Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So much going through my mind, so it'll be a bulleted post (like you wouldn't figure that out all one your own).

* A few corrections/misconceptions I wanted to clarify
~ I am not scared/worried/whatever of a c-section. I just would rather not have to recover from surgery when having a newborn. Simple as that. So if it can be avoided, yes, I'd like to take that option.
~ In regards to inductions - I'm simply against women inducing for their comfort or schedules. If the baby isn't ready, the baby isn't ready. I just read a message from someone on the 3rd tri board who induced at 37 weeks and her baby is in NICU, which proves my point. Most babies are ready, but some aren't, so why chance it? It just pisses me off when I see girls taking herbs and castor oil because their back hurts and they are done.
~ I am ~not~ against inductions when the baby's or mother's health is the reason. I would love to avoid one or push it to last minute because in MY history, my induction with my first sucked huge fucking monkey assholes. My body was NOT ready. I was not effaced. I was not dilated. So it was a tough, long and hard labor. And epidurals don't work for me (I've had 6 insertions) so the labor as even more extreme for me, as I had contraction on top of contraction kicking my ass. If I need to be induced with this one, here's to hoping my body is at least somewhat ready to be receptive to an induction. Anywho, I'm not worried about getting through an induction or the baby's health - I simply would rather not have such a hard labor.

* In regards to my body being ready, at 37w3d, it's not. My cervix was still "thick" and only a fingertip dilated. I wasn't expecting anything, but of course, I hoped. Even if it was, I know that even a first timer can sit at multiple centimeters without any progress for weeks. I don't know why I wanted to see progress when I know it means absolutely diddly-squat at 37 weeks.

* If I had to choose a drug to be addicted to, I would pick ambien. It's the best drug in the entire world. Yet, I still woke up 6 times last night to pee. Go figure.

* I've been a terrible blog commenter lately. Miss Chicklet, Jenn, Lori, Pam, Mel, MrsSpock, Eden, Sara, J, Sarah, (jeez, why am I even trying to list out names? I'll never ever get a full list) deserve so much more from me. And I am in huge commenting suckatude mode. Lame.

* I freaking ~love~ to chew on ice lately. But not new ice. It has to have melted a bit. I need to set up a process so I always have some available. My husband is getting pissed when I reach my hand into his glasses of gatorade (his favorite drink).

* I went to work today for a few hours. I okay'd it with doc, but by the time I got home, my bp was 150/92. Bed rest is totally working, no more cheating - even with permission - for me.

* I ~think~ I've come to a conclusion about next Wednesday. If we are successful, I'm most likely going to okay the induction because I'm worried about having damaged the cord/placenta unknowingly with the version. I will be 38w5d and doc won't let me go to term anyway, so what's 4-5 days? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I had a placental rupture over the weekend just because I wanted to wait. Goal is healthy baby. Period. It's what my doc is recommending too. If we are ~not~ successful, I'm still up in the air about the scheduled c-section. I'm leaning towards just getting the fucking c-section that same day for same reason. Having the cord issue and multiple risks for placental issues just makes me too nervous to wait it out to see if he flips on his own.

* I think it's hilarious I am so anti induction and anti c-section and those are my options. I've jinxed myself, haven't I?

* Do you think it would be permissible to get my last prenatal massage? It would require getting up and driving to massage therapist, 5 miles away, and then laying on a table to get rubbed. I just said no more permission-granted cheating, yet I really need a massage.

* I told my OB yesterday that I was going to take try to make some extra money by taking pictures of my swollen ankles and sending them into foot fetish websites - hoping the extra flesh would bring in extra cash. He had to stop writing notes in my chart cause he was laughing so much.

* I'm most likely having a baby in 8 days. Holy shit. I need to put up his new curtain rod and iron the curtains. But I'm on bed rest. Damn it.

* I'm confused on Karl's breech presentation. (J? MrsSpock? help here?) He had both feet down, bent at knees. I thought this was "complete breech" but the tech called him a "footling breech". Now that I'm googling, it seems that I'm mixing terms. There is complete (both feet down), incomplete (one foot) and frank breech (both feet up by head). Where does footling breech come in? The sites I've read always show 3 types of breech presentation: frank, complete, incomplete, but one says the three are frank, complete and footling. But footling is defined as "One or both of the fetus' feet are pointing down and will come out first". If that's true, wouldn't having both feet down be a complete?

