Saturday, May 2, 2009


My incision opened last night. And now although I'm trying to hold it closed with butterfly strips, it's oozing out bunches of coagulated blood.



Larissa said...

I'm sorry Nancy, yet another medical issue you have to deal with. Do you need to go see a doctor? Did you stitches just bust open? Whatever the case, I hope you can catch a poor thing.((hugs))

Tigger said...

Oh Nanc - you just can't get a break, can you...


Steph O. said...

That doesn't sound good!

I hope you texted that from your phone on the way to the dr! Honey, you are at risk for a staff infection with all that's going on. (my mom is threatening to come out there & take you go to the dr & make you take it easy for a couple days!)

If you're not already- GET TO A DR!!! NOW!!!! You're not being a baby or anything, those sort of infections can get scary.

(((HUGS))) & ~~~Healing Vibes~~~

MrsSpock said...

For the love of God. Going to the Dr again?

Geohde said...

That's one of the complications I mentioned in email, but on the plus side, it means the haematoma will drain and it takes the pressure off the overlying skin- less chance of THAT dropping off the perch.

Get well soon,