Sunday, April 18, 2010

The monster is gone.

I've come to the realization that the green eyed monster is almost gone. It took some time, but it seems I am no longer jealous of other's pregnancies.

I was talking with jenn yesterday about this. I think I've finally come to the place that pregnancy is in my past and I'm okay with it. The memory of my pregnancies is still with me but its time to turn the page and focus on my life with my children.

One of my best friends is pregnant right now and I love talking about how she is feeling. And I even watched one of those baby TV shows and I was fine with it!

I didn't know I would ever get over the fact my turn is over. But somehow it is. I guess it just took some time. And its a nice place I'm in now.

What about you? Have you ever been in a place where you were jealous about something and found you are over it somehow?

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Kate said...

well done you! :) good to know the jealousy fades... i'm been fighting the green eyed monster myself lately over women who don't have to have c-sections. i'll get over it i'm sure, (hopefully by the time #3 arrives next month), but in the meantime i'm still a bit salty about it.

Anonymous said...

i am still jealous of others' pregnancies, but not if it is their first pregnancy. we are a "one and done" family and i am sad about it so when others are having their seconds and thirds, etc. it still gets me. i am sure someday it won't. how long was it for you?

Elana said...

I'm so glad you've reached that place. Since I'm not done having kids, I've got a ways to go until I'm ok with other people's pregnancies. I only hope that when I am done I can feel happy for people who get pregnant easily. :-)

Kim said...

I am still fighting the green eyed monster. I am totally fine with being done, I know I do not want another ever.

For me it is women in their third tri, and with newborns. I feel like I was robbed of feeling it for the last time. *shrugs* It is starting to fade, but it sneaks back up every once in awhile.

Good for you being able to get over it!

Kristin said...

I'm glad you are in a better place about it now, Nancy. That's great.

For me, I am not jealous of pregnancies at all, but I admit to sometimes feeling a bit of jealousy when I see mom with a newborn or couple months old baby. I am on my way to over it. It bothers me less now than it did. What you said about realizing that that part of your life is in the past, resonated with me. I still feel a twinge but I expect that that will continue to fade.

Glad you are in a better place now. Jealousy is not a fun place to be.

Glennformer said...

I used to be jealous of people with riding lawnmowers but, recently, I got over it--by buying a riding lawn mower. Same thing as for you but kind of in reverse, I guess.

jenn said...

I <3 you!

I think I told you about it already- but I was surprised by my lack of jealousy over my friend's second 'surprise' pregnancy- the same friend who's first surprise was about a week after we started ttc. Pumpkin was 3 months old at her 2nd birthday party- so it was a long wait & I was always jealous & bitter. But with her second I looked- but couldn't find any of the jealousy. It was a good, free, feeling!