Thursday, April 2, 2009

A few exciting points ...

(note - the first few bullets are pregnancy related, so just letting you know before hand)

~ Jenn is in labor RIGHT NOW. And she took my advice and pre-set up the ability to text message her blog, so she's doing the live-while-laboring blogging too. I am ~so excited~ for Caiden's big entrance in the world. She's 39w5d so it's perfect timing. Go over and watch for her updates!

~ You all know I have talked and talked about my girl Chicklet. But did I ever mention she got the infamous 2nd line? On a fucking natural cycle too! I am betting I already told you about it, but I just got done emailing her and got all giddy about it again. So I'm repeating myself. Tomorrow is her first u/s and she's very nervous, so if you are so inclined, go over and give her a word of encouragement while she waits for tomorrow.

~ And while I'm at the repeating myself thing, another one of my internet BFF's, Pam, went ahead and got herself pregnant from her first IVF cycle. Yay! God damn. Fabulousness I tell you!

~ Remember me mentioning my irl BFF being very upset when she got a BFN on her 2nd cycle ttc #3? Yeah, well, cycle #3 was the charm for her. Although I have a bit of jealousy over her fertility success, I'm still thrilled for her and wanted to give a little 'shout out' over her success.

~ And while SO MANY people are getting such great news, others didn't have the greatest of success. My friend Jayme got a bfn on her recent FET. She already knew the outcome, but the BPT was today, so it's tough to handle. If you could go over and offer her a virtual hug, I'm sure she would appreciate it. Getting a negative around a cycle where many others get the opposite news is even harder to handle, at least in my opinion so an extra comment or two will go a long way. (And Jayme, I got your email and I will answer it tonight.)

~ I got my SOCKS today for this round of sock-it-to-me! More on this soon.

~ There is a bunch more info to share, but I have to get dinner started. I'll blog more shortly. (hopefully)

Oh, and before I click "publish" - Thank you for your support in sharing my good news about my biopsy results. There are so many of you I wish I could fly right out and hug.


Heather and Jase said...

Woot a live birthing blog. My refresh button will be a nub by the end of it!

Melissa said...

Woot woot for all of the bfps!! And the good results!

yeah, i think it's hard getting a bfn with all of the bfp's popping up, that's why i'm putting off testing. woot!

Beautiful Mess said...

You're so sweet to give these girls a shout out. I'm in clicky mode right...NOW!

Sara said...

I love good news! Congrats to all the new mommas-to-be!!

chicklet said...

Thanks for the shoutout my Home-Depot-loving (or not) friend. And I got my sox today too... I'll open them and tell a story hopefully an hour from now. Gawd it's the longest day EVER!