Sunday, October 11, 2009

Can I ask a favor of you all?

I have a ~big~ favor to ask of you.

One of my best friends recently sent me some blank stationary and asked me to write something about her. A memory, an opinion of her, anything. I filled it out and sent it back to her. I thought it was such a fabulous idea, as she is putting them all in a little memory book for her to look back on.

I would LOVE to do this myself. I'm going to send the same to my non-blogging friends, but for all my blogging friend, I would love to do the same via comments.

Can you all please leave me a comment and write something about me? Anything at all. How we met, why you read my blog, why you like me, what you think about me, why you can't stand me. ANYTHING! I'm going to gather them all up and print them out into my own little memory book.

Please? Pretty Please? With sugar on top? And a cherry? Whipped cream too.

This is a request to each and everyone of you. Not just those of you who feel close to me, but everyone who even reads my blog. You can be anonymous if you'd like too!

Thank you in advance!


~*JaYmE*~ said...

Neat idea!

I met you on webmd a few years ago on the TTC 6 months+ board. I always liked you because you knew what you were talking about. If I had a serious or even stupid question to ask I knew you would answer it honestly. Even now years later I can count on your opinion & knowledge in the good ol IF department. I hope to one day be an IF graduate like you & have some cute ass babies like yours! I think you're a great person w/a big heart & I also love all your snarky posts too!

Emmie :) said...

hi nancy!
well, i started reading your blog awhile ago in the midst of my own infertile-ness. i stumbled upon a post of yours filled with 'fuck this' and 'screw that' and thought to myself, "this is someone i would get along with fabulously." i *kept* reading because while you obviously had a horrendous struggle to get pregnant, you finally did! three times!!! so i kind of felt that if there was another shoe-loving, sailor-mouth-having, punk-rock-music-chick out there who it all worked out for, well mayyyybe, just mayyyyybe, it will eventually work out for me too.

this is a great idea. :)


Amy said...

Here goes!

I "found" you on some of the Web MD boards (amyg30236 was my original name) and enjoyed your sense of humor and how you stuck out from the (often annoying) posts on there. I meandered over here after a while and haven't stopped reading. Love your posts and your open honesty!

Lavender Luz said...

I love your fearlessness.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog when I was beginning fertility treatments. I loved your honesty and down right REALITY driven posts. You never sugar coat anything. I am now 34 weeks pregnant with my daughter and excited as hell to move on to the next phase. However, I also still have a terrible scar in my heart from my months of struggling with infertility -- something that you understand. I have not left a comment before so you have no idea who I am, but know that your story/life/journey has helped me get through mine.

Beautiful Mess said...

Love this idea! How fun!

I stared reading your blog when you were pregnant with Karl. I continued reading because you're amazing! I love your style. Your writing style, your parenting style, but most of all how you don't apologize for who you are and what you stand for. You have beliefs that not everyone will agree with and you respectfully state your opinion and why. I respect you for who you are.

Ella said...

I started reading when you were pg with Karl and I was going through RPL x 3. Your journey gave me hope, even though we faced different issues on the IF front, and I found comfort in your words. I loved (and still love) your honesty and your schnarkiness!

Jen said...

We met way back on the TTC boards on webmd. I have always appreciated your up front honesty and insight. You are never just always offer solutions. I remember being dissatisfied when my RE was going to put me on clomid again after getting cysts two times from it. It was you who reconfirmed that their approach didn't make sense. So I got them to switch me to femara, and now we have Jillian!

Erin said...

I love how real you always were. It was neat that our boys were due close to each other too, but I keep reading because I like you.

I feel like you are my cool mom friend, you have been there and done it. You always have a lovely thing to say to me too.

I also loved that you sent me a birth announcement with something personal written on the back. My friend in Colorado.

Mareike said...

I found you by following blog links. I loved what you had to say and even felt I could comment. I THINK I "met" you on Christmas morning when I was sitting alone reading blogs feeling lonely (and perhaps a little sorry for myself) and in your comments I read, "Where's Mareike?" It was such a gift and I wrote to you. (history may be different but I cherish that memory.)
Just last week I met you in person when you came to my home. You were every bit the woman I thought I'd be meeting. It was such a wonderful, comfortable visit.
I love your honesty and straightforward way of dealing with things. I love the mom you are and the way you talk about your children.
I can't think of anything I don't like about you. Perhaps I cringed when you made a suggestion of different political affiliations but in truth our hearts seem to work in the same way so such declarations are meaningless.
What can I say? I love and admire you.
BIG FAT SMOOCHES (inside or outside :))

Robin said...

