Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanks for your suggestions!

I'm going to listen to the ones I may be interested in soon. And I picked two songs to put into the pool also -

~ 'doll parts' by Hole
~ 'stick out your tongue' by New Wet Kojak.

I'll make a decision by thursday, our next class, and I'll let you know. I appreciate all your help!


jenn said...

girl by the beatles just popped up on the shuffle & I'm digging it, feels very slinky. I love that your post has made me invest some time with my music- it makes me so freaking happy & I've been missing it without realizing it!

Oh- and I like 'stick out your tongue' over 'doll parts' - just my 2 cents!

m said...

I second Jenn. In fact, I think my mp3 player needs a mix of all the great suggestions you received!

I think 'doll parts' might make the boys skerred (that's beyond scared). But that doesn't mean I don't like it. ;-)

Calliope said...

doll that takes me back.
ah the days of thick red lipstick and babydoll dresses...