Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome ICLW kickoff!

Since it's day one, I'll do a little quickie about me. Then hopefully I will fill this week with funny stories. I haven't told "Scary Guy Pills" lately - it's a must read.

10 things about me:

1. I'm 36 years old and fucking HATE it. HATE it. Age used to never bug me because, well, it never interfered with anything. Now that I'm getting older, shit is changing on me and it's the first time I'm noticing my age. Grrrr. I hate it.

2. I curse. A lot.

3. I'm really sarcastic. This ends up with me accidentally "offending" people all the time. So here is the rule of thumb: If you are offended by something I say to you, ask yourself if I'm mad/angry/in a fight with you. If I am, I probably meant it. Since this only happens maybe 1% of the time, it'll probably end up I was simply being sarcastic. I don't like mean people and that includes me. I just come off that way at time.

4. I'm in roller derby and I fucking love it. My derby name is M.urder.R.ita and I play on the Ca.ndySn.ipers for the Pik.es P.eak Der.by D.ame.s. Want to be a derby girl and live in colorado springs? The next recruit night is at the end of summer and I can tell you all about it. Let me know.

5. I'm opinionated. My favorite topics to discuss are usually the touchy subjects. I am pretty unafraid to tell you my viewpoint and tell you my opinions, regardless of how unpopular they may be. BUT, I try ~very hard~ to keep an open mind about the other side of the topic. Just because I think one thing, I don't thing everyone should think it too. I welcome a debate or discussion. But I don't go for personal attacks. Be "pro" your side all you want, don't stoop down to dissing the other side. We all have the right to believe what we want.

6. I'm ~not~ religious. And due to that, I may offend the religious types by taking the Lord's name in vain, which, I've heard, is kinda a biggie in the rule department of some churches. I don't mean it and I promise I try to not do this. But I do occasionally. And although I'm not religious, I am spiritual. I do believe, I just don't think anyone has the ability to define it. This is why I don't comment besides even rarely reading other blog posts which are heavy in scripture or God talk. I don't mind other people are religious, it doesn't offend me, it's simply not my thing.

7. I "used to be" infertile. I am still infertile in my heart and really, my whole being, but I have been able to conceive 3 little ones. My history for each was (I will talk about the pregnancy on my other blog):
~ #1 - Conceived on C18. I had a lap done, HSG, took clomid and was about to do my first IUI when I got my bfp.
~ #2 - Conceived on C1, much to utter shock and disbelief. No way. No. Fucking. Way. I was suddenly "one of those".
~ #3 - Conceive on C19 after 3 unterine surgeries to remove scar tissue, many medicated cycles, 3 IUIs, 1 mock IUI (everything for IUI was done except we had timed intercourse instead), 1 IVF and got a late BFP on 11dp3dt with an initial beta of 15.

8. I've had a lot of surgeries. The 19th will be next thursday when the Dr removes my right ovary and fallopian tube. (It's being twisted from scar tissue.)

9. I am a total tomboy yet I have a passion for Coach handbags and expensive shoes. I have not really collected too much of the latter, maybe a few $100 pair, but I am coveting a pair for $695 right now. And it's ~so stupid~ that I am even considering it. (Also, when I discuss the amount of money I may pay for something, it is NOT to gloat about the money I spend. I shouldn't spend it - I am in debt big time. It's really to show how fucking stupid I am.)

10. When I want to watch a movie, I try to watch the last 10 minutes first to see if the ending is any good. If I think it sucks, I won't watch the movie at all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

Not doing ICLW this time, but have to comment anyway. ;-)

4. You know I loves to hear about derby. Maybe for some type of fundraiser you could do a Sponsor a Bruise? I would be happy to sponsor one... preferably on one of your opponents!

10. I cannot imagine spoiling an ending like that, but it got me thinking of something philosophical... If your fertility journey were a movie and you had the opportunity to watch the last 10 minutes before you began, would you have watched the whole thing? Just a hypothetical, of course. You're a survivor now!

Morgan said...

You watch the ending first?? LOL that spoils the whole movie!

Anonymous said...

And all the above are the reasons why I LOVE reading your blog. Opinionated, interesting and thought provoking. What more could a blogger need? xx

Kristin said...

I love that you are in the Roller Derby. And, I love the idea of a Sponsor a Bruise fund raiser.

Kerry said...

I'm lucky if I stay awake during the opening credits of a movie lately. Maybe I need to start watching just the last ten minutes. At least then i will have watched SOME of the movie and maybe it will entice me to stay awake to see the rest!

Tara said...

The "Scary Guy Pills" is the best story ever.

Michelle said...

ok I have to comment...you watch the ending first and then decide if you want to watch it?? Doesn't that cost alot in the end? LOL Sorry I get frustrated when the movie gives you the end and then rewinds to the beginning.

But hey it's definately an interesting way to watch a movie? Does Tom get annooyed with it? or does he like doing that too?

Kirsten said...

#3 is my fave. Sarcasm is my fave :) It amazes me how many people I deal with IRL life don't "get" sarcasm...drives me nuts!!! But good for a laugh, too.

One of these days I am going to buy a pair of Louboutins...I am not even a shoe person at all but I have to have a pair for some reason. I love Coach bags, too. That's really the only "name brand" bag I have.

That's funny about the movies! I'm curious...what's your favorite???

Steph O. said...

Glad to see you survived Chu.ckE.Che.ese! Ya know, when I was that age, the rat was a minimal side charactor, the bear was the main one (Bil.lyB.ob? was that his name?). Somehow, same thing happened w/E.lm.o vrs Bi.gB.ird...

Be careful if you ever come South! I've had to cut my sarcasm waaaaay back, they honestly don't get it. I frequently get the "deer in the headlights" vacant stare. I KWYM about people thinking you're being mean. My MIL thought I was just terrible to her son at first.

I've heard of people ruining books that way, but movies? On the other hand, it may have saved you a few hrs!

mommybird said...

Yay, someone else like me. I love to know what the ending is first so I know if I want to watch it. My hubby thinks I'm crazy and he won't tell me if he knows what is going to happen, drives me nuts.

Poltzie said...

I can't believe that you watch the end of the movie first- that's fucked up Nancy!
Seriously, how do you still enjoy the movie. Please blog about this more!

Wordgirl said...

I love you Nancy.

It's true.



WiseGuy said...

Yes, I know that you are 'in your face', and I like that about you....

And yes, I am aware of your surgery jackpot!

All the best with that!


Anonymous said...

I love ICLW :) Nice to be taking part with ya again!!!


Beautiful Mess said...

Happy ICLW! Good luck with your surgery. I hope it's the last one for a VERY long time!! I love you the way you are, snarky and beautiful!

Gina said...

Just found your blog, and decided I like your style, lol.

I look forward to reading in the future, and your 3 little ones are just adorable!


chicklet said...

You didn't mention your love of Home Depot!

Robin T said...

Okay, I feel like a dork that I don't know what ICLW Means.

Looking forward to hearing "Scary Guy Pills" some day..!

How do you have enough energy for roller derby? It sounds awesome, but I have one kid and would be too tired. Nevermind three!?

nancy said...

future topics
- me standing by my decision to watch the ends of movies first.
- roller derby
- home depot.

Parenthood For Me said...

That's so funny that you watch the end of the movie first. I wonder how many times you end up not watching the movie!?

Fat Chick said...

Wow! Good to see that you have your little ones.