Hey Nancy~~
I found your blog by accident through Mel's. You were on her reading list and I liked the name of your blog so I checked it out. Soon I was reading you and hooked. You had _just_ had Karl when I came on the scene. I lurked for about 6 months before I dared comment. I was afraid that I would be "butting in" into something you had going on with other people. I felt like I would be seen as an eavesdropper or something.

Anyhow, you welcomed me with open arms and have continued to inspire and entertain me with your posts. I appreciate that a lot! Your advice left through comments on my blog has been helpful and appreciated, too.

So anyhow.. I love your blog and think you're a neat person! I love that you say what's on your mind without fear of offending. Your honesty and genuineness (is that a word?) really comes through. I really truly hope to end up as comfortable in my skin as you seem to be in yours..!

Jenera said...

Oddly enough I found you when you pissed off an online fried of mine somehow and I wanted to see what the hoopla was all about. so many were mad at you and hated you but I loved you. The open and honest way that everything is laid out is very refreshing. I think you are a total bad ass and that I'd probably be a-scared of you if I met you in real life but in a good way. I have never known infertility but having seen your struggle-and others-you opened my eyes up to what so many women go through.

I just think you are plain awesome because not only do you do roller derby, have a million tattoos, and cuss like a sailor but you did burlesque. And that is awesome.

Sarah R said...

I "met" you back in 2006 on the WebMD boards (my name was happychic22) and you were the first one to congratulate me when I got my BFP on Christmas Eve morning, 2006! :)

I love that you are always honest and I can trust your opinion. I know that when you tell me something, it is 100% from your heart--you would never lie to make someone feel better.

My favorite memory of you is you blogging while in labor with Karl! :)

My favorite posts to read were your snarky ones and also your pregnancy ones with Karl. And who could forget the belly pics! I looked forward to them (and still refer to them to see how I compare, haha).

Anyway, thanks for being real. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being there for me, Nancy. I treasure our friendship. ♥

(PS, I will rock those socks and think of you whenever I wear them. Hell yeah!)

Regan said...

Well, I guess this is a good time to confess! I have been reading your blog since I was pregnant with my first son in 2004. You had Ella and a few months later I had my son, Sam. I have always been afraid to come forward because, I dont know, I guess I didnt think I had anything to offer. But, I will now!
Anyway, I loved your bluntess and honesty on WebMD back then, and I still do. Your opinions and thoughts are almost 100% with mine. I love your stories and your refreshing way of looking at things. My favorites are your schnarky posts, because you can put to words what we all think! I tell my BFF your stories all the time! :-)
Its something that I look forward to each day, and this sounds weird but I think of you as a friend, even though until now you never knew I existed! Just know, that you have affected people far and wide, and you have supporters all over. When you were struggling with your infertility, (I know now so much about infertility and have so much empathy for you and others!) I was supporting and rallying for you, and was doing the happy dance when you got pregnant with Karl.
Thank you for being you and also helping me parent my 2 boys with your stories and advice!
So, anyway. My name is Regan and I am a huge supporter of Nancy! :-)

elephantscanremember said...

With you, Nancy, what you see is what you get. I truly appreciate that! You are no-nonsense and that is awesome.

You have a lovely family that you have worked very hard for, and that says a lot. You never gave up.

Kristin said...

Nancy, I really love this idea.

I first remember stumbling across your blog during one of the first ICLW events I participated in. I guess that puts it at about 14 months ago. My first thought was "OMG, I love her tats." The more I read your blog, the cooler I thought you were. I love that you let things fly and don't seem to give a shit whether people like it or not. I love that you aren't afraid to tackle a controversial topic and are willing to entertain differences in opinion as long as people are respectful. I think you are a fabulous mom and it really impressed the hell out of me when you shared your struggle with PPD.

the mol said...

We met on WebMD, in 2006, when I was TTC #1 and I thought that you were bad-ass. I think you were the first to tell me that a line is a line when I was trying to decipher my dollar store pregnancy test. I lost touch with you online for awhile but found your blog again and all was happy.

