Saturday, March 21, 2009

Socks & ICLW introduction.

Socks first and then an ICLW introduction.

As you all know, I ~love~ socks. LOVE them. It's one of the reasons I even joined roller derby to begin with - where else can you wear OTK (over the knee) socks and a short school girl skirt and have it be a normal thing to wear?

I just clicked over to my favorite place to buy socks, which is a site called Sock Dreams, to buy a pair of socks for my sock buddy. My sock buddy does not read my blog (well, if she does, she doesn't comment) so I'm going to go ahead and show you what I purchased for her...

( pictures are directly from their website, so hoping I'm not breaking any rules!)


I didn't know which color would be the best for her, so I just got her both. My sock "thing" is definitely OTK and striped. So if you ever get a pair of socks from me, you'll be getting socks fitting those 2 descriptions. Of course there are TONS of different socks that meet these requirements, so because I am new to my sock buddy's blog myself, I went safe and got pretty normal socks fitting my two conditions. What do you think?

I had an issue though. After looking through all the socks, I decided I needed some too. And I spent $158. Not ~all~ for me, I got a pair for my husband too, but damn. I emailed Kym to let her know she owed me a check for my spending spree today, but I'm not too sure she'll comply with my demands. Damn.



Welcome to yet another kickoff of ICLW. As I linked to Kym's blog above, I saw she did a little introduction using the ABCs. Let me totally steal her idea.

Allison is the name of my middle child, now 3 1/2 years old.
Bella is the name of my newest kitty cat. I got her when my oldest kitty passed away, to keep my other kitty company. Too bad these 2 cats hate one another.
Chinese takeout is what I had for dinner last night. Chicken Lo Mien. Mmmm.
Double blogger - I have two blogs and I am participating in March ICLW for both of them. This means I'll be leaving double the comments and writing double the posts. I am doing the ABCs for both blogs and there will be some double information, but this will be the only post that won't be different from one another.
Ella is the name of my oldest daughter. She will be turning 5 years old next month.
Fuck is my favoritist word and I use it. A lot.
Garbage is my husband's duty. I never take it out.
Heaven is a nice concept, but I don't believe in it. I wish I did, as it would make dying a less scary thing, but it's just something I can't fit into my head.
Infertility is something I have dealt with, but was lucky enough to be able to put it in my past. Although it'll never be something I forget as it's definitely still a part of me, I count my blessings everyday as it's something no longer running my life as it had for so many years.
Jesus is not my co-pilot. But this does not mean I am not spiritual. I do believe in a higher power, but I just don't think anyone has, or even can, define it.
Karl is the name of my youngest child, who is 10 weeks old today.
Love. I think it's the most important thing to open your heart for. Don't be scared of it.
Marriage. I waited until I was 28 to get married. I was engaged at 21, but it was to a different boy. I'm really glad I agreed to a long engagement when I was too young to get married (in my opinion) because I was a different person back then.
Nancy is my name and I go through periods where I do not like it.
Opportunity doesn't only knock once. I believe life if what you make of it - and you can change it around whenever you choose.
Punk rock is my favorite type of music.
Quiet is something that my house is ~not~
Roller derby is the sport I am active in.
Surgery is something I just had this Thursday.
Tom is my hubby's name. We've been married for almost 8 years.
Ugh is a word I use a lot when I type. I use it when I'm a bit exasperated.
Vagina is a word I think is hilarious and I will use it in everyday speech a lot.
Wonderful is how I would describe my life. It's not perfect and there are problems all around, but the good definitely outweighs the bad.
Xray vision is something I do ~not~ possess.
Yellow doesn't look good on me. I'm naturally blonde and I'm very fair skinned so many of the shades of yellow just wash me out. Sometimes I can find a good shade I can wear though.
Zebra is an animal my friend Pete saw running down the side of the freeway. Apparently it had escaped from the circus.

I'm excited for this month of ICLW and plan to post everyday on each blog. And also leave my minimum of 10 comments and return 2 everyday. So here I go! Thanks for stopping by and reading today's post!


Anonymous said...

Love the socks !

Thanks for the intro I love soft rock to and also got engaged at 21

I look forward to reading more

Ali xX

Kymberli said...

You skank. First you send me a bill for $158 and then you turn around and steal my ICLW intro idea. :)

Consider it an even swap. LOL! You crack me up!

Christina said...

Cute socks! I didn't realize you had cats!

JamieD said...

$158?!?! In socks alone?!?! I was going to click over to Sock Dreams but I might change my mind. Or at least wait until payday.

Vagina is a funny word . . . I laughed out loud just reading it!

Kerry said...

Awesome socks!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I love the socks! I could totally do the school run in those socks!

Kymberli said...

Hey Nancy, I forgot to tell you - I had no idea that Sock Dreams was your favorite sock shop. I spent a week looking through various sock websites and kept going back to Sock Dreams. I also bought my sock buddy's socks from there (and a pair for myself, too)! I thought about you when I saw all the hip OTK socks and made a mental note to tell you about the store.

Great minds think alike, huh? :)

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Responding to your ICLW comment---thanks for visiting my blog!

LOVE the socks---way cool! I am totally going to check out the Sock Dreams website now.

I'll be checking back in. I'd love to hear some of your Ella-isms. (Emma was my "firl name" before I was even married. However, we also thought of "Ella," it's a beautiful name!

The ABC intro, was a great idea. :)

Io said...

Aw man. Now I am feeling like the socks I sent off are crappy and inadequate (don't worry, you're not my sock buddy, hopefully yours is better)
Those socks are awesome! And i can totally see how you could spend that much on the website without much effort.

Melissa said...

woot! Those socks are killer!!

Ella said...

I love the socks!!

Well fuck, just realized I totally forgot to sign up for ICLW this month. Bah! :/

Happy ICLW, have fun!

~Chel~ said...

I love socks...I never wear matching ones or white ones...That's boring...LOL...Everytime I buy a pair...I have to buy 2 pair--so I can mismatch them...I know I know, weird...Oh well! LOL!

docgrumbles said...

ok, great, I'm a sock person too and now I am going to click over there and spend all my money too!

great choices you made!

The Captain's Wife said...

wow..super jealous that I am not your sock buddy.... :)

chicklet said...

I've never known I could covet socks so badly - those RULE!

Carrie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy ICLW! I love all your socks! I wore shamrock ones to my recent retrieval and probably made the doctors look at them like 40 times.

Love the ABC's!


Glennformer said...

What does every established sock shop need? Sock condiments, of course. How is it we haven't jumped on this MM idea (#9)? I'm not really sure I want to be in the retail business so maybe we should just sell the idea to them.

Happy ICLW!

zach05kate95 said...

You suck big time!! I went to the sight and I now want to buy a shit load of socks. Can I send you the bill?

Lucy said...

Hi Nancy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. To answer your question, my slow stimming seems to last until something is around 14mm, then it takes off. I seem to stagnate though around 12mm. ICLW

mrsmoore08 said...

Love the socks! Your sock buddy will love them!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for encouraging words on my blog :) its nice to hear that at least one person had zero side effects from lupron. I hope I'm as lucky as you!

p.s. totally loving those socks. I think I need a pair now.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Those socks are great!

chicklet said...

Yo bitch - I have to tell you that I can not stop OBSESSING over these socks. I'm off to sockdreams right now. I can't stand it any longer, I never knew socks could be so damn cool!!!And it's all your fault by the way.