Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who is on your "list"?

Jenn and I talked about the "list" we both have. You know - the one from Friends. The list of 5 people who you would be allowed to get involved with and have a pass with your husband.

Mine are:
~ Michael Pitt
~ Edward Norton
~ Ewan McGregor
~ Brandon Boyd
~ Heather Graham

Who are on your list?


M said...

oooh, edward norton is a good one! Can't think of a full 5 but I'd take Josh Duhamel and Gerard Butler.

Sara said...

Interesting twist with Heather Graham - she is one that I never would have considered.
My girl crush is absolutely Jennifer Aniston. Seriously - my husband makes fun of me because I watch all her movies.
As for guys - too many to narrow down. But Brad Pitt for sure. Yummy.

jenn said...

haha! I'm loving that you put Heather Graham on there!

You know my #1 &2 is Ewan McGregor
then is Gerard Butler & CLive Owen- but I'm not sure about #5...

LJ said...

I have a version of this called Mt. Crushmore. The hard part is filling in that 4th person. So far I have:

1. Patrick Dempsey
2. Paul McCartney, circa Ed Sullivan
3. George Clooney

For my girl crushmore:
1. Kate Winslet
2. Drew Barrymore
3. Maggie Gylennhaal

I like the choice of Ewan though, he's quite tasty.

Mermaid said...

I only need one name: Cal Ripken Jr.

Robin said...

I think if i had ~any~ girls on my list DH would give me a pass!!

Other than that... hm.. he doesn't care too much about celebreties. He would give me a pass for Tim Tebow! That would be mighty yummy ;)

There are others I would like, but I wouldn't get a pass. (Maybe I'm messing up the Friends reference. I don't think I saw that episode.)

Jen said...

This post was great!

My pass was always for
1. Kenny Chesney
2. Matthew McCanaughey
3. Cal Ripkin Jr or Jason Taylor-that was a tie.

I would let Shawn have a pass on
1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Faith Hill
3. Kate Beckinsale

Thanks for the chuckle with this post.

Anonymous said...

haha, this one is great!
1-Ryan Phillippe
2-Gerard Butler
3-David Beckham
4-Jude Law
5-Taylor Lautner---since I just watched New Moon and he's practically naked half of it...although he IS underage and I don't want to go to jail....oh well I don't care...

JJ said...

1. Chris O'Donnell
2. Mike Rowe
3. Diane Lane
4. Shakira
5. Zac Efron (i know, shame on me)

Jendeis said...

My list is everchanging. Here's where I am now:

1. Clive Owen
2. Alex Ovechkin (a hockey player)
3. Matthew Perry (yes, I'm a dork)
4. Colin Firth
5. Jude Law

zach05kate95 said...

I know this probably makes me weird, but I wouldn't sleep with a famous person. The fact that they are famous kills it for me. Everyone wants them, which makes it kind of ucky for me.

Jenera said...

There's only two: Dale Jr. and Jesse James. My husband's are: Sandra Bullock and Ashley Judd.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... here are mine:

1. Hugh Jackman
2. Johnny Depp
3. Clive Owen

And I would repeat Hugh on 4 and 5 - no problems!


Brandi said...

Hmmm lets see

1. Johnny Depp
2. Gerard Butler
3. David Beckham
4. Brad Pitt
5. George Clooney

my girl crushes are

1. Scarlet Johansson
2. Kate Winslet

JamieD said...

1. Matthew McConaughey
2. Christian Kane
3. Michael Douglas (I've loved him since Romancing the Stone)
4. Hugh Jackman
5. Ewan McGregor is a great one - he's on my list now!

My girl crush would have to be Eva Mendes.

Jenn BG said...

This is a fun one Nancy! I can't believe no one has said Benicio Del Toro...LOVE HIM. My DH sort of looks like a much smaller version, and don't get any ideas. I met DH BEFORE I knew who Benicio was. :) My other big one is Arturo Gatti (boxer whose wife unfortunatly killed him this sad). Johnny Depp is always a good one too. My girl crushes would be Julia Ormond (think back in First Night or Legends of the fall) or Catherine Zeta-Jones. Actually, not sure I would want to do them, but would love to look like them. I think they are beautiful women.

Mrsblogalot said...

Since you stole Ed Norton....Do vampires count?

Anonymous said...

okay- you all are going to think I am crazy.
1. Johnny Depp (yummmy- I need to post about the time I almost took an assignment on the Pirates set)
2. George Clooney
3. Hugh Jackman
4.Hines Ward (I just want to grab his ass)
5.girl crush-? My husband would probably not care. Any girl would be fine with him. LOL!!!