Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let me talk about the weather.

I know, super fun topic, huh?

Colorado weather is weird. It always has and always will. But I do love it. It just takes some getting used to. After 13 years, you'd think I ~was~ used to it though.

It is unseasonably warm right now. High today will be 85. Which sucks. See, although 85 doesn't seem hot, we don't have air conditioning. (most older homes in Colorado don't have a/c. it's not just us) So it gets hot in the house. Not as bad as when it would get in the 100s, thank goodness, but still. It's warm.

Our saving grace is our attic fan. We have a huge fan installed in the attic opening and when we open the windows, it sucks in all the outside air and pushes the air into the attic. So our house gets as cold as it is outside. Then I close up the house to trap all the cold air in and all the hot air out. So our house does stay cool most of the day. It's late afternoons and early evenings that suck.

The weird thing is the temperature is in the low 40s at night so when I wake up, the house is freezing and I have to turn on the heat to get it to at least 60. Strange, I'm running the heater on the same day I wish for an air conditioner.


Geochick said...

I hear ya'. We have a swamp cooler and we've been turning it on for a few hours in the evening to cool down the house then turning it off and sleeping with the windows open. Didn't work last night - I ended up getting up around 1 or 2am to turn the cooler back on and then was freezing this morning! It's so freaking annoying this time of year.

areyoukiddingme said...

My husband has been known to let the interior temperature of our house get down to 59 degrees in spring/fall. Then, because I'm freezing, I get all bundled up in cold weather gear only to go outside and find that it's in the upper 70s. But I like it cool when I sleep, so I don't complain.

We do have air conditioning (because we would die without it - 90+ degrees with 100% humidity is unbearable!), but I much prefer having the windows open, so I love these days when I don't have to use it...even if it means warm evenings and really cold mornings.

Biz said...

ugh--right there with you! This weekend I was wishing we'd gotten the apartment with the fireplace & after a day at the Denver Zoo, all I want is a/c!
btw, there's so many baby animals at the zoo right now!

Jamie said...

I have a good friend who lives in Aurora and it seems like CO weather has been even stranger this year than usual.

Just the thought of living without central air makes me sweat!

Brandi said...

It has been unseasonably warm here too. In fact on Monday it was 113 in Los Angeles, which means it was about 107 at my house. We don't have A/C in our house as it is an older home. But we do have a wall unit which actually keeps the house cool but as soon as we turn it off it heats up pretty quickly. Luckily the past two days it has been in the 90's which to me is a lot better than 100+

Miss Tori said...

We have both swamp cooler and central air. I'd like to get rid of the swamp cooler as they are a pain in the butt to maintain, especially when they are roof mounted and you have a bi-level home. But yeah, when you leave the windows open at night, it's nice and cool in the mornings. Usually holds till late afternoon when the a/c kicks on.