Shannon said...

I first met you on the WebMD boards when we were both pregnant with our Ella's. I've enjoyed following your blogs with all of your insight, knowledge and sometimes maybe what not to do. :) Whenever I check your blog I wonder what crazy things you've been doing and what great things you might come up with next. You definitely keep it interesting!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Cool idea!

I found you by accident. Following a link from a link from a link. But once I had found you, I knew I wanted to read this blog. I loved how you were not afraid to put your opinions out there and respected how you encouraged differing opinions and debate. You come across as a hard core rock chick but the more I read the more I realised that inside lay a heart of pure gold.

The Captain's Wife said...

I am fairly certain I discovered your blog on the TTC boards. Maybe the 6mo+ board.

I began reading your blog and very much enjoyed the schnarkyness....

I think of you a lot in my daily life. I feel a connection with you after following through your pregnancy, your crappy ass 2009, and now your journey through depression.

I cannot see a pair of over the knee socks without thinking of you! One of these days I'll get out to CO to visit my Dad, and when I do...I plan on spending some time getting seriously shit faced with you!

Sara said...

Nancy, this is a great idea.

I first "met" you long ago on the Webmd boards. I didn't comment much then but I was always reading to gain information. I believe it was when I was trying for Samuel - I would lurk on other TTC boards.

I was immediately drawn to you because of your insane honesty! Also, you have a lot to share. You have been through a lot in trying to conceive your babies, and I learned quite a bit.

I haven't dealt with infertility. I have known a few women who struggled to get pregnant, but I have to say that you have helped me to better appreciate what women go through when they are truly struggling to get pregnant. I just had no idea - and now I feel I have a better understanding. So thank you for that!

Now that I have gotten to know you in blog world, I just think you rock! You are intelligent, funny, brave, and just plain cool. :) Thanks for being my snarky blog buddy!

Melody said...

I found you when I was googling low first betas. I had one too, and we ended up being very pregnant at the same time-- both with cord issues. I love your tats (even though I'd never get one) and your tude and your givin' birth socks. I wore funky socks for Simone's birth too. (Wanted the focus to occasionally be somewhere other than my twat.)

Jendeis said...

Hi! I started reading you awhile ago, back when you were still trying for Baby #3. I love reading about your life and your attitude. You are definitely the coolest chick in the blogosphere.

My favorite post of yours is one that you wrote about getting your husband to help out at home. This has been a definite struggle in my own marriage and it helped to know that I wasn't the only one. :)

Larissa said...

I "met" you online when I needed help and info on TTC. You were very knowledgeable and willing to help anyone looking for answers, you are very straight forward and don't sugar coat anything that doesn't need it. I remember you always made sure you gave someone the right information when they needed it and you were there for everone when they were going through hard times, even though you had it rough too. I started reading your blog when you took time off the webmd boards and only updating your blog. I got hooked. I read your blog all the time....even though I don't come out and comment.

Anonymous said...

I also met you on the Webmd board (ttc 6+) many years ago. Your sense of humor, your attitude and your insight on everything from IF treatments to tattoos reeled me in. Then I started following your blog. I like that you say FUCK alot ! It makes me laugh...I like to live vicariously through you :) ! Love ya Nancy, you are the real deal !

Bay said...

O.k. I'll do one of these for real when I get one in the mail but for now I'll share the first time I met you.

It was St. Patrick's Day at Jason's condo and you were scarfing down the corned beef. Like scarfing straight off the roast with your fingers. You just could. not. get. enough. because it was sooooo good(and yes it was that good, I remember). All the while talking about how you were training because your wedding was in like 5 months or something and you wanted to be super skinny. I remember thinking "who is this crazy girl". After a while and figuring out that your future husband was hiding under his Red Socks cap (I barely got to see his face all night) we got better aquianted while hanging upstairs with the boys ~wink wink~ but I still thought you were crazy. Boy was I right!

Morgan said...

