Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another weekend is over.

Its Sunday night, another weekend is over. Although since I'm not working, it doesn't really matter what day it is. Except I get to spend time with my fabulous husband on saturday and Sunday.

Today was my day "off". Tom went to a football game yesterday from like 10am - 7pm so he wanted to reciprocate and give me a day off too. Except it didn't turn out that way. I went grocery shopping with all three kids in tow and then after a short break in between, we went to two different targets. I was just supposed to exchange one of karl's sweaters for a larger size but I ended up shopping some more. I freaking love that store. I spent $350 of money I don't have. I need to start leaving my debit card at home when I to there.

I just took a bath and then gave the kids a bath. Karl is in bed and the girls are watching TV. I kept them entertained all weekend which didn't involve TV, so that's good. Now they are just winding down with a cartoon before bedtime.

I think the hubs and I will watch a few episodes of top chef before we hit the sack. I have something like three - four episodes dvr'd. Its one of the few shows my husband and I watch together.

What do you and your husband do to wind down a weekend?

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jenn said...

That actually sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! (Except maybe the price tag!)
Yesterday the hubs & I had a truly loungy day. I didn't leave the house once- except to walk the dog. We all cuddled on the couch and alternated watching some Top Chef & Masterchef- you know you gotta watch you some gordon too! I worked on the sweater I'm making and played all day with Pumpkin. Pretty perfect for a rainy sunday!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. We had our in-laws in town and had a good time. Went and shopped at Mall of America and the kids saw Underwater World.

Love Target! They built one in our town a little over a year ago and when we moved a year ago we can now see Target from our house (and walk there). It's so close it's great, but at the same time not so great for our bottom line. said...

it's hard not to spend money at target!!

My husband and I just started getting into true blood. :) oh and jersey shore...

Kristin said...

Ideally, when we get to spend the weekend together, we wind down by watching a few shows and talking. Of course, between his work schedule and the kids, it doesn't always happen.

Barb said...

Hey! I haven't visited in a while! Looking back over my comments and decided to come over. I'm glad to see you're well! Hub and I just kinda hang out. We're just in the stage of easier baby now, so we're finding our footing. :)