* I'm bummed I had to close the guessing game. I wanted to have the most guesses for any game on expectnet. I got #3, I guess that's all I'll get. (I'm such a competitive dork.)

* Karl was estimated to weigh 3666 grams. 3-666. Third kid, 666. Ominous, no?

* I never texted Jenn back and now it's too late. Jeez I suck. Sorry Jenn.

* My roller derby wife-to-be was proposed to last night by another derby girl. She said she was already taken for my return. Yay.

* Yes, I know acupuncture is an option and I'm looking into it. Thanks for all the suggestions!

* 3 carseats in a car looks ridiculous to me.

* Last, but not least, prayers for my friend's dog. He got into a bad fight and he's fighting infection and now an allergic reaction. I'm sure he'll be fine, but the vet bill is getting ridiculous and it's just something my friend doesn't need right now. So he needs to get better soon so those bills stop being wracked up. Or is it racked up? Regardless, get better soon d.o.g.!


areyoukiddingme said...

I think you know by now that when it comes to babies arriving - anything can happen.

I say go and have your massage. Maybe it will encourage Karl to comply with his Mommy's wishes.

Lori said...

As for the commenting, every good blogger gets a pass now and then.

As for your roller-fiancee, my Hubby wants to know what your roller-name is. I told him I knew a roller girl and his ears perked up.

MrsSpock said...

Footling just means one or both feet are presenting first.

With breech, they can be booty first with indian style crossed legs (complete), booty first with legs over their heads (frank-and it's funny when they're born, their legs will keep bouncing back up to that position), and one or both feet first, with the booty a close second, a la Karl(footling). With footling, the booty is higher than the feet, and with complete, the booty is about even with the feet.

Is this about right, Dr Jo?

I totally think I jinxed myself into my worst-case scenario induction/c-section by planning a birthing center hypnobirth. And now that will never be an option for me again.


nancy said...

Lori, my derby name is MurderRita :)

Karyn with a Y said...

3 car seats made me laugh!

Nancy- take a deep breath. Remember when I was worried about going into labor with Molly Kate? Shawn was in Wyoming! I wanted a vbac and wasn't dialiating on my own. I had to either 1.) go into labor or 2.) my water break. My OB wasn't going to induce me. I didn't want another c-section. I was trying to avoid it at all costs. Guess what? My water broke the day Shawn got back from WY. It will work out! Stop stressing, I'm sure that's not helping your BP issue!! ;)

We will probably be in CO this weekend/beginning of next week. We are looking at moving to Ft. Collins so we are coming to check it out. Anyway, I'd love to see you if you aren't having a baby. Hell, even if you are, I'd love to see you and meet Karl! Ok- I'll be in touch.

Oh and ask the masseur to come to you! No need to push yourself.

ak said...

I'm with you in the sense that as uncomfortable as the last few weeks of pregnancy are, I'm not one to 'rush' the baby out before s/he's ready.

I'm having a repeat C-section, and I'm currently in a debate of sorts with my doc. The section is scheduled for when I'm 39 weeks, but my doc is 'encouraging' me to think about going earlier at say, 38 weeks (i'd have to have an amnio first to ensure the lungs are ready) because he wants to avoid me going into labor first (my son came early at 37 weeks, so he thinks this one has a chance of an early debut).

I really don't want to go earlier. Sure, my son was fine at 37 weeks, but labor started on its own. I didn't elect for it to happen that way.

I guess I will leave the date alone for now and see how things go as the date approaches. I'm hoping she'll hang in there until 39 weeks.

Someone posted this article on the 3rd tri boards today about babies being delivered too early and the risks involved. Good read.


Good luck next week!! I agree with your decision; if your version is successful go for the induction; if not, think about having the c-section and get it over with. You’ll be almost 39 weeks, so I think it should be fine. Or you can wait an extra week for the section, and then I may win the guessing game!! (Just kidding). Hope all goes well; very interested to see how this plays out.

Jenera said...

Good gravy woman! Bed rest is not conducive to a calm mind I'm seeing!

I babysit and so I have had the car FULL of carseats and it is ridiculous.

In regards to your method of delivery: if it were me I'd go with whatever will make it easiest on the both of you in regards to the cord and placenta issue. Yeah that may mean having something you don't want but I'm sure your doctor will not let your darling make an arrival too soon.