I met you on the WebMD message boards, and realized quickly that you spoke your mind and said it how it is. At first it kind of scared me away from you, but then I learned to appreciate your knowledge and help. I saw your blog URL in your message signature and stopped by oneday...I had no idea what blogging was before then. I loved your blog and found myself addicted. I read it ~everyday~ and even when I don't disagree..that's ok because it keeps me coming back for more! You inspired me to start my own blog and now I have met so many wonderful women out there. I was discouraged at first because I never received any comment but now I have 43 followers (which is nothing compared to how many you have) and I feel closer to some of these women than I do with anyone IRL. You actually gave me a social life, so thank you Nancy! You are a wonderful mother, and I hope I can be as good of a mommy to Mason as you are to your children.

The Dorns said...

I followed you on WEBMD TTC board and you were the first one to go into labor that I had read about on the board.

I love you because you speak your mind, not afraid to admit your faults, you dont candy coat anything and let us into your life. Your very real!!!

Jen said...

Phew! I'm glad I didn't miss this post. I was out of town and didn't have time to comment, but sure wanted to.

As you know already, I met you about two years ago on the WebMd TTC 6th months+ board. I will be honest with you, at first I was a little intimindated by you. Then the more I got to "know" you I realized what a great person you are and I really came to admire you. You speak your mind and say exactly what is on your mind. I love that about you.

You were always there to offer support and encouragement to the girls on that board. Especially the ones like Jayme, Dot, and I who were all on the same time as you.

Then Shawn passed away and you were so great to me. You left me the nicest comments and were there to offer your support to me. I can't thank you enough for that. Also thank you for sharing your friendhip with Ryan with me. It helps more than you know. I'm actually getting ready to email you a few questions I have for her.

I think you are an amazing lady who has so much to offer, you have a huge heart and are always there lending support when we need it.

I also love it when you get all snarky!!

Thanks for being you, for being true to yourself and sharing you with us.


Shannon said...

I met on the WebMD JSO boards in 2006. I was TTC #1 and you were TTC #3. I got pregnant pretty quickly, but then had a miscarriage. I did not return to the JSO board, but instead joined the TTC/P AL. You were always very knowledgable about TTC. I enjoyed reading your posts and then started visiting your blog from the address that was in your signature. I have been checking it randomly ever since.

Tara said...

I think I saw a comment you left on someone else's blog and I noticed your tattoos in your profile pic. Since I've got a sleeve (or working on finishing my sleeve) I figured you must have some balls like me and figured I'd like reading your blog. So I was right. You're ballsy, probably more than me and I very much enjoy reading your blog.

Geochick said...

Hi Nancy,

I discovered your blog a few months ago when I hopped on the blogosphere. I love the sarcasm, snarkiness and raw honesty in your posts.

Krista said...

I met you on the WebMD boards back in December 2004 or January 2005. I liked how you shared information without sugar-coating it. It was exciting to read about you getting pregnant with Allison and reminded us all that TTCing can be different with each endeavor.

I appreciate the advice and entertainment from you over the years since. Don't stop being schnarky, but don't stop sharing the stuff that matters either.

Kim said...

I found you on the WebMD pregnancy boards. I want to say I had heard of you with your first, but didn't follow your journey until your second.

I "found" you again on one of the TTC boards which is where I found the link to your blog. I wanted to follow your journey for number 3.

My fondest memory of you would have to be, wow there are so many, either when you found out you were expecting Karl, or when you had him. So many of your posts has touched me, and stuck with me that I continue to read.

Courtney said...

I "met" you on WebMd...not sure which board...maybe ITSG? You always knew your stuff, and I appreciated that because I also liked to research and learn about IF. I don't like the "F" word so I always have to bleep you in my head, but I enjoy reading, and you make me laugh :)

Hollie said...

We met on webmd boards while you were TTC Karl and I was TTC my first. I appreciated your information and honest opinions. Then I started reading your blog and love it!

My favorite Nancy story - the one where you explain to your daughter that you want to be cremated when you die and have your ashes spread at the beach. She later says that they are going to burn you up and dump your ashes in the ocean, or something funny to that affect. You should re-tell that story! I love it!

Soapchick said...

Nancy - you were one of the first people to comment on my blog 3 days after I created it. I didn't even know that Mel had posted it as a new blog on L&F. I had no idea about "blogland". It was through you that I was introduced to other blogs and to this entire community of awesome women. I have found tremendous support over the last 2 years and it is large part because of you. Thank you for reaching out to me. You are a wonderful women and have a gift for reaching out to people. Thank you.

