Thursday, October 14, 2010

Odds and ends.

~ I had a sliver on the ball of m left foot and it hurt everytime I walked. So I fit it out with a needle and I actually got that little sucker! But now I have a wound from all the needle digging and it hurts worse now than before. Awesome.

~ Did I mention our pathfinder got vandalized a few weeks ago? The little window behind the passenger's back window was smashed in with something. The door was still locked and nothing in the car was stolen. So we think it was just pure vandalism. With insurance, it cost us $281 to get it fixed.

~ The streetlight at the end of our driveway has been out for months (and we think the darkness had a play in the vandalism). Our neighbors across the street called the utility people and found out it was one of the lights that would no longer be maintained due to budget costs. If we wanted it turned back on, we would have to pay a fee of $75. So we are splitting the cost and our light is back on.

~ Insomnia has been kicking my ass recently. I just can't seem to get to sleep at a reasonable time. It sucks. But once I do fall asleep, I will generally stay asleep. Which is huge for me.

~ I tackled the laundry this week and for now, I win. All clothes, sheets, towels, blanket and floor carpets have been washed, dried and put away. As of now there is nothing in our hampers. Go me!

~ I've had a crazy sweet tooth the past couple days. I've been eating hot tamales and hershey chocolate bars. Getting AF by surprise tonight probably has something to do with it.

~ My favorite number is 25. I count all the time while I'm waiting for anything. Like a commercial break to end. A stoplight to change. The phone to ring. I think it's a touch of OCD.

~ I'm pretty sick right now. My throat hurts and my head is draining out my nose and down my throat. Yes, I know. It's crazily sexy. Don't deny it.

~ It's midnight right now and I'm sitting in bed, blogging, and sharing a lollipop with karl. He woke up covered in puke so after washing him up, he is wife awake.

~ I'm in love with the food channel. I love all the shows.

~ My favorite pizza is extra cheese, ham, mushrooms and uncooked tomatoes. What's yours?

~ I had to google the difference between it's and its. The general rule is if you can replace it's with it is, the from of it's is used. I think I've gotten that wrong for years.

~ Okay, time to go and focus on the boy. I hope he gets tired enough for bedtime soon. My eyes are burning.

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Lisa said...

Fun list! My favorite number is 5 so counting to it to make time pass wouldn't really work...

My favorite pizza is pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, hot peppers and cheese. Awesome for heartburn and bad breath!

Can you make your way up to Canada to tackle my laundry?? Please!!

Melody said...

My favorite pizza is sausage (preferably Italian), fresh mushroom, and banana pepper. My OCD habit is to type out conversations and thoughts I'm having. I try not to move my fingers when I do it, just acknowledge in my head which ones I'd be using. I'm a crazy fast typist because of this, but its a touch weird. My girlfriend recently noticed that I twitch a lot when we're holding hands. That's because I'm typing, but I haven't told her about that little quirk yet.

And dude, it sucks that you had to pay to have a streetlight turned back on, but I think I would have done the same thing you did for neighborhood safety. Cool that your neighbors were willing to go in with you on it.

Sarah R said...

My favorite number is also 25 -- has been my whole life!!! :) :)

Geohde said...

Ha, I am here on accounts of I cannot sleep but that is because my other half is in your fine nation of OTC sleep preparations and can't ever remember that because it is light HIS end it is dark MINE. ANd keeps calling. And I am solo flying a 60 hour work week w 2 children.

Fun times :)


Jamie said...

I have a weird counting thing, too. While I'm waiting for something, I'll count anything around me - chairs, ceiling tiles, etc. When I'm laying in bed at night, I count the little segments that make up each number on my digital clock. Sometimes it makes me nuts but most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it.

I love any kind of pizza. I could eat pizza morning, noon and night. Currently, I'm liking grilled chicken with sun-dried tomato, fresh mozzarella and pesto. Yum! It's making me hungry just to think about it.