Thursday, January 8, 2009

Which ones do you hate?

That last post was too boring (although a serious update as to me having a baby in 2 days), so let me put up something exciting schnarky.

I love all of you Jen and Jenn's out there. There are so many of you and you all rule. But right now, I'm going to tell you why I love this Jenn. And I just realized it.

I didn't just realize I love her, but I just realized another reason. I think we are somehow related in some cosmic way. It's not that we both got pregnant on Cycle 20. Nor that we both are married to guys named Tom. Nor that we both are into roller derby (me a derby girl and her an official derby girl supporter). It's because we both share a hatred of the same commercials. (oh yes, the glue which holds us together. heh.)

I bitched about the whopper vs big mac commercial the other day. The reason I talked about that particular commercial was because it was on at the time and tom and I had discussed it. But if you asked me what commercials piss me off the most? My answer would be exactly that of the commercials Jenn mentioned in her comment to me.

First off - The Snuggie. Are you fucking kidding me? They are actually hawking a ROBE. Or you can call it a blanket with arms. Regardless of how you look at it - it's stupid. At the beginning of the commercial, they show this woman who just is having SO MUCH trouble with a blanket. Like she's a moron who can't keep it on. And then the phone rings and she just can't seem to get her hands out from underneath it. Okay, if this woman doesn't know how to manuver around a blanket, well, she's got bigger problems than needing to order a snuggie.

Next is the ShamWow guy. And this time I'm not talking about the product, but the guy. Doesn't he actually look like a shark? And I don't mean the second definition of the word shark: "a person who preys greedily on others", but an actual shark. Like he's straight out of a cartoon. And something is up with his face. The way he talks out of one side or maybe he's squinting. I can't remember which and I really don't want to google the guy, but he's annoying. And really. A headset? It's a fucking tv commercial for goodness sake - use a microphone dude. I'm not going to buy it anymore if I'm pretending I'm watching you peddle your towel at the county fair. Oh, have you noticed he's selling another product? One of those pampered chef chopper knockoffs. Wearing the same awesome blue shirt and khakis. And of course, the headset. Mmmmm. The headset. That sexy, sexy, headset.

Leaving you with how ridiculously large I am right now. My favorite long sleeve t-shirts aren't even covering my girth anymore.


Wordgirl said...

Nancy you are gorgeous!

MrsSpock said...

I can't stand the ShamWow guy either. Someone needs to push him over a cliff.

The shirt might not be full-coverage anymore, but at least you have the nifty tat as a fashion accessory.

Denise said...

I first saw the commercial for the Snuggie when I was in the hospital on bedrest. My mom and I were watching the commercial and laughing hysterically because we just couldn't believe they were actually trying to sell those things!

The Sham Wow guy's voice is SO annoying.

So, I haven't actually seen this commercial/infomercial, but they were demo-ing the product on The Doctors today (yes, it is still a guilty pleasure for me) and the thing is friggin hilarious. I keep trying to picture everyone at my work sitting on these things:

Heather said...

That's freakin' hilarious...I was just complaining to my students *yesterday* about these same ridiculous commercials. I made the exact same observation about the woman who can't manage to answer the phone because her hands are--gasp!--trapped under her blanket. What does that tell you when 12-year-olds are just as annoyed by these commercials as the rest of us?!

Heather said...

Oh, I forgot to tell of luck on Saturday! I'm pulling (pushing?!) for you! Can't wait to see pictures of Karl!

Kymberli said...

Mr. ShamWow is a weird one for sure. Maybe he had a stroke and that's why half his face is pinched up. If he doesn't calm the freak down, he will ShamWow himself into a stroke.

If only I looked that gorgeous when pg....

Jen said...

I love it when you get schnarky!!

First of all thank you for hating the Snuggie comercial. I HATE that, I want to hit that lady in the face every time the comercial is on TV. Are you serious you can't get your damn hands out from under the blanket! God it kills me.

I also just wanted to tell you that I'm thinking about you and that I hope the delivery of Karl goes smoothly for you, however it happens. I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy.

Good Luck and I will be thinking about you and hoping things go "your" way.

ssbean said...

First of all your belly is cute.

My husband and I HATE the snuggie. Like you said, it's a freaking robe. I'm so amazed at the things that people "invent" then make money selling, however, I'm wondering if they are actually making money off these things. The shamwow guy is absolutely ridiculous too and gets on our nerves as well. Now, I like the product, through personal experience. But, what gets us, is he says and I can't quote, but he says something like, but hurry and call, because I can't have this special offer all day, so call in the next _minutes. WTH. My husband caught it quickly, that the dude is on at almost every commercial break on TBS, so actually he is doing the special offer all day. Thanks for the warning about his other commercial, I haven't seen it yet.

Mommyof2boys said...

I think you look fabulous !

I always love reading your blogs !

Heather said...

I work retail, and I couldn't believe the amount of people coming in and looking for a damn snuggie. I guess they see and infomercial and think they can go out and buy it anywhere, so weird! I totally hate that commercial by the way, my husband laughs everytime at the whole family wearing snuggies at the baseball game, he thinks they look like monks! It is a robe turned around people! Oh and any commercial with Billy Mays sucks, why can't he talk in an indoor voice?

Anonymous said...

You look awesome Nancy! And Holy Shit! Karls coming tomorrow!!!!


Sara said...

Haha! I have one of those Snuggie things! I thought it would be cool because I could "wear" my blanket while I walk around the house, etc...!! That is so funny - I am a moron!

I agree about the ShamWow. Can't stand it.

Well, good thing you are having a baby soon. I would hate to see you walking around with your belly getting cold!!

jenn said...

