Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's the beginning of the end.

I took the first of the last week of estrogen today. 6 more doses left. I also took my first dose of the progesterone - 200mg today. Only 12 total of those to take.

Argh! I am waiting and waiting and waiting to get C11 started. I'm waiting and looking forward to AF getting here, but what's funny is once she finally does get here, I just have to start waiting again.

I really want to get C11's plan figured out though. I know I'll go in for a baseline on cd3 because the RE requested I come in to get checked out as soon as AF starts. But what I don't know is what the plan will be. My ~biggest~ worry is that I haven't proven to be able to ovulate on my own without triggering. I grow follicles fine & dandy, but I don't let go of them. My history shows that 4-5 days after the surge, the follicle has mutated into a cyst, growing quite large in a short amount of time. So what is going to happen this month? Am I just going to cross my fingers and hope for ovulation? Or will the RE just opt to trigger me? And if he does opt for trigger, I'll obviously have to be closely monitored. What kind of costs would this be for me? My insurance will cover it if it's related to the cysts, but won't cover it if it's related to a fertility treatment. And if I am monitored, it would be exactly like an IUI cycle, minus the IUI itself. So the cost would be quite comparable, I'm sure. So why not do the IUI? But I also don't want to spend $650 each month for IUIs either.

I just don't want to end up with a cyst that puts me out of the game again. I'd be out for another 6-8 weeks because I'd be put on birth control pills to supress the cysts. I can't play that game anymore.

Hopefully my doc will have a solution. Or maybe my follicles will start cooperating and they'll actually want to let GO of the egg. I still haven't found out why in the world I was growing these cysts to begin with. Why all of a sudden would I have cysts grow in place of successful ovulation? During the 6 months of monitoring when ttc for Ella, we never saw cysts. So what's the deal?

What do you suggest I do?


jk215 said...

Is there any way to have your doc prepared to trigger just in case you need it? hopefully you won't, but can they have a plan b? Just thinking out loud...

nancy said...

the trigger would have to happen before it. I get the surge and then 4-5 days later, we see it's now a cyst. I don't know if it's possible to trigger once you see it's a cyst.

jk215 said...

ah- I see. In that case I hope there are no cysts, baby custs, or even follies that think of someday becoming cyst!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. This is all so frustrating. So if you wait to see what you get, and you get a cyst, then there is a chance you have to go on BCP for a month or two? I guess I'd be harassing my doctor asking for a plan. (hugs) I hope the cysts stop forming for you.