Friday, August 31, 2007

"Are you okay with the idea of multiples?"

I had my cd13 follicle check this morning and things look GOOD!

Here is what I have, all on the left:
~ 25.9 x 21.1
~ 20.9 x 16.6
~ 15 x 15

The first two will definitely be released. The third may still catchup from all the hormones, but most likely not.

Okay, I know that I've had no luck getting ANY eggs to catch the sperm, but just the idea that I have 2 (maybe 3) out there, freaks me out a bit.

My lining grew too. It's at a 5.1, which is "okay" before O, but they wanted to see a 7. So they put me on 1mg of estrace (estrogen) to help build it up over the next week in case there is an egg for it to catch. Gotta have a nice snuggly place for them to land right? Ack. Did I just type "them" without thinking? Good lord.

I was triggered today and have my insemination via frozen sperm Saturday. And then so far, they'll want me in again Sunday morning for a 2nd insemination - using a fresh sample since Tom will be home. But, that may change based on how quickly these eggs may be released.

So yup. I've got something to look forward to again.


Jewels said...

Didnt I predict back in March that you'd have Twins?? (not that I've EVER been right on my predictions)
~*.*Plump Eggie Baby Dust*.*~ 8D

chicklet said...

You get to inseminate twice? HOw's that work?