MrsSpock said...

I always look forward to your "schnarcky" posts. They crack me the fuck up. I have great admiration for your liberal use of swears as well.

Paz said...

Nancy: sassy and real. Quick to speak up, usually funny. Tender at the core, can swing a 4-letter word like no on else.

Brett said...

I met you when I went to my sister's apartment to harr-- I mean see how she had been doing. You answered the door, I asked if she was home, you looked at me oddly, said "no" and closed the door. But, what I'll always remember about you is the time I convinced you that slapping your forehead would stop brain freeze caused by ice cream.

Kelly said...

We met on the JSO-TTC board when you were trying to conceive Karl and I was just starting. I learned SO much from you. When I finally got pregnant with Makenna, I looked to you to help me understand breastfeeding. You did not disappoint! We're still going strong on the BF-ing 4+ months later with no stopping in sight:)
I appreciate your insight and snarky posts!! They crack me up!

Brandi said...


I first "met" you on the webmd message boards. I believe it was the JSO board, back in 2005. You helped decipher my chart many times. I thought you rocked from the very beginning. You were very knowledgeable and helped me out a lot. I left the boards after a month because I m/c. I went back after a year or so found you and started following your blog.

I had the privilege to meet you in real life a week ago. You were just as I imagined you would be.

mommybird said...

I met you on webmd too, but on the pregnancy boards when you were about to have Karl and I was a little behind you with Layla. I started reading your blog and even though we are very different people, I realized we had a lot in common and a lot of the same ideas. At first I just read for entertainment then, in getting to know you, I keep coming back for updates about you and your kids (on your other blog of course). You are just a great person and I love to hear what you have to say.

chicklet said...

We "met" when you started making fun of my Home Depot obsession. Apparently you just weren't cool enough to APPRECIATE all that IS Home Depot:-)

I assume you know it, but I come back not only cuz you tell it like it is and don't care who you piss off, but cuz you also have this soft side that when it comes through, is like WOW! I like the reality of that - that you can be both, and not care, cuz it's who you are.

Io said...

I don't remember how we started reading each others blogs, but I do distinctly remember when you did a "guess the truth/lie" and I was so sure that the heroin one was wrong that I made some sarcastic comment that I *knew* that was was true. And then felt like the biggest asshole in the world, but you were so funny and gracious.

Lisa said...

I met you on the Web MD TTC boards and you helped me through to my BFP. You taught me so much about TTC and then afterwards about infertility.

You are the cool chick that everyone wants to be friends with. You are strong, brave, interesting, snarky, honest and beautiful woman. I value you your opinions and insight on matters especially motherhood. You have done a great job with your kids and are such a valuable resource.

jenn said...

I will have to do another one after next month because I want to share my impressions of getting to meet you & hang out- but for now:

We met on the JSO board in 2006
(?)& seemed to click. I was so impressed with how knowledgeable you were & your comments made me think that we would get along really well. I am still so happily shocked that you even invited me out to visit you & I am so glad that I can take you up on it.
You have been a well of knowledge, the test pusher when I needed it!, a truly supportive friend & an all around awesome strong & sweet badass momma! I can't wait to see our kids playing together

Leah said...

I started reading your blog even before you joined the Braces Bunch. I honestly can't remember how I jumped here, but I've stuck around for a couple of years now to read. Want to know the thing I find the most fascinating about you? The fact that you snap back into shape after having babies like some sort of freakish rubber band lady! I'm so jealous I could spit. But, truthfully, pre- or post-baby for me, I have NEVER (and will never) have a figure like yours. I envy you so much! And I really dig the blunt, brash, witty edge to your personality.

Jennifer said...

I met you on Webmd TTC boards (2006?'s been awhile). I didn't always like what you said because I didn't want to "hear" it, but I realized that you were/are always honest and don't sugar coat anything. Of course, I enjoyed it when you went off on someone else's stupid comments as long as they weren't mine. LOL Seriously really opened up my eyes on what TTC is really like or could be for some people. I'd like to think I'm a little more sensitive to those dealing with infertility now.

I eventually came to your blog and love reading about your family and enjoy the honest discussions you have.

Becca said...

