Friday, September 10, 2010

A fine line.

There is a fine line between tooting your own horn and bragging.

Tooting one's own horn is just sharing something the writer is proud of. Then there is flat out bragging. The latter has been irritating me in some of the blogs I've been reading. Sure, you're happy about this and that. I get that. Hell, I do it myself. But we don't need to hear about it in every post. We get it. You're happy about x, y and z. We just don't need to read about it in every other sentence. Its going to make me stop reading all together. And that sucks.

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~*JaYmE*~ said...

Do you still read me? I dont think I've gotten a comment from you since I found out I was pregnant.

Steph O. said...

Huh? I don't think you read me, so I'm not sure if I'm the offender here? If so, I didn't mean too. I haven't had much interest in much of anything lately.

I agree though.

Anonymous said...

But YOU do A LOT of that in your blog. I find your blog entertaining and well written. I enjoy your stories, but YOU brag a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree with the other Anon. Sometimes I want to just gag when I read your blog because YOU brag so much. It's so funny that you would point that out in others!!

But I guess if you want to be judgmental with others then you invite other's to judge you right!

Carrie Ann said...

Blogs are about oneself, and of course anything positive you write will sound like bragging. I probably always sound like I'm bragging...oh well.

nancy said...

Steph, you are totallly not the "offender"! The particular blot I'm talking about is someone who doesn't read me. That's why o felt comfortable enough complaining about it here. I would never talk shit about one of my readers! And btw, I do read you. I've just been a shitty commenter.

Jayme, same thing I said to Steph- I'm totally one of your readers. I will be a better commentor.