Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm lame.

Worst blogger ever. A few bullets.

~ Thank you for answering the poll a few down. I got so many answers, I'm going to have to take the time to digest it, but I will return to it.

~ Scary times for Jenn. Few day old miss Caiden had what Jenn thought were seizures. Lots of tests later, things look fine. They should be released from hospital today.

~ Work is awesome. I had to take some time off (exchanged time from when I went in during maternity leave) for my back injections and a nice long tattoo appointment yesterday, but today will be a full day. I don't get my new assignment until Monday, so I may return to this blog today to show off tattoo pictures.

~ Speaking of work, I got asked out on Tuesday by the IT guy. Heh. I'll talk about that later today too.

~ Gotta get to work. More later.


Michelle said...

You're not lame!! You're a busy mom/worker! LOL You have plenty of excuses there!

wow you got asked out huh? LOL definately can't wait to hear that story! ROFLMAO

Hollie said...

It must be hard to be a full time working full time mom of 3 and a blogger! You'll get a handle on things soon. Glad you are doing ok at work.

Jennifer said...

I havne't been asked out by someone other than my husband for EVER it seems...can't wait to hear the story!

Kristin said...

Oooh...a new tat...can't wait to see it!

And, you are not lame at all.

Jen said...

Um did the IT guy know that you just returned from maternity leave? Funny :)

jenn said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

Hope the injections work really well & can't wait to see more tat!

You really are one hot mama, aren't you... ;o)

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for more tat work. I can't wait to see the new pics. So, did you say yes or no? ;o)
Have a GREAT weekend!

Erica said...

IT guys are hot, in a nerdy kinda way...looking forward to hearing that story!

By the way, nice cleavage a few posts back. I hope TO GOD that I get big girl breasts when I finally get pregnant! I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and still barely B's. The universe just sucks sometimes!

Tara said...

I can read this post with less jealousy than usual because I also got back in the tattoo chair this week. Going back again on Tuesday for more. It's so good to finally get back at it - I SO need to finish it. Sucks to walk around with an unfinished sleeve.

Must go now and watch my Canucks try to beat your Avalanche! (Please let me not have just jinxed them.)

Lilith Silvermane said...

Hey.... details missy! I wanna hear about the IT guy.. hehehe...

How was the ink work?

Wanna see pics!