surgery date yet. Seems they are busy, expecting call tomorrow.


I wonder how much I weigh. I've been feeling really skinny and I tried to put on my "skinny jeans" (jeans I wear when I'm thin, not skinny jeans - I hate those), which aren't really that skinny to be honest, they are seven for all mankind size 27s (what's that equal to? Like a size 4? Which are really skinny for ~me~. I don't think my skeleton could be a size 0-2.) and they do not fit. I could get them on, but no zipping/buttoning the top for me. So the 29s is where I'm sitting at the moment. I didn't realize quite how many sevens I had - I have them in all sizes 27-31. Hey, at least I have nice jeans no matter how much I eat, eh? I think I'm still 134lbs and I was wearing the small jeans at 120-125. yeah. Not going to happen.


Blah. I really have nothing more. Things around the internet/message boards has really been bothering me lately so I'm just going to let it go. Yeah, ME, letting something go without getting schnarky about it. How's that for something new?


Sarah R said...

Yay! I nice post from Ms. Nancy herself. Good to "see" you again.

This past week has been a weird internet/message board week. It's really weird, and I'm getting a "calm before the storm" feeling. It's kind of eerie and I don't like it. Or maybe it's all in my head?

That's funny about you and Chicklet/Home Depot. That's stuff I would laugh at too.

Your little man is almost 5 months now, and I can hardly believe how fast time is flying! I still have your birth announcement on my refrigerator. :)

You are a skinny bitch, and I think you sound just fine where you're at! Speaking of you, we need some pics of you and your hot bod! :)

GeekByMarriage said...

Have you ordered your bath items yet? I'm curious to see what you got!

Jen said...

I was begining to wonder where you had gone too. Glad that you ar doing ok.

I just started listining to Kings of Leon a few months ago. I LOVE them!! So I'd say go see them.

Keep us updated on your next surgery and uhm...why don't you stop visiting the hospital after that ok?

Talk to you soon!

Kristin said...

I think Sarah R hit it...its felt like the calm before the storm. Hope we are wrong about that. And, I don't even wanna hear about you not fitting into your skinny jeans. You are HAWT!

eden said...

Heh. I love how my name is the first word of your post.

I only have three words for you, Nancy .....


Their latest album is on high rotation in my house these days, equal parts anger and melancholy.


Steph O. said...

Glad to know you're still on this planet!

I don't know what it is about home depot, I love that place too! And Lowes, or Menards, or Ace! Except their flooring departments, they don't know what they're talking about!

Keep us updated about the surgery.

(go ahead & snark about the boards. i've had a lot to deal with lately & could use the distraction!)

chicklet said...

It has gardening stuff too you fool, how could you not know about GARDENING STUFF?!

See, obviously I am a greater lover of Home Depot, and more devoted shopper cuz I know so much more than you:-)

There should be a prize for this great accomplishment no?

jenn said...

heh- the hub & I have date night's at Lowe's! I had plant a garden for weeks on my list & finally got a few containers done last weekend!

(and I am still jealous because my 'skinny' jeans are an 8- 134 lbs would probably put me in a 4/6 which would be heaven! But it's about 20 pounds away...)

Mareike said...

Fear not my friend, I am still a faithful friend who looks in on you every day. Thanks for checking on me and yes, you are the one to talk to.

areyoukiddingme said...

I was so disappointed when I tried on the seven for all mankind jeans and they totally made my butt look flat and wide. That is not a good look! But hey, I don't have to spend $100 (on sale!) on jeans, then.

I'm not so sure about Kings of Leon...the song they play on the radio all the time totally reminds me of Springsteen. I will keep an open mind and listen for better stuff.

Misty Dawn said...

Its about time you posted! I was beginning to worry and missing your posts!

Home Depot? I love Lowes! hate Home Depot. LOL

If I could only get into my skinny jeans. These days I'm lucky to fit into my fat jeans, the stupid hormones have got me soooo bloated! Then when I attempt to work out, I get dizzy & nauseous, so after this C is over I am trying to walk away from TTC for a while and readjust. First thing on the agenda is to loose weight!

JamieD said...

There's nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans. All my jeans fit great now because they are all elastic in the front but that wasn't really what I had in mind.

My Hubby is a big fan of Lowe's. I swear we should own stock in that store.

Tara said...

I'm going to see Kings of Leon in August. Can't wait. I love them.

Anonymous said...

home depot is good, but costco is my mothership, i could walk around that god damn store for HOURS.

Dana said...

as to the multiple sizes of Seven jeans...that's why I keep my addiction to accessories...purses and shoes fit no matter how much extra poundage I put on, lol.

i miss you tons, hope all is well.


MrsSpock said...

For Pete's Sake- I would love to be even 134 lbs again.

Dana said...
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Dana said...
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Dana said...

trying again to see if I did this right...trying to set it up so my picture shows up and all...cuz I know you miss my beautiful face :)

Dana said...

Woo Hoo!! I rock!!! lol, it only took me 5 tries :-/

Dana said...
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April said...

That music fest sounds AWESOME!! I'm so jealous! I've been dying to go to a concert lately.

And I feel about Lowe's the way you feel about Home Depot. I LOVE going there..and every time we walk in, I envision a completely new project (even though we've currently got like 2 ongoing home projects going on). LOL

Julie said...

Nancy, where have you gone? We are all missing you and you are depriving us of our daily fix of your schnarkiness (don't know if that's a word).

Hope everything's okay.

Jen said...

Just was checking on you to see if you are ok. Haven't heard from you in a week or so. Hoping you are just know with like three kids, husband, and a house...the important stuff.

Hope all is well

Miss Tori said...

We are finally starting to redo the hallway bathroom that I bought everything for back in March!

Hubby took down all the towel bars, mirrors, etc., Thursday evening, and I finally washed the walls Saturday night, though I still have to wash the floor boards (is that what the little thing at the bottom of the wall, right above the floor is called??). Then I will have to take my can of paint back to Lowe's so that they can shake it up for me, since it's been so long since I bought it.

My <3 belongs to Lowe's. Our home depot is grungy in appearance.

Sarah R said...

Really worried about you, Nancy...have beent thinking about you for over a week now. Hope everything is okay and you're just busy! *hugs*