Monday, October 11, 2010

The new neighbor's dog.

The new neighbors moved in this week to their rental and the first thing needing to be fixed is to get a fence. They have a large German Shepard with a large bark and they leave him outside alone in the dark, tied up.

The dog has been barking incessantly for close to four hours now. Started at 8p and now its close to midnight. See, I don't mind the normal bark of a dog, but this dog hasn't stopped since their owners have left them outside to go out for the night. I don't blame the dog here. And I am giving the neighbors the benefit of the doubt whereas they may not know their dog barks nonstop when they aren't home.

My problem is m house is too stuffy to leave the windows closed but the dogs are waking up my sick children with my windows opened. They are all in bed with mild fevers. They are being woken up left and right from the barking. So I closed their windows and they are being woken up in pools of sweat.

I went and knocked on their doot but they weren't home. So I left a NICE note on their door, ~"I'm nancy from next door. Your dog has been barking constantly since you left, which brings up he problem he is waking up all three of my sick children. Please being him inside when you return. Thank you very much! :)"

And then when I see them tomorrow, i'll talk to them explaining I'm not a bitch and I even like dogs. Dogs barking their usual thing does ~not~ bother me. But the constant barking with no relief is what I'm complaining about. Especially with the added stress of waking up three sick children. I'm hoping they simply didn't know he would bark nonstop while they are not at home.

Here's to it going as smoothly as planned and they don't just write me off as a bitch. Because I'm trying really hard not to be like one.

Poor dog is tied up in his backyard, all alone, in the light rain and chilly night air.


Claire said...

I'd say you handled that just right! If they end up being pissed at you, that's probably who they are. If it wasn't this, it would probably be something else. Maybe when you go to talk to them, bring them some cookies or muffins or something to welcome them to the neighbourhood. A bone for their dog would probably also work! ;)

Jendeis said...

I think your note was incredibly polite.

I'm hoping that the dog was barking from anxiety at being in a new place and that once the dog gets used to the new home, no more barking.

If the neighbors refuse to do anything to quiet their dog, you're well within your rights to call the police because the dog is barking so late in the night.

Kristin said...

I think you handled it well. Also, if it doesn't go smoothly, check and see if your area has a noise ordinance. We have one where I live and non-stop barking for 15 minutes does fall under our noise ordinance.