Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surgery #18? 19? (upd 11/2011)

I have forgotten. Hell, let's add the up for fun. Now, I'm counting anything I was put under for - except oral surgery.

01. ~ (1976) fell off chair and had to get my girle parts fixed.
02. ~ (1992) tonsils out
03. ~ (January, 1999) right tib compound fracture while
        snowboarding. Awesome!
04. ~ (July, 1999) remove screws in my R knee
05. ~ (January, 2003) laproscopy for ttc - removed endo
06. ~ (June, 2004) scar tissue clean out, lateral release R knee
07. ~ (August, 2005) D&C for retained placenta after #2
08. ~ (December, 2005) scar tissue clean out, lateral release L knee
09. ~ (September, 2006) breast augmentation
10. ~ (October, 2006) cyst removed from deep within shoulder
11. ~ (July, 2007) uterine scar tissue removal #1 - lap and hysto
12. ~ (November, 2008) uterine scar tissue removal #2 - hysto
13. ~ (December, 2008) uterine scar tissue removal #3 - hysto
14. ~ (December, 2008) Foot fractured and reset with screws. Derby.
15. ~ (March 28, 2008) Egg Retrieval - and this totally counts as
16. ~ (January 10, 2009) Emergency D&C for retained placenta, cord
17. ~ (February 25, 2009) Sterilization under general anesthesia.
18. ~ (March 19, 2009) Gall Bladder Removal

Holy Moly!!! 18. And I'm about to add on:
19. ~ (Soon, 2009) Lap for scar tissue or possible twisted ovary.

I've been having some lower right sided pain - a sharp pain/cramp that is NOT going away. Saw OB last week for pelvic and it was all tender in there. He suspects endo or scar tissue from the gall bladder surgery since I had so many adhesions, it may have all connected down there. Or possibly my ovary is twisted (which sounds weird to me). So, in speaking with him, he's scheduling me in and I'm just waiting for the call when he tells me when I can get in. LAME. Should be nice and easy though. I asked to have it on a Thursday so I can be back in derby on Monday. And if you'd look above, I'm really really used to how long it takes me to recover from a lap.

I'm like a medical soap opera, eh? I was normal until 2003~ish - then all hell broke loose.

20. 2nd R foot surgery to remove hardware
21. (2012) Possible R ear surgery to fix Superior Canal Dehiscence

Oral Surgery w/ full anesthesia
22. (1986) Removal of teeth for braces
23. (1989) Removal of impacted wisdom teeth
24. (2003) ER stitching up cavity from tooth pull not clotting
25. (2010) Tooth removal from failed root canal

Procedures using IV 'twilight' sedation, but not full anesthesia
26. (2006) Facet joint of spine injection #1
27. (2006) Facet joint of spine injection #2
28. (2007) Nerve mapping of facet joint of lower spine
29. (2007) Radio frequency ablation #1
30. (2007) Radio frequency ablation #2
31. (2008) Radio frequency ablation #3
32. (2009) Radio frequency ablation #4
33. (2009) Radio frequency ablation #5
33. (2010) Radio frequency ablation #6


Coco said...

Dang girl!

jill said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of surgeries!

Wordgirl said...


I hope you get a lot of good pampering with it deserve to.....


Thinking of you!


Jenera said...

I think it is a conspiracy in the medical community just to get money out of you and/or your insurance.

Jennifer said...

That's quite a history...impressive! And, yes, ER totally counts! Hell, I had more pain after ER than I did after my gallbladder removal 10 years ago.

Old Mom New Baby said...

Any dental surgery you need to add to that? Like impacted wisdom tooth removed? Or graphing for recessed gums? Just curious, If I count those, I've had... Oh about 6 total.
I can’t hold a candle to you hun. I hope your surgery days are soon over.

Steph O. said...

Wow! You get all the fun, doncha? ;) Only 3 for me. (appendix, tonsils, wisdom teeth)

I hope your ovary thing goes well!

Seriously? - Erin said...

That's a lot! If I count the number of times under general - than it is a lot but most of them (14) were for testing related to my urinary issues.

Christina said...

Wow, that is a lot. I'm at 3 right now and all of them were within the last 3 years, 2006, 2007 and 2008. So I guess 2009 won't really be surgery but it'll be child birth.

nancy said...

yes, like I said, I'm not including oral surgery. I had 2 of those.

Geohde said...

Oh dear, Nancy.

One small word- of your ovary IS twisting, if it twists too far it'll cut off it's own blood supply and cark it. If the pain gets LOTS before your surgery, see someone.



sara said...

Oh girl...I'm so sorry! You have had way more than any poor girl should have to go through!

Kristin said...

Man oh man...that sucks. In our family, the medical weirdness is not limited to me. Both hubby and I have had screwed up medical issues and we had one really weird medical issue with my oldest. Kind of sucks falling on the wrong side of the odds all the time, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Isn't there some sort of award for that? maybe we should invent one? I am sincerely sorry though. Sorry you are in pain, and sorry you have to have yet another surgery. xxxx

Carrie Ann said...

Oh my god! Does your hospital give out punch cards?? You deserve a free operation!! Actually a few. Wowza

Tara said...

19 is such an odd number. You really should try for 20 just to round things off.

I kid. I think it sucks that you're still dealing with shit.

Heather said...

I think they should name a wing of the hospital after you. You'd have guaranteed reserved VIP accommodations. Free, of course. :)

Kerry said...

WOW! That sure is a ton of surgery! I hope this surgery goes well and you rcover quickly!

Sarah R said...

That sucks! Knock on wood, but in my (almost) 29 years, I have never had any surgery. The only time I've been to the hospital was when I went in to have Andrew.

Jen said...

Good Lord girl. I'd say you had enough!!! STPO IT!!

areyoukiddingme said...

Boy, the doctors love to see you come into their office, don't they?

Have you run out of things to have removed or fixed yet? I hope so!

Hollie said...

OMG!! Hope this one is easy for you.

zach05kate95 said...

Sorry, Nancy, but I have you beat.

74-75 5- Heart Caths
75 Open-heart surgery
76-77 5 heart caths
78 Closed heart sugery
79-83 (one heart cath a year-so 5 there)
98 "Fixed" tubes
02 "Re-fixed" tubes
03 Had wisdom teeth removed
03 Ectopic pg and tube removal
04 IVF
05 C-section
08 root canal
09 Heart cath

I have had 25 surgeries and pray that I am done