Saturday, May 23, 2009

To interrupt the drama filled posts ...

... here is one with the doldrums of updating with bullets. (yeah, yeah, l.a.m.e., I know.)

~ I loved all the comments you all left on the past posts! I've read each and everyone of them.

~ As soon as I finish my todo list of a) updating both blogs and b) reading pam-a-lama's blog that I am highly behind on, more than usual, I'm going to go to each and every one's blogs who commented on the previous few posts.

~ don't you think chicklet is a badass for running a half marathon?

~ don't you think eden is a badass because she just plain is?

~ I'm so very proud of all the new mommies I'm friends with. You are all doing SO FUCKING GOOD at the hardest job in your lives.

~ I'm so very happy for all the new bfps out there. Some after so many IVF tries and some coming without even realizing it.

~ I'm so very sad for the BFNs I've been seeing too. Damn. My heart breaks a little more for each one I read. There is a lump in my throat just trying to come up with the words for this.

~ (sorry to not have a better segue way here ... )I'm so very happy to see the soon to be mommies out there continuing so well in their journeys. I'm counting down the days with all of you.

~ I went shopping yesterday and today. I spent too much money. Way too much. But I got some awesome things ...

- American Eagle got quite a bit of my money. They've got some of the cutest clothes. I can't pull off 80% of the clothes there, I'm just too old, but I did buy (2) lightweight cargo shorts (2) lightweight cargo-like pants (1) sundress that is too cute for words (6) wife beater tanks (2) shelf bra tanks (2) racerback tanks. And a little horn tooting .. I went into the dressing room with mediums and size 8s and had to have saleschick change them out for smalls and size 6s. Yay!
- Coach. Damn them. Their new lines are actually terrible. All gold and shiny things. Yuck. But there was a little bag for nights out I couldn't resist.
- Gap. I have always loved the gap and they had some really cool things today. (1) white no-buttoned cardigan to cover up the tattoos as work (1) pair of jeans with back pockets w/ flaps! My favorite. (2) pairs of drawstring shorts that I'm not in love with alone, but look good with long tees or tanks (2) more pairs of those lightweight cargo-like pants (1) swimming suit (1) nightie (1) brown cardigan
- Skateshop. I got a new helmet for roller derby. When I was at register, the girl asked if I was in derby (how can you tell?) and I got 10% off. Guess derby girls get an automatic discount. Cool.
- Sportshop. Got a cool redsox print of fenway w/ everyone in their positions. Each player signed under their name too. It's not their actual autographs, just a print of them.
- Build-a-bear. Biggest ripoff kid's place ever. But I promised so had to follow through.

Holy crap, is that it? I spent a lot and it was only at 6 places? Oh. gymboree too. But that was yesterday. And a body piercing place - I needed more hardware.

~ I'm spotting. It's cd17 and don't know why. Maybe it's all due to this is my first cycle after the baby, but come on. I've only been free of it for 10 days now, having a freaking 7 day period. It's NEVER that long. And that sucks.

~ Maybe that is why I'm moody. I'm not the only adult in the house that is like this though. Which I need to bitch about for just a moment. I am in the living room typing this and the husband was in here too. I just pissed him off a moment ago and he got up and walked to the back of the house. He's been back there for about 1o minutes so far and I have no idea what he's doing. He left his tv program on out here though, making it seem like he's coming back. So I'm stuck watching something I don't want to watch. I bet you a million dollars when I get up he'll be watching tv in the bedroom.

~ I win a million dollars.



Beautiful Mess said...

It's in the air, I swear! My husband was SO grumpy the other day, I offered him a Mydol. It only made him pissy-er. I suggest NOT doing it. It was fun though ;o) Nice score at the mall!

The Captain's Wife said...

Good for you for getting into smalls and 6's. I am glad to be back in my 10's, but still needed to go buy some new stuf cause most of my summer clothes are 8's and well...I am not "firm" enough for those yet.

I also am in my first cycle after baby. It took me 3 mos (almost to the day to begin) and have been cramping horribly for at least a week, but AF is not due till next weekend. And when she came, she came with FULL FORCE and lasted 7 days (I am a 4 day girl).

I do not like the flap pocket jeans. I think that they look great on my flat butt, they give it a little lift, but when I wash them I can never get the pockets flat again and it annoys me to know end!

