Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No botox, filler for cheekbones and is there a lawyer in the house?

(I do have an important legal question at the end, so if anyone has experience in this area, I would be so appreciative if you read my question. Thanks!)

It was decided I should not get botox while still nursing. The doc read up and came prepared with a bunch of data, but he said it wasn't completely well tested yet and he suggested I wait. He did say if I ~really~ wanted it, he could see doing some, but I interrupted him to say no. I have no problem at all waiting. And there is no way in the world I would risk Karl's health for a wrinkle free forehead!

I ~did~ get the radiesse though. It was a super freaky experience. Three people (1 doc, 1 NP and the radiesse rep) all gathered around me as they drew a map no my face. Then after applying an ice pack, the NP put the first needle into my face up on my right cheekbone. One word. Ouch. No, more than one word. Ouch. Creepy. Fantastic.

First, the ouch factor. I won't lie - it hurt. A lot. It took maybe 5-8 minutes on each cheekbone, to get it just right. Having a needle stuck underneath the muscle and gel squirted out slowly along an inch and a half area simply isn't a pleasant experience. Second, the creepy factor. The gel stuff, when it gets between the muscle and bone, makes a crunch sound. Oh. My. God. It was terrible.

And now for the fantastic factor... It's awesome. I didn't take any damned before pictures. I spaced it because I was freaked out about the pain I was about to feel. Here are a few pictures I took afterwards. I haven't put on makeup and done myself up yet, so excuse the ickiness of my appearance. Just focus on 1) the fabulousness of my cheekbones and 2) the decreased 'smile lines' (the creases going from nose to mouth).

This one was taken immediately upon returning home. You can really see how my cheeks "hollow" out because they are so plumped above. The plumping was done from mid eye and outwards, which really tightened up the sides of my cheeks.

This one was taken this morning when taking the kids to school before my post surgical appointment. I look uneven because it's a weird angle, but you can really see how well my right cheekbone (left side of picture) is now defined. I had just pulled my hair back so again, I'm looking fucking awesome , so please don't judge me other than my cheekbones!

This one shows how cool my foot looks underneath the bandages. Another week and I'll get the stitches removed and can start to wear shoes again! Yay! Oh, and my right toe is totally wobbly like there is no bone in there. Doc said by shaving it down, it will feel like that, but it will end up tightening up eventually.

~~ legal question ~~

I have a friend (Bob) who is getting screwed over from a personal loan and wanted to know what he could do about it. Let me give basics ...

~ About 18 months ago, Bob's then-girlfriend's mom (lets call the girlfriend Kelly) got arrested for embezzling money, along with a few other people, from some business. (I don't know the details)

~ Kelly wanted to post bond for her mom, which she needed $10,000. Bob withdrew the $10 grand he had in savings and gave it to Kelly. Kelly then turned around and bailed her mom out.

~ Nothing was written down (yeah, yeah, stupid) and they were supposed to pay Bob back. I don't think any special plans for payback were made.

~ Kelly's mom eventually was found guilty and is now in prison. The courts took the $10k and put it towards restitution.

~ Bob and Kelly are broken up. Kelly doesn't have the money and the family is obviously broke from the court case and owing restitution.

~ Kelly says she'll still pay him back, but has no way to do it. Bob wants to get something legally in place to demand payment.

~ His only "evidence" is the $10,000 withdrawal from his account. He's going to try to get her to admit it, via email or letter, without demanding payment, just to establish the fact she owes it. He then wants her to sign an IOU. If she doesn't sign or admit, it'll be a her word against his thing.

~ What is the statute of limitations on suing for a personal loan? What court will he have to go to because of the amount? Should he do anything else besides getting an official IOU signed? If she doesn't start paying him, what can he do (if fact is established she owes him the money) can he take her to court to demand her to start paying? If yes and court rules in his favor, can part of her wages be taken to pay it?

I appreciate any info you have on this!


Kristin said...

I think you look great Nancy!

I have worked in a law office for years--but am not an attorney--I don't live in your state so someone in your state would be better. Having said that, he could take her to court. Having her admit in writing that she owes it would be a big help, but he could possibly prevail even without that. If he does receive a judgment against her, in most states wages can be garnished to pay it back, along with interest. He will probably need an attorney for all this. In my state, the statute of limitations on such things is two years--but could be different in your state.

Wordgirl said...

Your cheekbones look beautiful! (and ouch to the foot...)

I'll ask G about your question -- it's not his field but he may have some idea...

Pregnancy has done a number on my already fragile vanity...*sigh*. I'll need the number of a good plastic surgeon -- hah!



Robin said...

Wow! You look great- But your foot...ooof!

I have no idea about the legal issue, sorry...but I was flipping channels the other night and a Roller Derby competition (game? meet? race?) was on. I was blown away! I had no idea what it was and my idea of what I thought it was was much more tame than what it really is. How cool!

Birdee said...

That sounds like a job for ~Judge Judy~. I really dont know, but you look awesome!!

Kristin said...

You look FABULOUS!

Not a clue about the legal question though.

LJ said...

You look gorgeous. Can your doc get rid of the sagging skin under my chin/along my jaw? HAHAH

Melissa said...

for the record, i thought you looked fantastic before. :) dude, your foot looks like it flippin hurts!

Beautiful Mess said...

Your cheeks look great! Hmmm that makes it sound like you looked non great I cringed when you described the creepiness factor *shudder* Glad you're happy with the results.
Your toe, on the other hand, EEK! That looks painful! Get better soon!

nikkobaby said...

If Bob can get her to sign a promissory note and have her make payments, and if she then breaches the note by failing to make payments, then he can get a judgment based on that breach. Each state has different statutes of limitation.(I'm not an attorney, can't give legal advice.)

Lisa said...

As I mentioned in the previous post, I never thought you needed any work done. But, I am glad you are happy with it.

I hope your friend gets his money back. Ten grand is a lot of coin to be out. I guess that's why the rule I have for lending money is to not lead money I am not willing to never see again!

KimboSue said...

The cheeks look damn sexy and the foot looks damn painful!

Sarah R said...

You look great--not that you didn't before!

Ouch on the foot. OMG..... eek!

Um, I think Bob needs to call Judge Judy. But yeah, he should have had it in writing. That sucks, and I hope he gets his money back. That's what you get for being nice, I guess!

jenn said...

As I said before- the cheekbones look amazing. But your foot- OUCH! I hope it feels better than it looks!

Io said...

Your cheekbones look fantastic (not that you weren't already hotter than hell) but between your describing a crunch sound and your toe, I had to scroll down quickly...
No idea on the legal shit, but that sucks hardcore.

Dana said...

You are one sexy b!tch!!!

calliope said...

YOWZERS!! You look fab. well except for your janked up foot. OUCH!

Just asked Mom about your legal question and she said it will vary widely from state to state. (I know, no help, but I did ask!)