Thursday, May 14, 2009


I think I've entitled some of my posts the same way... "whoa." But last night was freaking crazy.

Let me back up a bit first.

I went to see one of my doctor's partners yesterday, one that could take me as a same day patient. He was nice, listened to everything about my back pain causing me to not be able to sleep. fyi - no more narcotics for me. I am going to pain management, drugfree, and hopefully getting my next RFA, radio frequency ablation, approved in the next few days. I've done down the narcotics road before and it simply becomes too much. I get used to the dosage quickly, they increase it, I take more, I need more, etc, etc, etc. It's a vicious, vicious cycle and I just can't be dependent on fucking pain meds ever again. Especially with my past, I need to watch this and I am just staying away from that avenue.

Ambien is awesome, I love it ~so~ much. BUT, I still wake up around 330a-4a and my back is too uncomfortable to get back to sleep quickly. I end up having to take advil and wait 30-45 minutes until it lessens enough for me to pass the fuck out. So this doc decided to hold off on giving me more ambien and prescribed me 30mg of temazepam (restoril) because it's supposed to decrease night awakenings (instead of inducing sleep).

I took it last night and I woke up maybe 18 times. So maybe it's not working the best for me. See, my problem is my back pain, not a sleep disorder, so I don't know if this should be the way I go. I am supposed to call back to discuss after a few days.

Oh. The Whoa part. DREAMS. Crazy CRAZY vivid dreams. I kept having sex dreams and waking up wondering why the hell I wasn't in the midst of actually having sex, my husband simply sleeping next to me. I even asked him to make sure today, it was THAT vivid.

I'm starting to feel a tad better, actually cleaning my house today. That made me feel better. Not the cleaning part, but the sitting in a nice and tidy house. The house wasn't actually too messy, I did dishes and put away some things in the living room, but I did the floors and went around with the vacuum and got all the nooks and crannies. I changed sheets. Washed loads of sheets and blankets. Reorganized some big items. Took out lots of boxes to the recycle pile. Stuff like that. It's nice to just be surrounded by clean.

I looked over my last few posts and they have been all "poor me" due to surgery, incisions and stabbing myself with knitting needles (I can't believe some of you offered to send me some. I mean, do you want me to do a live needle stabbing blog post!? heh.) So thank you for sticking with me and reading post after post of me whining. I'll try to do better.


Sarah R said...

Drugs can do weird things to you. When my migraines were so bad (20-25 a month), they put me on a preventive med as well as my Imitrex. First the tried Propranolol. Um, yeah, it made me hallucinate at night! I would wake up from very vivid dreams and see things in my room. Creepy things, like scary creatures. It was some weird ass shit. I switched to Topomax then, and it was much better.

When I started TTC, I went of all meds, including birth control, and that was clearly the culprit. I can't handle hormones.

Mrslady1975 said...

Urgh! Sorry about the back pain. I going out on a limb here and assuming you tried everything including accupuncture and chiropractics, right? How about kicking someone everytime your back hurts? It won't make your back feel better but at least someone else will literally feel your pain. LOL! Big Hugs. Feel better soon.

Kristin said...

I haven't been reading long enough to know if you've tried chiropractics but, even if you have, have you looked for a chiropractor who specializes in fully correcting the condition, not just relieving the pain? My sis works for a chiropractor and has seen people who were staring at surgery get the situation corrected through chiropractics.

Please ignore the assvice if you've been down this road.

Wordgirl said...

Hey Nancy -- on a totally practical note -- email me if you want with the details of your back pain/injury -- G works quite a bit with clients who have had back injuries -- so he's up on current treatment, surgeries, breakthroughs never know, yet another set of eyes...

I'm sorry though, back pain sucks. Really sucks.



Velma said...

So I've been having back pain too - waking up, can't sleep very well either - and I'm going to a PT to see if it's something I can do with stretching, exercise etc. I'll let you know if anything helps...

Maria Teresa said...

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Kaci said...

I was only kidding about the needles. I could bring Knockdown Knits too - it's a collection of patterns by derby girls.

Sorry you're dealing with so much, that pain sounds horrible. Good luck with the RFA and the sleep help.

jill said...

Whining is fine and necessary sometimes - don't worry about it :)

Backpain just plain sucks.

I hope you get this stuff figured out soon and can get some uninterupted sleep!

areyoukiddingme said...

I agree - the narcotics route is not a long term solution. I hope they can solve your pain problem quickly.

Jen said...

Back pain just plains sucks ass!! Hope you start feeling better soon, you deserve a break.

Robin said...

Sometimes circumstances call for whining.. You've had a lot of those lately. So, we don't mind :)

I hope your back feels better soon!!

JamieD said...

Nah, you haven't been whining excessively. Trust me, if I had been through half of what you've been through, I would be unbearable.

Speaking of unbearable, I've been having trouble sleeping myself. I guess I'm getting to that point where things have stretched enough they really ache. So I kind of have the same story - sleep fine until 3 or 4 am then lay in bed looking at the clock thinking, "If I go to sleep RIGHT NOW, I can get two more hours before the alarm goes off."

Sucks ass.