My dad wants to know the name of your rollerderby team. He and his friends want to go watch a derby and he would prefer to go to yours (cause he reads your blog now)....

Kristin said...

*Chicklet is a total badass.
*You're a badass too. You're a Derby Girl.
*I'm with you on the BFPs and BFNs
*Huge congrats on the size 6s
*I am completely jealous of the Coach purchase
*Glad your back even if its only in bullets

calliope said...

I know this is wrong, but I dig bullet posts. It is about all I can digest in the moment.

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to this specific post, but I was just reading and she has a low beta at 16 days past 3dt. She posted that she could not find an example of anyone who had a baby with a beta under 200 at that point. If I have it right, I think you were somewhere between 43 and 213 at that point. Anyway, just thought I would mention it in case you wanted to weigh in over there with your good news story!

Lisa said...

I love spending money but I really need to cut back! So, I will live through you...

Anonymous said...

after baby #3, my period came every two weeks for about six months. THAT WAS NOT AWESOME. I don't even know what kind of cycle that is.........a 14 day cycle or something like that? UGH! It was the worst. He's almost a year now and it's finally getting back to normal.

Now I must shop.........

Sarah R said...

Yay for shopping, even more yay for small clothes! :) I recently bought some new tanks for summer--it just makes me feel good to get new shit. :)

Yesterday I bought my first pair of oversized white sunglasses. :) I feel cool now.

eden said...

I motherfucking love you.

We have Build-a-Bear too. $45 for a scrap of material filled with stuffing. But the kids love it.

Can't believe you call them wife beaters too! I seriously thought that was just Australian.

When are you going to join twitter?

You can HAVE my turdburger of a husband. The way I feel Nance, I couldn't care if you were doing it doggy style with him in the middle of the lounge room. He's a prick.


eden said...


Heather said...

OK, I gotta say it--
Eden is a badass too.

*Hilarious* comments, Eden!!

chicklet said...

You're too cute, but my badassness isn't comparable to yours you hot size 6 mama! Woot!

Not in the Water said...

I don't like the Coach line with the new bling...not a big fan of that. I do like Dooney and Bourke :) YAY! D&B.

I need to go shoppping myself...the tops still fit but the pants/capris won't fit much longer. No one has khaki capris so far...maybe Gap.

As for my hubs...he's been whiny and pissy too. WTF? Is Memorial Day national Guy PMS weekend?!?!

Have a great day!

jenn said...

SIZE 6!!! Rock on hot mama!!!

I miss shopping... I was so good at it too! ;o)

The hub definitely gets monthly moody too- I can't explain it or make it better- but you do really want to strangle them- why the hell do ~they~ get to get aay with being hormonal? You can't call them on it because it's only worse after that!

Steph said...

I am REALLY into Kathy Van Zeeland bags. But not ALL of them, some of them are ugly as crap. I have 4 and they're not cheap but they're more in my budget and I have an awesome dark teal leather one that my hubby got me for Christmas, it's my favorite one ~ever~. :)

I love to shop, too. Love it. This weekend we visited the Biltmore and I was supposed to go shopping (sans kids) and buy me some clothes. What do you think I bought?


Clothes for the kids. LOL

Ah, well, there's always next weekend.

And I think that all husbands get PMS just like we do. It's just called being a jackass since they don't have a period to go with it (and excuse it).


andi said...

Hey Nancy - thanks so much for your 'good news' story on my blog.

I have got a scan this friday (5 weeks, six days) so hoping I may repeat your happy ending.

Thanks again - you have lifted my heavy heart.

Cheers Andi

Michelle said...

Wow congrats on the 6s. That's awesome!!

I'm with you on the whole AF shit. Mines been mess up since surgery! Blah

Sounds like you got some awesome deals this weekend!! Did you find a lot for the kids or didn't they really *need* anything?

Did you ever find out why he was mad?

April said...

I like bullets on days like today when I'm too irritable and moody and anxious to sit through a paragraph-filled post. But that's just me.

ANd that last bullet? Made me laugh. I though MY husband was the only one who did that (left the room in a huff, WITH his show still on, so I didn't know if I could change the channel. And come to find out, he was watching it elsewhere.)