We are so sisters from another mother!

The guy looks like ryan seacrest after years of meth addiction. At least according to Tom- he shares my hatred!

I love you Nancy! & your belly is awesome- in that I am in complete & utter awe at it's huge glory! I LOVE it!!!!

Mermaid said...

I hate any commercial with that stupid Billy Mays. They are too loud and obnoxious!

Good luck Saturday! I'm rooting for Karl's birthday to be smooth and happy for you both!

margelina said...

While I have not seen the particular comercials you are talking about, there are too many dumb ones for me to list!

And, good luck...everything is going to be alright, and Karl will be here soon! That's kinda fucking awesome, huh? hopefully since it's your third, you can get him turned and popped out in no time!

Krista said...

I hate the "mighty putty" commercial. I don't know why, I just hate it.

I also hate the First Response commercials that say their pregnancy tests are able to detect pregnancy "5 days sooner" because they detect a "special hormone variant." That is crap. They detect the same hormone all other pregnancy tests do - just less of it.

Don't even get me started on H&R block commercials....

Good luck Nancy! Healthy vibes to you and Karl!

Jess said...

I'm a longtime lurker but your mention of Snuggie made me come out of hiding. I can't stand that commercial!!! And they act like the fabric is actually soft when it looks like the scratchy wool blankets you'd find at your grandma's house. And why are the colors of the Snuggie so horrible? Why not black? Why BRIGHT BLUE? lol By the way, you look amazing!!

Coco said...

Haha I hate both those commecials too! It never ceases to amaze me the things that people come up with.

Oh and BTW you look so cute!

Becky (aka StinkyLemsky) said...

I have to admit - my hubby is totally conviced that we NEED a Sham-wow because SURELY they are that awesome in real life!


My commercial hate is directed at the one for a pan that grills mini burgers. They play it on the foodnetwork and it drives me CRAZY.

Lilith Silvermane said...

Yes... yes.. I agree fully.

I wonder how many people actually bought the snuggie, I need to know now.. that thing drives me nuts!

You are so pretty! I love that big belly and the fact that soon.. he will come and say Hi.. I can't wait for pictures.

Take care of yourself.. I think about you and hope that things are going well!

Stay off your feet, surf the web... Go to and read the funny article!


Jen said...

You look great! And trust me, I think I am nearing your "giantness."

Should I mention I bought the Shamwow as a joke for my husband? Although, the blue ones don't suck up water like the commercial. We tested. Poured a bunch of water on the kitchen floor. And then realized how disgustingly dirty the kitchen floor is.

Kaci said...

Damn girl you look great!

I don't do commercials anymore - thanks to dvr we never watch live tv. We even tape our freaking sports and watch them a little behind the live time.

I hope your version works & you can have another vaginal delivery and I haven't had a c/s so who am I to reassure you about recovery? But my sis had one and was released from the hospital within 27 hours - I don't remember the exact times but I know he was born after 9am and she was out by noon the next day.

Good luck tomorrow!!

Rachel said...

I hate Billy Mays and all his mighty putty.
And as far as 'wearing' a blanket, I have 4 words TURN UP THE HEAT. I am all about conserving, but if you need to wear a blanket, your house is too damn cold.

And on a sidenote, haha, hope all goes well tomorrow!!!

Peeveme said...

I love those last days of pregnancy when absolutely nothing fits. Even the clothes you thought that there was "no way" you'd ever be big enough to fill out. Suddenly they are too small. You look great!

BTW I watch that damn commercial every tome it's on (ShamWow). I find it mesmerizing.

Cara said...

No TV in this house..and I don't go looking for commercials online. So, per that conversation...I'm out.

However - I must add how amazing you look. Karl - almost here! WOW!

Sarah R said...

OMG, the ShamWow guy. He IS annoying! The voice! SHUT THE FUCK UP, we can hear you just fine. He doesn't need to shout like he's talking to a crowd of octogenarians with their hearing aids turned off. Is it the same guy as the Oxy-Clean guy? Or are there two annoying guys out there. Yes, I know what you mean--he does look like a shark! I often think people look like various animals, but I don't tell them so. *snicker*

Cute pics too! Love them!

Oh, I have no idea what this "Snuggie" thing is, so I'll keep an eye out for that one.

By the way, was it almost 70 degrees yesterday where you are? My hubby was saying that Colorado had a warm spell. He said Pueblo was really warm; is that near you? If so, I'm jealous!

Amanda said...

Yeah, hate those commercials. And here I thought I was the only one wondering why they're calling an oversized robe a blanket.

Don't forget the new Volkswagon commercials!

Michelle said...

I seriously can't stand that Snuggie commercial. It's so stupid...That's something my grandmother would look into. ha ha

by the way...I love how your belly button tattoo looks when you're pregnant. Looks fabulous!

Christina said...

I hate that ShamWow guy too, drives me insane! My friend has a Snuggie and wanted to bring it over today when we play cards and I told her if she did I would choke her with it.

amazingk8 said...

I saw the Snuggie commerical six million times while I was in Las Vegas after Christmas and I thought the same thing. Backwards robe that you don't even get a tie for. But you know what can make the Snuggie even worse? When you call it the Slanket, the name under which it is sold in the Sky Mall catalog. Seriously, Slanket? I sounds like a slutty, skanky blanket.

I hope your baby having is going well right now!

Chele76 said...

that sham wow commercial is SUCH the train wreck. He gets on my nerves, but not as much as Billy Mays.... but I can't look away from the commercial. I HAVE to stare at it when its on! lol

JamieD said...

Is it just me, or does the family sitting around the living room all wearing matching Snuggies look like cult members?