Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I talked to the neighbors.

I saw my neighbor outside yesterday so I went over to talk with him.

The first thing he did was apologize for the barking dog. I told him I hoped he didn't think I was a crazy anti dog bitch. I told him I was cool with dogs amd didn't mind the normal barking. But barking nonstop for hours late at night, waking up my sick children, was what I wasn't cool with.

He explained to me they were out late Sunday night and that is was probably the rain that made him bark. Okay, sounds like a reasonable answer, but if you knew #1 that it was raining and #2, the dog didn't like storms, why in the world would you leave him tied up in the backyard during such an event? That makes so sense to me. Nevermind the barking that could distrupt your neighbors, what about the poor dog outside alone in the rain? That pisses me off.

Anywho, the dog turns out not to he his, but a friend's whom is staying with him. I think she left today. She was with them when they went out, so no excuse like he didn't know the dog was like that. The poor doggy. I hope she is given a better life at home than she was given here.

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Kristin said...

I'm glad you have gotten some resolution. And, I too hope the dog has a better life from here on out.

WiseGuy said...

Well, nice of you to speak it out and face to face and clarify. It keeps the spiderwebs of perception at bay!

And well, I hope the poor dog gets a better treatment in the days ahead.

Carrie Ann said...

What a crappy dog-sitter!!!

jill said...

Ugh poor dog :( And how annoying for it to be barking non-stop like that the other night. Nice of you though to leave a polite note and I'm glad the neighbor took it well.