Friday, August 28, 2009

Since it's a Friday

I will not post my discussion of the four questions. I seem to have a lot more traffic in the mornings of weekdays, so when I want people to read/see something, I make sure it's posted over the span of a night/weekday morning. So, you'll have to wait. Although I'm not going to be full of great insight, just my take (and the answers to the questions).

A few random and schnarky items.

~ My brother is getting married on a cruise ship in oct and I wasn't going. But my dad wants me to go and said he'll pay for me. Just me. Not Tom or the kids. I want to go, but a week away from everyone is huge. And unfair to Tom. It's a big family cruise and my dad just won't pay for 5 people, so it's just me or no one. Ugh. I understand why I can't go, but it's still a bummer.

~ What are those blanket things with arms called? Snuggies? Shnoogies? Snugglies? I refuse to google it. Anywho. I was watching a baseball game the other night and saw someone behind home base with one on. Seriously. Like actually wearing one. Now, there are white trash / punk rock shit that is cool - like PBR, John Dear and pink flamingos in your yard, but the blanket thing is seriously dumb.

~ I hit my weight goal this morning. But it was just the first of weigh-ins and I have to weigh it multiple times in case it's just a fluke. Yay. 7m2w4d past birth. FINALLY. Of course, I'm 15 lbs lighter now than pre-preg weight, it took that long to get off all my iui/ivf/fet weight + baby weight off.

~ Ted Kennedy died THREE days ago and I just found out about it now. I was at my parent's house and the news said "kennedy's viewing is over" and I was like WTF? They STILL are showing jfk's casket? Seriously - look how out of it I am. I even read the paper today and didn't catch it. BTW, I totally think ted kennedy got away with killing that girl. I'm just sayin'

~ Speaking of public figures getting away with shit. This michael jackson thing is starting to really fucking annoy me. I believe he got away with some very bad things. Sure, he had a fucked up childhood. Real fucked up. REAL fucked up. But that's just a reason, not an excuse.

~ I have a russian tortoise I need to get rid of. He's awesome, but we just don't have the room. I used to keep some of the girls' large toys in the office/guest room, but now it's a nursery so all of their stuff is in their own room. Plus Peter Pan (the tortoise). I feel bad, but the thing has a life expectancy of 80 years and he's 4. I put an ad in the paper for this weekend (craigslist doesn't do pets) so hopefully I'll find him a home. If anyone in driving distance to Co Springs wants a full setup for a tortoise (55 gallon terrarium, warming pad, lamp, plus all accessories), I'll give it to you. I'm asking $75, but I'll give him away to anyone I "know".

~ Can Jon Gossling (no clue on spelling) wear more Ed Hardy? Seriously dude. Buy some different t-shirt brands.

~ I'm dying to see Inglourious Basterds. I really want to know what the reasoning behind the intentional incorrect spelling, but when Quentin Tarantino was asked, he replied, " "Here's the thing. I'm never going to explain that. You do an artistic flourish like that, and to explain it would just take the piss out of it and invalidate the whole stroke in the first place." Lame.

~ That twilight movie thing. I've never read nor seen it because whoa, I'm over the age of 14, but I see the cast and such in my hollywood gossip mags. Can someone please tell me why this vampire kid (the one with the shaggy blonde hair) is supposedly hot? I don't get it at all. Although I do think Dr Cooper from Nurse Jackie (who I just learned is another vampire in twilight) is cute as hell. Maybe it's just "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thing. ~shrug~

~ I am going to get the "mother of the year" award this year. I wrote about it on my other blog.

I have way more to say, but I have to go take care of a few things.


Anonymous said...

sorry I haven't commented all week. I loved reading this post, it's like being inside your head. And um, as a 30 something ex teacher I have to say, "Twilight" is addictive. I swear it's like the crack cocaine of reading. The movies I'm not so sold on, but the books are fab!

IowaFamily5 said...

That sucks you can't go on the cruise, but understand its so damn expensive.

Twilight...yeah, I don't get it. The teenage babysitter though...she's counting down the days til the hubby and I's anniversary cause that's the date the new movie comes out.

And...your "other" blog link is broken linked this blog :)

Photogrl said...