Have your hubby put up the rod and iron the stuff. :o) Though if he's like mine, it'd be best if you did after Karl arrived.

Take it easy lady! ::hugs::

Jen said...

I'll forgive you for not commenting lately. I imagine you are a little busy...but don't let it happen again. :-)

I hope everything goes well with Karl's birth. I hope it all goes according to plan...your plan!!

Amanda said...

Ill be thinking about you and Karl this week! I've been keeping up with you guys and your progress, I can't wait to see him. I can't beleive that you are so close! It seems like just yesterday when you got that BFP! Hang in there! :)

Geohde said...

Footling is when I foot is the presenting part. To answer the next question of medical pedantic-speak, 'presenting part' is the bit at the exit hatch :). Doctors are hopelessly anal with terminology.

Frank is when it's the arse presenting (today, I present...an arse!). :)

Mrs Spock has you covered already, just in politer laguage!


(and good luck, shit it's soon)


Rachel Inbar said...

Funny about the ice - I chewed crushed ice like crazy the last few months of my pregnancy. I felt totally addicted. Once Yirmi was born, I completely stopped. He's 10 months old (tomorrow) and I haven't wanted it even once. So weird...

The Captain's Wife said...

I 'm so sorry you are faced with the 2 situations you tried most to avoid....

The ice thing made me laugh because I loathe ice in my water (I am a water junky-I drink close to 150 oz a day). I like my water to be icy cold, but don't like ice in it because I drink it rapidly...lately I can not get enough ice in there. I have the half moon style ice in my ice maker and love to let them melt down about half way in my water and then crunch away....

The thing I LOVE about Ambien is the fact that I can wake up to pee, but at least I can fall back to sleep pretty quickly...

In response to your question on my blog- my last day of work is 1/16 and I will be returning between 3/23 and 3/30 depending on when I deliver. I am the sole income earner in our house so I have to head back ASAP. DH will be a stay at home dad....

Anonymous said...

I have a question - what would you think of an induction purely because a breech baby has flipped to head down and the OB wants to get it out while the going is good? I had an unstable lie (I'm sure you know that means that bub keeps flipping presentations), my OB stuck me into hospital the day of my check-up. Mind you, I also had other complications, contractions from 10 weeks, hypertension from 20 weeks with tri-daily monitoring and bedrest so the presentation wasn't the complete reason, I just wanted to know whether you think that would be a good enough reason to induce.

Cheers, Kristen (from Australia, bean reading but haven't commented in ages).

PS Not being smart, judgemental or antagonistic here, just purely interested in your opinion and how your mind works!

jenn said...

wow. 1 week. Holy shit!!!! I have to get something to you asap!!! It may not get there before he does, but that'll be okay. Oh- and you will get picture mail today! I am set to take the next pic on saturday- but you get one early cuz I <3 you!

okay- now to you! I know your reasons for not wanting the induction or the c-section & I know your reasons for going with either. I can definitely see with the cord issue wanting to err on the side of caution. It will all be fine no matter what you end up having to do- I just wish I lived closer- those curtains would be up tonight!

I say go for the massage- yes you bp went up after a few hours at work- but this is what- an hour & a half? and you are being actively relaxed (how's that for an oxymoron!) then you can go right home within 5 minutes & go back to relaxing. & who knows- it may help Karl relax enough to turn his little butt around! Check what your doc says first of course!

(sorry about your friend's dog- I know how much it sucks when they get sick!)

Krista said...

I hope the version goes well and is successful.

If he doesn't turn, I think I'd be thinking the same thing - go ahead with the C-section that day to be on the safe side with the cord. You'd already be in there, with IV's and such....

Of course, I'm really hoping he does turn and all goes well with a vaginal birth.

Seriously? - Erin said...

Hey Nancy! I say go for the massage, they are relaxing unlike work and if you are sitting for your drive and lying on a table you wouldn't be doing more walking than going to the kitchen a few times or the bathroom!

Also, just a weird thing about the ice. Ask them to check your iron if you have blood work coming up. When people are anemic they tend to crave ice (so do animals). I am full of useless information.

Anonymous said...

My first child was double footling breech. She ended up turning on her own at 36 weeks, 2 weeks before I was supposed to have a scheduled c-section. my dr. refused to even attempt a version. She said she doesn't ever do them for a double footling breech. *shrug*. All docs are different though.

