Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I just spent the entire day at the hospital

Good lord.

So I get this headache Monday afternoon. Now, I don't normally get headaches. I get the average headache now and again, but nothing a few advil doesn't cure.

Actually, let me back up a month or two.

The month I took 100mg of clomid, back in June, I got a horrendous headache a day or so after the last clomid pill. That time was what I called "the worst headache of my life". I even went to my doctor about it. Once we figured out it coincided with the clomid, he determined it was a semi-migraine headache triggered by the hormones. It was pretty bad, but I was still able to function for the most part. It was with me a few days and finally went away. Cool. (he did send me in for a CT scan of my head, just to make sure, but finally decided on the hormone headache).

So Monday, which was 3 days after the Femara, I get another headache. I figure "hey - hormone related again" and called my doctor. He gave me an Rx for a migraine medication and we talked about the next cycle (if needed - think positively, right?) and the suspected headache I will get. He gave me a refill on the migraine meds so I can take them on the last day of my meds for 4 days - hopefully to "cut the headache off at the pass". He said to try it one time that way and if it doesn't work, to call him again and we'll figure out the next step.

Okay - back to today. So it's day 3 of the headache. Really just still in the 2nd day, as I got it late Monday. It's pretty constant and the migraine meds aren't doing anything (Doc said taking them so 'late' in a migraine sometimes doesn't help at all). So I also take 2 aleve, per Dr's orders. It's not really that bad, mind you. My best friend has migraines that shut her down completely. Like in bed. Lights out. No noise. Nothing. Can't look at TV. Can't read. She shuts down for a day or so until it passes. This is not like that. It's a bad headache, yes, but I can still do all those things. I can even do my job, which I am a computer programmer - so looking at a bright screens isn't that bad. True, I turn down the brightness, but that's about it.

I have my daily latte and about an hour later, WHAM. My headache explodes to enormous proportions. Horrible. Holy shit. I can't think. I can't look at anything. My temples and the back of my head, above my neck, are under so much sharp pressure, I think I'm going to have an aneurysm. I call the nurse and full on have a breakdown on the phone with her. I tell her I don't know what is happening and I don't know what to do. NEVER has my head hurt so bad without reason (I had a bad spinal tap once and got the headache to go along with it. THAT was bad, but there was a reason, you know?). She tells me to come right in. Since my vision was all blurry, I ask my coworker to drive me there. They get me straight in and after a quick initial once-over, I'm being sent directly to the ER for a cat scan.

I first try to protest, pointing out the last CT scan showed everything was normal, but Doc explained with the addition of the new symptom of blurred vision, we needed to be safe, rather than sorry. The doc goes out and talks to my coworker - asking him to watch me and to see if he was okay with driving me to the ER. He was cool.

10 minute drive. 2 minutes after arriving I'm in triage, with the nurse telling me that he thinks I'm in pain because my blood pressure is sky high. Yeah, no shit. I knew I was in pain. (note: bp was 160/95 when my normal bp is 115/65). I'm put immediately in a room and after a quick IV got on the second hit (yahoo! i'm a bad stick, so awesome on the quick hit) I'm already being pushed to my CT scan. (is it cat scan? or CT scan? They call it "cat", but is that just how they pronounce CT?). 30 minutes after that, my scan gives my brain the all clear. Doc comes in and says she's going to skip migraine meds, because when it gets this bad, it's like using a garden hose on a 5 alarm fire. heh. So she says she's going to "knock it out with some morphine". Wow. morphine. I've had that once when I broke my leg in half. All for a headache? Bring. It. On.

"2 of morphine" and nothing. Not even a smidgen of a difference. Oh wait. A bright red line from IV up my vein accompanied by some serious itching. Seems I'm a bit allergic to morphine. But it clears out in a few moments from the IV drip. 15 minutes later another push of "2 of morphine" and I feel a sudden wash of relief in my head. Still a headache, that's for sure, but that blinding pain was subdued. Amazing how much better a bad headache can feel when the killer pain is gone.

I ended up staying until they pushed an entire bag of IV fluids through me. 3 trips to the bathroom and 2 episodes of People's Court, Judge Joe Brown and COPS each, I'm released. My poor coworker stayed with me the ENTIRE time. How nice is that? I need to get him a present tomorrow to show my appreciation.

Before I go, I wanted to share the first episode of COPS that was on. It was a sting operation in where they were trying to arrest prostitutes. So for the setup, they dressed up one of the cops as a CLOWN and had the car wired for sound and video. Then he drove around the town picking up prostitutes. Please tell me, what in the hell does being dressed as a clown have anything to do with picking up hookers? It was so bizarre.

Oh. And wherever they were - it seemed it was $20 for a blow job and $36 for a "bj and straight sex". I always thought hookers made a little bit more than that. ~shrug~


BethH6703 said...

Thanks Nancy, for your kind comments to me. I so appreciate the support, and may well take you up on your conversation skills at some point.

Sorry to hear about your headache from hell. I'm glad the good drusgs gave you some relief, and hope the Docs are able to find some reasoning for this insanity!

TTC said...

What a day! Sounds nasty.

Anonymous said...

I too always thought hooking was a far more profitable endeavor . . . though $20 for roughly 15-minutes - add that up over the course of a busy night and it's enough to go hog-wild in the lingerie department at Wal-Mart!

Glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Nancy! I get regular migraines, but that must have been horrible for you! I'm glad you are feeling better!
-Kim (kim60112)

chicklet said...

Holy crap, what a horrible day! I hope you're feeling better:-)

Re my cycle (your comment), I've actually been really really ignoring it. Until today I didn't even know what CD it was (25 btw). I always know sorta, but I wasn't counting. So that helps with the not obsessing:-)

jk215 said...

man- I remember that feeling, and the absolute bliss when the pain just stops! I hope it doesn't happen again.

jennifercarol said...

All I can say is it sounds like a crappy day. I get headaches a lot but never any that awful!

DH and a friend said the going rate for a BJ is about $25 where we live. I too was kind of surprised at the low pay for that service. And I was also kind of wondered how they knew the going rate...

Kat said...

Oh goodness hunnie! I have been super busy this week with work and just saw this post. Ugh! I am so sorry you had such a headache, however Im glad its better now.

Next step....get KU'd with those great follies! =)