Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Post-surgical update

I had my 2 week past surgery appointment.

And the only freaking thing I talked about was the medication protocol he put me on! I had a big list of questions (ie: will i have a higher risk of m/c now? If I conceive, will I be consider high risk for my pregnancy? etc) but I'll just fax them to the nurse tomorrow and see if she can get him to answer them for me. I can't believe I just ~forgot~ to ask!

Anywho, I'm 2 weeks past surgery. I have to take the estrogen for a total of 4 weeks, so only 2 more weeks. Then, in another week, I have to start progesterone for 12 days, which will overlap the estrogen for 1 week. He said I will probably cycle on my own when the estrogen stops, but it may take a few days to a week after the progesterone is finished, which anyone who is familiar with provera knows. Upon getting AF, that marks cd1 of C11 and I get to TTC again! Yay! So, this is good.

From LMP to induced cd1, it should be around 6-7 weeks. Not quite the 2 month break that I was expecting, so it's great that the best case scenario is what I'm getting. Amazing. It's weird to keep getting ~good~ news in the ttc department. Now all I need is the best case scenario of a BFP to round it all out! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I plan to take C11 as a natural cycle and not start any procedures just yet. I have NO IDEA what will happen. Will I even ovulate without growing a cyst? I hadn't been able to do that before without triggering ovulation. So we'll see. I have some hope that I'll have a normal cycle, but I'm not basing that upon anything. I sure hope I can finally be normal again.


Kat said...

Yay for a good update!!! Here's to being "normal" in the TTC department ;-)

BethH6703 said...

Sounds like great news Nancy!

I'll continue to pray for good news in the TTC dept for you!

Shayna said...

me ♥ you.

I'm glad everything went well! I knew it would. Here's to a great new beginning soon!

Gabby said...

Hey Nancy! I just wanted to say hello. I just happened upon your blog. I just wanted to say welcome to the Blog world...although I know you mentioned another blog you deleted. Good for you for ignoring ignorant people!

jk215 said...

yay, yay, yay!!!!

"normal" is fantastic! and your chances will be rolling in!

so happy for you hon!