I am another WebMD boarder, except I met you on TTCAS when I was trying for my Joseph and you were trying for Karl (I remember when you got your IUD out). There was a disagreement on our board and you left but I searched for you on other boards and found your blog.

I have cheered with you, railed at the unfairness of the universe with you, and cried with happiness when a healthy Karl and Nancy came home from the hospital.

I like your honesty and "fuck you if you don't like it" approach to a wide variety of topics.

JamieD said...

I found you on Web.MD a couple of years ago and you were always the first to answer my questions and you always had such a simple and practical answer. I followed you to your blog and it opened a whole new world of support and information for me. You were my bloggy first!

I love your honesty and your schnarkyness and your gratitutous use of 'fuck.' I love that you are very forthcoming of your opinions yet always willing to listen to another's opinion even if you disagree. More than anything, I love what a great mom you without giving up who Nancy is. You are an inspiration!

Carrie Ann said...

Hey Nancy, sorry this is SO late - I've been off the blogs the past month - just catching up. You commented on my blog and that's how we "met" a year or 2 ago. Ever since then, your blog is one of my favorites to read. I was going through SIF when you were and we both got pregnant around the same time. I think you are Super funny and a great writer. Basically, what's not to like about Nancy? :)

Kaci said...

I met you on WebMD, TTC:JSO when you were trying for Allison. I remember appreciating how you would come back & lurk after you got your BFP, always willing to share your knowledge, but never sounding like a know it all. Well, except with the stupid questions that could be easily answered by google ;) I loved that you didn't hide your annoyance with those people! I love your schnarkiness, your sense of humor, your straightforwardness, and your honesty.

I loved watching your pregnancies (with Allison & Karl) especially the belly shots, even though I was jealous of just what a perfect belly & body you have.

Birdee said...

We met almost 3 years ago, for me instantly I felt a connection to you. Maybe it was our age and both We met almost 3 years ago, for me instantly I felt a connection to you. Maybe it was our age and both TTC. But what I really liked about you is how honest and educated you were (are). (I'm honest with what I say, but I don’t say everything, I keep a lot to myself), but I think that's what most ppl love about you.
Then we became bat friends, which I was flattered and honored.
Then we've talked on the phone a few times and even mailed things to each other.
I feel like I know you IRL and forget we actually have not met, tho I hope to some day (wished I could in November when Jenn comes, probably the only chance I'd have to meet her IRL)
I read your blog because you’re a great writer (for one). And you have awesome topics that get ppl thinking, which I love reading the comments too.
You also have such a colorful adventurous life that many ppl admire.
And I love your kids too, they are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I keep finding you during ICLW, but forget to put you in my reader (um, just did)!! I love your posts, and how true to yourself you are. You are you and there is no other reason not to be.
I see what an awesome person you are-to your friends (IRL and bloggy) and it makes me get that "awww, it IS a good world after all" kinda feeling.

Plus your tats totally rock! :)

joyous melancholy said...

I think you found me, actually. You left me a comment on my TTC blog, and I came to see your blog. I found a woman who was involved in roller derby, got punched out for mouthing off to a car thief about "scary pills," had some cool ink, talked like a sailor - and cried over her own failed fertility treatments while having compassion for others going through the same thing and joy for those who overcame it. You understood that having a baby doesn't cure one of the pain - or even the fact - of infertility (though it sure does help).

What I like best about you, though, is the way you grab life by the horns and yell "Yeehaw!" while taking the ride. I mean, how many mothers-of-three would dare to sign up for Burlesque?! You come across as both fearless and vulnerable, and I find that endearing. I was sad I couldn't meet you when you were in LA, I was sick and didn't even contact you to plan something and I feel like I missed an opportunity. I hope something brings you this way again soon.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Isn't it sad that it has taken me so long to do this? But I wanted to write something special and then would get tripped up by that, so I'm just going to jump in and write something unspecial.

I have no memory of how we met online. Literally. No memory of the first post I read. I feel like I've just read you forever.

I think my favourite thing about you is your bad-assness coupled with your sweetness. You are goofy and funny and kind and thoughtful and can take another woman down WHILE ON ROLLER SKATES.

I will never forget opening up the socks and thinking to myself: I hope these make me even half as bad-ass as Nancy.

Much love.