Monday, July 30, 2007

muther f*&$%&#@!

I pulled my muscle in my back again. ~3rd~ time this year. You think I wouldn't bitch about this anymore, since I've been dealing with it for about 10 years, but it "went away" for like 4 of those years, so I'm not happy it's back.

And it always happens over something stupid. Like I bend over. Or something mundane. This time it was because I grabbed a running 2 year old as she was passing by. Poor thing thought she killed mommy the way I yelped. If it was something like, oh, I was lifting a burning car off of a victim, okay, that should equal back pain. Maybe I'll just start making up stories to make it sound better.

(Erin - It's the day!! I'll have something for us to use soon. I thought of a way to put it up, which will just simply be us able to talk to one another about everything - a support type thing. So I haven't forgotten and GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!!)


jamie said...

So much for some bad ass crazy sex :( Poor Nancy

Chili said...

I have back issues too, so I know how you feel! This morning, after waking up to me whimpering beside him, R insisted that we go get a new bed (getting delivered on Saturday!), which hopefully will help.

Hope yours feels better soon!

Erin said...

Sorry about your back! How is your diet going? I can't wait to see how our project is going. GL!