Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why am I still using the CBFM?

I am still using my fertility monitor. Why? No freaking clue. I am on a forced 2 month break while healing from uterine surgery. I do not get to even think about trying again until at least September. Yet every morning, I turn on the monitor to have one of our lovely early morning conversations. Today (well, it's after midnight, so really yesterday) I got a "peak" result. My first cd14 "peak". Heh. Figures.

I almost thought about cheating and grabbing hubby for a bding session. But then my brain took over and told me no. What in the world did I think I was doing? I am a week out from ~surgery~ for crying out loud. What if I actually miraculously conceived? My oven is in NO condition to support a life. It's still pre-heating! Yet I wanted to throw in an uncooked bun knowing full well it wouldn't rise right.

Thank goodness Mrs Brain has some power over Miss Heart. How foolish Miss Heart is at times. (Although, let me mention that it is Mrs Brain who is allowing me to poas every morning. And an expensive stick at that.)

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Erin said...

I totally feel you. The only good thing is that Cade lost my monitor. How he got a hold of it I'm not sure but I am still tearing stuff apart. I was never able to get addicted but even on BCP, I am thinking about temping. I have even thought about stopping my BC, but the brain wins and tells me I NEED this break.

Let your oven pre-heat and in Sept, it's on!