Boo on not going on the cruise.

I can't believe you actually saw someone in PUBLIC wearing a snuggie!

Yay for hitting your goal weight!

Totally agree with you on Jon's choice of attire.

Haven't seen Twilight or read the books, either.

Emmie :) said...

honestly, i thought the same thing about the twilight books. but i teach 13 year-olds, so i caved last year. seriously - best books i've read in a long time. they keep you interested, very action-packed, and just a great story. so not what i had expected. if you haven't read them, i give them two thumbs up. and since we're talking about must-reads, pick up 'the dirt' by motley crue. best. book. ever.

ps - peter pan is an awesome name for a tortoise. kudos. :)

seussgirl said...

It probably still doesn't fix the whole problem, but would the kids be free on the cruise? Sometimes kids under a certain age are free, or a 3rd and 4th passenger are free or cheap. I have been dying to go on a cruise for awhile, so I look for any rationalizations to get people to go. :)
Good luck finding a home for Peter Pan!

Lavender Luz said...

I am interested in our Peter (hah!) but I have some talking into to do with DH.

Don't say "no" to any other offers, but keep me in mind if he's still with you in a week or so.

areyoukiddingme said...

Quentin Tarantino is an idiot. Sure, he's an idiot who makes fantastic movies, but listening to him talk about them kind of ruins everything for me. I'm guessing misspelled title = contents of briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

Sorry you can't go to your brother's wedding. That's a bummer.

I don't care what Jon Gosselin wears - I just wish people would stop taking pictures of his dumb ass.

Finally, Congratulations on hitting your goal weight! You're fabulous!

Jen said...

Yay!!! Schnarky Nancy is back!!! Love it!!

I couldn't agree more with you about the Snuggies...I think they are the most ridiculus things EVER! I mean come on!!

Again, I'm so SICK of hearing about Michael Jackson. Yeah, he was big for music yadda yadda yadda. But like you said he did some really awful things and I for one am sick of hearing and reading about him everytime I turn around.

You cracked me up about John Gossling. I had just told my friend earlier today that he wears the same fucking shirts everyday! You got millions dude...pick out another designer.

I can't wait for your "more" to come... I love it when schnarky happens!

Kristin said...

Sucks about the cruise.

Congrats on hitting your goal weight.

I agree about Ted Kennedy and that girl.

Tarantino is just shitting about it being an artistic flourish. He misspelled Basterds because there was a movie in 1978 named Inglorious Bastards

Read Twilight but haven't seen the movie. Its not a bad book but I truly don't get the fuss over it.

Kristin said...

Here's another link about the tie in with the original Inglorious Bastards

Morgan said...

Twilight sucks. Ed Hardy is the shit!

akaiser said...

You slay me! I heart scharky Nancy :)

jenn said...

I missed schnarky Nancy too!
-sorry about the cruise, it sucks- but destination weddings can't really expect a lot from guests with the cost & all.. Still- boo!
-Snuggies! Oh.My.God! My aunt bought my other aunt one for christmas- thankfully she keeps it in the house.
-Jon Gossling makes me ashamed to live in PA
-Go Skinny Nancy!!!!
-twilight dude is way too girly for me to think of as hot. I also don't get it.

Sarah R said...

I love these kinds of posts! :)

Jules said...

Hey Nancy, I might be interested in the tortoise. I'll give you a call!

Mareike said...

If you really want to go for the wedding cruise, why couldn't you and Karl go? I can't imagine they'd charge for an infant. I'm sure Tom can handle single-parenting the girls for the duration. (haven't you had to do that when he's been out of town?) Okay just talk to Tom and figure out if it's something you really want to do.

Congratulations on the weight.

As for Ted Kennedy, I can't think our world would be better off had he been incarcerated for the death of Mary Jo Copeckne. I believe it was a tragic accident with which he has had to live along with so many other tragedies in his life.

JamieD said...

I have to give you KUDOS on many of your points.

Do people in snuggies not realize they look like members of the Heaven's Gate cult?

Congrats on hitting your goal weight!!

Glennformer said...

Couldn't you just let Peter Pan become a "free range" tortoise in the back yard. Could you board him at the zoo over the winter months (Sep-Jun)?