Saturday, August 25, 2007

Busy weekend.

My parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this month, so I am throwing them a surprise party. The party is today and I am so excited to see their reaction. My mom will probably cry, while my dad will probably be pissed we made such a "fuss" over him.

It's going to be great. Since I am so good at writing the "gist" of things, here is a rundown. (Is it okay with you Glenn, that I continue to use this word?)

~ Out of a 34 guest list (which I had to be pretty sneaky to find everyone they are friends with!), 29 have RSVPd with a "yes".
~ I am holding the party at Guieseppe's Old Depot Restaurant, which is an old railroad station. It's rich with history - not some newly built place lacking character.
~ I'm holding a cocktail hour w/ complete bar (free for guests!) along with hors dourves of cheese, fruit and bread.
~ Dinner includes a plated salad, a choice of 4 entrees and chocolate mousse for dessert. (entrees are: lasagne, trout, chicken cordon blue & steak)
~ I had a mini wedding cake made for them. It's 3 rounds (8", 6" & 4") made to look exactly like a big fancy wedding cake.
~ I had some little mint tins w/ their names engraved on them as the party favors.

I think that's it. Now that I type it all out, surely doesn't seem like a lot. I gotta say that my wallet sure does feel like it was though! ;)

Okay, lots to do. Have a good weekend everyone!


jennifercarol said...

Wow that sounds like a lot to me! Hope your parents have a fabulous anniversary!

Glennformer said...

You ARE the gist-master and I bow to you.