Monday, February 18, 2008

I have to blog about the ColoBlogger girls!

I hope to get to it today and hope you come back to read it. These ladies were great and I have something to say about each and every one of them.

Although, for now, I wanted to say a few kinda random things ...

~ i really don't eat too much sugar. it just happened that i ordered the one thing that i dump sugar into. although i will fully admit that seeing me get my iced tea ready to drink is somewhat disturbing.
~ i now think there must be something to silver rings and will start noticing that along with my fascination with telling what type of person someone is by their choice of shoes.
~ i am a compulsive shopper and had to hide it until i was 'alone'. i spent just under $1,000 in the next hour after saying "i have to run back to get something. see you guys later."
~ i was going to get some new makeup (and probably would have spent another few hundred bucks) at MAC but their employees weren't right for me. You now how you don't want to go to an esthetician with a unibrow? Yeah. Pretty much the same concept as why I didn't buy anything from MAC.
~ i learned there were more than fabulous adoption stories out there. Although i think almost all successful adoption stories are wonderful, i never knew it could be that good!

more later.

p.s.: I updated the photo album which resides on my family webpage. The url is in my profile if you'd like to see it, but let me warn you - all 86 new pictures are 98% kid pics, so it may not interest you at all.


Lori said...

Uh-oh. What did my shoes and gold-only jewelry say about me?

Nice shopping spree!

nancy said...

Don't worry Lori! Your shoes passed my inspection and gold rings isn't a bad thing. :)

Meg said...

I love your ice tea habit. If I had the same level of sugar as you in my tea, I would have absolutely joined you in the shopping spree!

Anonymous said...

So what do you think of women who spend all their money on their kids' shoes so they only have enough left over to buy[what they think are cute enough]Payless shoes? IMO that is a pretty shallow thing to say.

nancy said...

Anonymous ... Where in the world did that come from? I'm really sorry that my innocent comment got you upset enough to start calling names. Goodness. When did I say that shoes had to cost a lot of money? My favorite shoes are $25 converse!

Not anywhere did I even allude to I looked at how much a shoe cost. Since you are completely jumping to conclusions, let me take the time out of my day to explain to you what I meant. I look at shoe CHOICE. Did I say expensive shoes? Did I say name brand shoes? No, I did not. For example, I personally don't like the choice of wearing socks with sandals and that ~choice~ of a shoe will tell me a lot about a person.

You said "IMO that is a pretty shallow thing to say." And my response to you is "In my opinion, your comment to me was quite an assumption and it was a pretty rude thing to comment to me." My advice to you is to learn to love yourself and you won't have to find hate in innocent comments.

nancy said...

I looked up the recent "anonymous" comment and since two people accessed at same time, I can't be sure who left it. These are the two options

~ New York, NY; ISP: Road Runner Holdco Llc
~ Reston, VA;
ISP: America Online Inc

I really wish there was a way I could comment back to these people via their IP address. People who think it's completely okay to resort to name calling and hide behind an anonymous commment.

Spicy Sister said...

Nancy - sorry anonymous is such an asshat. (am I allowed to say that here?)

I just want to clarify - my sensible and comfortable choice of Dansko shoes on Saturday does not in anyway reflect my own sensibilities. I am not sensible or comfortable. :)

jamie said...

I will shove my gucci shoe up her ass for you ;)

Tanya said...

I'm always surprised to see what people read into someones else's comments. I was thinking that when you said that you would look at other peoples shoes might be...oh that person is wearing running shoes...must be athletic, or running around a lot today, that kind of thing. lol Then again, I also don't pay attention to anyone's race, religion, skin colour, etc, so to me most things that are said come across as being to a human...nothing else. And yes, this comes from someone with a visible physical handicap. So, I've had my share of discrimination.

nancy said...

I just have a bad shoe fetish. well, not a fetish that I like bad shoes. Just that I ~always~ look at someone's shoes during that "first impression".