Good luck Nancy. We will all be thinking about you!


IdleMindOfBeth said...

First up, I want to make sure that you know you & Karl are in my prayers. I know that you'll make whatever decision you feel is best for you & the boy.

As far as the massage... First, has doc ok'ed it? If so, then I would ask your therapist if they'd be willing/able to come to the house. Obviously there could be an extra charge (and certainly deserves an extra tip), but it could get you your massage while maintaining the safety of bedrest, no?

And make hubs hang the curtain rod for God's sake! lol

Wordgirl said...

Nancy -- I know diddly squat about birthing babies but I DO know that you are much calmer than I would be in your position. I am so freaked out by the whole 'unknown' of it that when and if I get to the place where you are you will be reading nothing but a series of panicked squeaks from the place that used to be my blog.

I'm totally excited for you...and the best part is I know you'll blog about it in no uncertain terms and will demystify the whole experience for me.

XO Murderita....take care of you!

emilythehopeless said...

{hugs} for the puppy & family!

yeah, you totally jinxed yourself!

Shea said...

I'm happy to hear that you might have changed your mind with the surgery/induction after the version. I was a bit worried about that but of course wouldn't impose my opinions on you. Good luck Nancy!

Jen said...

Obviously I don't know what the recovery from a vaginal birth is like, but if it is reassuring at all the c-section recovery was not bad at all. The first couple of days were rough, but after that the recovery went very quickly. I was walking across the hospital 3 days later and at the grocery store 5 days later.

calliope said...

no advice/input on the technical stuff- but I am thinking of you lots!

nancy said...

Jen -

See, the recovery for me with vaginal births was walking immediately afterwards and feeling TOTALLY back to NORMAL within 24 hours. So by the time I was released from hospital the very next morning, there was zero recovery to still do.

Steph said...

You hit the nail on the head with the c-section thing..it's an "extra" thing to recover from, while growing accustomed to a new baby..and taking care of other babies. I was all about getting my baby out so he would be OK, whether it was emergency c-section or what have you..but the thought of recovering while taking care of 4 kids....wow. It overwhelmed me.

It sounds like you have all kinds of decisions to make. Inductions suck. C-sections suck. But I think when the time comes, you'll just know what you have to do and you'll do it and you'll be just fine either way. You're a strong woman and I know you can handle these twists and turns like a pro. ;)

But the waiting..waiting for the decisions..has ~got~ to be absolutely agonizing.


Hollie said...

Of course you didn't jinx yourself by preferring natural course of labor to induction or c-section. This boy just likes being breech I guess. I'm sure everyone will forgive you for not commenting much. You have a lot going on. Sounds like working is not a good idea. I would think getting your massage would be ok. Prayers for your friend's dog.

Coco said...

Good Luck! Thinking about you!

Elana Kahn said...

I hope the version works but that if you are induced it isn't too bad. At this point it is too bad you're on bed rest, because you could be up and about on your feet, being with your hubby (ahem), and doing other things to try to start your body getting ready before possible induction. Oh well. Maybe they can titrate you up on the pitocin REALLY slowly so you're not bombarded with rediculous contractions upfront. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Lilith Silvermane said...

Seriously.. if you need ANYTHING.. I've got homemade chicken noodle soup in the freezer waiting for you!

Murderrita is a kick ass roller derby girl name.. I can't wait to see you in action!

I'm worried about you hon... everything will go well, but.. I am thinking about you a lot!

If you need anything... let me know, I don't have the kids for three nights, so I am free and clear!


KatieM said...

Oh my, that is a lot to digest...but I know you will choose the right one, you always do.

Oh, and did I tell you that Cullen came out footling even though he had been frank for almost 20 weeks prior? I guess it is an easy transition for them since now Karl is taking that same route.

3 carseats....yeah, that's crazy, lol.

Keep us updated....it's so freaking soon!!!

Peeveme said...

Totally with ya on the anti induction thing (unles baby/mother health is compromised).

Hey, I bet your massage therapist would do a house call. It's worth checking out.

Cara said...

Holy shit, I read that post in a high-speed-man-reading-fine-print voice in my head. Is that how you think or am I just dreaming it?

nancy said...

Cara - unfortunately, that's how my brain thinks. Everything is in high speed, jumping from one topic to the next.