Saturday, August 11, 2007

Off to Boston

I'm leaving for boston in the morning. I've got meetings starting monday morning, running through wednesday. I'll jump back on a plane thursday, only to get in the car as soon as I get home to drive up to denver to see the beastie boys. After that, we'll drive to salida to go pick up the girls and then it'll be allison's 2nd birthday on saturday. In all the travels I'll be turning 35 too. It's not a birthday I'm dealing well with.

I can't believe I have to leave in the morning. I can't believe I'll have to leave my girls for an entire week. At least my husband is flying in to meet me on tuesday night. Okay, he's not really coming to meet me. He's coming for the baseball games. In fact, we're meeting at Fenway on Tuesday night. Lucky me gets to bring all his stuff with me. I'm pretty excited about it. (can you hear the sarcasm through my typing?).

The girls will be at grandma and papa's house, so they'll be in good hands. Ugh. I can't even think about this anymore. As much as I do enjoy going to Boston, I am not looking forward to this trip. Not at all.


jk215 said...

I'm sorry you have to leave your girls for a week- bt I hope it turns out to be a good time. Happy birthday a little early- even if you aren't looking foward to it...

My3sons said...

Have a safe trip. I'm sure the girls will be fine, and I hope you and DH have fun. I'm sorry your struggling with this birthday, I hope it's not a lasting thing. Enjoy the Beastie Boys, I'm jealous. LOL. Give Alli a big birthday hug for me when you pick her up after your week away.

Jewels said...

Thirty-Freekin-Five??? Geebus, your OLD (LOL) Almost as old as Me!!! ;)

So I have to tell you, I went on vacation this last weekend, and I didnt even pack a thermometer,and every time a hopeful thought would creep in my head, I'd just imagine that Big Bad Beautiful Bird of yours and say "Screw you Miss Hope, Your Not Making a Fool of Me This time!!!" I am 14dpo today, and I havent even LOOKED at an HPT. (YESSSS) Miss Hope can kiss my bummy. I will not let a Big White Blank spot get me down, no way... I may be in the 2 year wait (for all I know), but I dont care, I'm going to be HAPPY!! (for today) :/ Next month may be a different story).

XOXO Have a Great Trip!!!