Tuesday, August 28, 2007

cd10 follie check.

I had my cd10 follie check today ~and~ a follow up HSS this morning at Dr Frenchy's office.

Follie check was first.
~ Looks like lefty continues to be an over achiever. 3 large follicles! 2 were at ~18x13 and 1 was at 15x12mm. He said the third one won't likely make it to be one of the dominant ones, but it's still early. The other two seemed to be very happy and plump. They just need to be plump-er. There were also a "handul" of follies under 10mm.
~ Righty also has multiple follies under 10mm, but I know by the pain I'm having that they'll be a tad bit plumper for the next checkup. Maybe not dominant, but plumper.

HSS was next.
First, may I say how much I loathe speculums? HATE them. Yes yes. HATE them. Anywho. HSS showed "remarkable improvement". Still some bits of scar tissue, but probably from the recovery/healing process itself. HSS was a tad painful today, cause he thinks he broke apart some left over adhesions. Hrm, maybe that is why I've having right sided pain. Ah-ha.

So next appointment is cd13. They said to bring trigger shot as my insemination can definitely be on Saturday. Which will suck, since Tom is out of town Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday. Ouch. My eggies ~may~ hold out until then, but just in case, he's going in for a sample thursday morning at 7am to freeze - so we can use that on Saturday, if need be. Of course, since we are going to such lengths to freeze, I won't ovulate until after he gets back.


jk215 said...

Grow little follies- grow!

That will definitely be the case that you won't go until monday- but at least it's because you're overprepared!

jennifercarol said...

Speculums are seriously evil! Last month I had the speculum experience from hell when they did my PCT. Because I had so little CM the nurse spent forever scraping my cervix to try to get what little was there. When she couldn't get much after 5 minutes or so, she left lying there with the speculum in while she went to get my RE who proceeded to scrape forever on my cervix as well. In total, I probably had that damn thing in for 20 minutes...it was like the pap smear from hell!

Anyhow enough about me...this is your blog. Good news about the follies, and of course its murphy's law with the whole DH being out of town thing. Good luck with the IUI! I'll be just a couple weeks behind you with mine.