Sunday, June 22, 2008

Have I mentioned how I love all nighters?

I'm 35 years old. Not 22. I could pull all nighters at 22. I cannot pull them at 35.

I started at 9pm and worked until midnight. Had a 1 hour break and worked from 1-2am. Then a 3 hour break, but being 'on call'. So I slept on the floor in my cube. Not on the floor really, I brought in a mat and a blanket and pillow, but it wasn't the Shangri-La.

It's 5:40am now and I'm hoping to be out of here in 2 hours. Maybe I'll simply pass out and they'll have no choice but to send me home.

Wait. I'm the only one working in town. My entire team is in Boston. No one will see me sprawled out on the floor.


jenn said...

um- that sucks! I hope you are fast asleep at this point & get hazard pay for sleeping on the floor of your cube!

Morgan said...

GEEZ women!! What exactly do you do again??