Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Please don't hate me.

I suddenly have unbelievable insurance. And I know how it's ~so unfair~ that everyone can't get great coverage. It's really unfair.

My quoted $4,049.78 med cost before insurance is now $213.49

A break down for my notes:
Famotidine (pepcid) - $1.80
Metoclopramide (reglan) - $0.30
(3) Follistim 600 - $40
(1) Follistim 300 - $40
Methylpredmisolone (medrol) - $4.77
Hydrocodone (vicodin) - $2.91
Doxycycline - $6.35
Hcg - $10
Lupron - $10
Tetracycline - $1.20
Transderm scope - $8.11
Estradiol - $8.05
Menopur - $40
Endometrin - $40
for the grand total of $213.49


Lori said...

Ummmm...would you please speak with the dental insurance gods on my behalf?

Chas said...

wow...mine didn't cost 4 grand, but I definitely paid more than you.

Christy said...

THat is awesome- I had to cover my meds, but didn't pay anything for IVF. Although the meds weren't cheap ($3000) I am VERY thankful that insurance took care of the rest!
I feel very blessed! I wish there was a way everyone could have such great coverage!

nikkobaby1 said...

That's great Nancy! I just found out that my insurance is now going to cover 50% for IVF. But, what I'm confused about, is that I have a $1,000 out of pocket maximum. So why not just say IVF is covered after you pay $1,000? Can you shed some light? Hopefully it won't get to that, we are scheduled for our first IUI February 25th'ish. We miss you at WebMD!!

Misty said...

After everything you've been through you deserve something good to happen to you. That is the best news I've heard yet.
~ Misty (mpaul159)

Anonymous said...

congrats. The last thing you need while going through ivf is financial issues on your mind. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Holy crap that's wonderful!!!!