Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hopefully someone googling this will find this link as I am providing the place to complain about calls this company continues to make. Again, the phone number is 888-823-6067. 1-888-823-6067. 8888236067. (888)823-6067.

This company, "Great Escapes", continues to call my house. I have asked to be removed from their call list. They say they will but the calls continue. I am also on the National Do Not Call list. This company does not care and will continue to break the law.

If you have been bothered by this company, please file a complaint with the FCC here:

There is an easy to fill out form there which takes these matters seriously. The FCC obviously needs the records from us to move forward. Please take a moment of your time and file a complaint. Thank you.


KatieM said...

Is it true that if companies break the rules of that "do not call" list and you report them, they get fined for each report? I heard that somewhere...the news, dateline maybe?

Lori said...

You rock, Nancy. I will borrow this strategy the next time I'm in the same predicament.

Thanks, also for your kind comment today.

Lisa and David said...

Oh! They have been calling me every day even on Sat's but won't pick up or won't leave a msg. I hate this. I will report this now. These people are lunatics.

Beth said...

Thank you! We've been getting these calls multiple times, every day, for months. I've reported them at the do not call list, but it's not helping. I'll try this link.