Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"What is a bad word?" (children mentioned)

This is a post that I can't help but put on both my blogs. I probably should be more horrified than anything about it, but what the hell.

We were eating dinner and I used the word "dumb". Ella told me that it was a bad word. So we get into the bad word conversation about saying a word vs calling someone a name, etc.

This was the well needed END of the conversation:

Me: "Ella, what is a bad word?" (looking for her child-like definition)
Ella: "Fuck."
Me: "Well, that certainly is an example of a bad word, but not what I was going for"

oh. my. god.


Sarah R said...

Uh oh! Where in the world would she hear that? I bet you just about died hearing that come out of her mouth!

It will make for a great story to tell her someday...

Shayna said...

Now tell me honestly that you didn't want to burst out laughing at that? LOL As awful as that is, I'd have a really hard time containing myself! LOL

Io said...

I am dying laughing here. That is awesome. Totally awesome. In a bad but oh so funny way.
It could always be worse - I used to nanny for a family and the then-3-year-old learned "fuck" at preschool. We were walking back to their apartment through the park and all of the sudden he started *yelling* fuuuuck fuck fuck fuuuuuck fuckfuckfuuuuck!
Nannies and parents were shooting me the dirtiest looks ever.

SaraS-P said...

At least she knows it is a bad one.

No one told me. I got in serious trouble in second grade for saying it, and the whole time I kept trying to figure out what I did wrong!

I do believe in teaching kids something like, "You are not a bad/dumb/icky person, but everyone can do bad/dumb/icky things sometimes." Saying "That was dumb" is less hurtful than "You are dumb."

Jewels said...

LOL. So funny, When I was little, my brother said "fuck", My mom said "you dont even know what that word means" I pipe off with "I know what it means" My mom swallows deep and asks "what does it mean" I said "It means your Mad"

Anonymous said...

HIGH-larious! My kiddo was testing us with That One Word for a few months (yes months) last year. It was hard not to laugh sometimes. You handled it with aplomb.

bleu said...

Bliss sometimes says "shit shit shit" and we have spoken of bad words. For us the stupid is a bad word and no one is allowed. I get corrected often, but the word is so derogatory and can cause so much hurt so I love being corrected. It is funny though, he does not correct me when I say shit. lol

Kaci said...

Oh man that is funny. I don't think I could keep a straight face if one of mine came out with that. Sounds like you handled it really well.