Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"funniest home videos"

I can't watch these anymore. So many of them are staged and it bothers me too much to watch them. And they put these fake videos on tv and have the audience laugh maniacally at them. And the crazy laughing of the audience is creepy in itself.

My first thought when watching these videos is "why would someone be videotaping this in the first place?" If there is no reason for it, it's more than likely fake.

Example - It's a video of a guy sitting on a laz-y-boy sleeping or resting or whatever. He's not doing anything, just sitting there with his eyes closed. And then he yawns and stretches, knocking over something on the shelf above or behind him. WTF? Why would anyone be filming a guy sleeping? Sure, maybe this guy snores or falls asleep on the couch and doesn't admit to it and someone was proving that fact. But 80% of the videos are like this. Like a guy is walking along some outdoor source of water. A pool. A stream. But it's not like a family thing where he's waving to the camera or swimming or doing anything that would be filmed. He's not even looking at the camera. And then he "accidentally" falls into the water. Give me a break.

What prompted this is there is an insurance advertisement up on some site that I am at a lot. I guess it's depicting a girl dancing because she saved money on her insurance. And then she is shocked to find that someone is filming her. She turns around, all shocked with her eyes open wide and her hands to her mouth as the aspect of getting caught dancing. But although the camera guy didn't make any noise. She just happens to turn around, her hands are at her mouth before she even turns around. She obviously knew she had to be surprised. I understand this is a commercial and was completely staged, but come on! Make it look a little more real?


Anonymous said...

I am laughing over here. I think those same thoughts whenever my TV happens to turn to one of those shows. All the crotch shots too bother me. Do that many guys get hit in the crotch THAT often to have about 3 dozen videos on each episode? Needless to say, I don't watch those shows anymore.

Shayna said...

Ahhh! I hate that stupid commercial thing with the lady dancing! It's so obnoxious!

DH won't let me watch Funniest Home Videos because he says, and I quote "the epitomy of white trash" lmao!!!