Thursday, February 21, 2008

IVF Acupuncture all setup.

(if you haven't guessed my lies and truths in the previous post, don't forget to do so! I'll be giving the answers tomorrow morning.)

Miss Swim got me thinking about acupuncture for my upcoming IVF cycle, so I went ahead and got the ball rolling. (by the way, if you know anything about acupuncture, Swim has some questions - please go and visit her post to see if you can give her a hand with some opinions).

I already knew I would be doing the acupuncture with IVF. I've heard such good things about it and it can't hurt, right?

I called up my RE's office and they gave me the info of who they work with. I then turned around and called the acupuncture office and had a really nice conversation with the girl who answered the phone.

They offer an "IVF" plan which consists of 11 sessions, 9 to be taken in the weeks before IVF, 1 to be taken immediately before ET - the night before or the morning before, and the last to be done promptly following ET - meaning you are to call them at the moment you walk out of the RE's office and get the heck over there.

Everything during the weeks before ER will be so hectic, I'm glad I called now to get this started. They want me to group most of my appointments right before egg retrieval, so I'm getting in 2-3 appointments per week for the weeks I'll be doing stims, but I do get to have 3 weekly appointments before that, starting this saturday! I'm thrilled at the aspect of starting to relax sooner rather than later.

The only appointments that are not scheduled are the ones immediately before and after egg transfer. I bet if I let them in the stirrup room, they'd want to be poking me with little teeny needles while I felt a breeze on my cervix. When I find out when ER is, I'm to call and they'll fit me right in.

All of this is going to cost a little chunk out of my wallet, but I am not complaining at all. No complaining even allowed from someone in my position. If I was someone else looking in at my luck with insurance and saw me complaining about acupuncture, I'd have to punch me in the face. No doubt. It's not really that expensive anyway. $625 for all 11 sessions, which is $57 per session. I will gladly pay $57/day if it helps my future embryos implant themselves into my maternalness.


Chas said...

I've never known a single person to have acupuncture done with IVF, so I'll be very interested to see how this turns out.

Io said...

Screw that - even though I am mad jealous of your insurance, you still have a right to complain - you could be buying shoes or chocolate or something with $57 a day.

jenn said...

I've heard so many good things about acupuncture in general- definitely keep us posted since i am very curious about it!

soul-quest said...

Good luck with the acupuncture and implanting in your maternalness!
Thanks for your encouragment.

Torilou71 said...

I had acu when I was on my last round of Clomid. While it obviously didn't work, I did notice a difference in my CM (lots more EWCM), and I could also tell the flow of blood to my uterus was better. I didn't necessarily have the relaxed feeling that everyone raves about, but I think it did help my system. I'll be considering it too if we go the IVF route.

BTW, thanks for all the good advice about Drs M&M. It's nice to have someone who has been there/done that, even if you are just a month or so ahead of me. I appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

$57/session is a deal with acupuncture. You've got 3000 years of technology behind it. I'm a believer!